Boss FV-500L Foot Volume
Boss FV-500L Foot Volume

FV-500L Foot Volume, Volume Pedal for Guitar/Bass from Boss in the FV series.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 10 reviews )
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ecceccecc's review"A strong volume pedal for precise volume control"

Boss FV-500L Foot Volume
This is one of the most reliable volume pedals that I know. I use it with my current clonewheel (Tokai TX-5 Classic, made in Brazil) and, you know, it's an essential item for that kind of instrument (well, the classic B3 has volume pedal, no?). The volume control is very precise and smooth - you can even determine how much volume will be controlled. There's a knob on it's left side with a 0 to 10 setting - I keep it on 0 so I can go from mute to full sound.
One of the coolest things about this pedal is that it doesn't require any kind of power source to work - at least if you're using it with keyboards. Just plug the cables, et voilà. Simple as 1+1=2. Did I told about "2"? Yep. It's a stereo pedal, btw.
The only minor thing is that there's a bit of background noise - remember: this is an analog pedal - but if you're using it as a part of your gig keyboard setup on a stage with a huge PA, that's not a problem at all. That little noise may be actually a "charm" while using the pedal with a clonewheel ;-)
So if you want a cool analog volume pedal for your keyboard - and guitar, bass, no matter what kind of instrument - needs, this is the one.

8oris's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good pedal but not a fan of sensations offered"

Boss FV-500L Foot Volume
What are the effects or types of effects available?
Volume pedal OR expression!

What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...)
Analog, L for Low-Inpedance (low impedance so).

Are they edited? Via a Mac / PC editor?

What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI)
An output jack EXP
Input / Output Jack.

Is this a rack or rack MODEL?

It is a metal pedal (aluminum) rather massive (more than Crybaby Classic), passive (no power required) offshore platform (whose hardness is adjustable via a screw Torque), surmounted by a adhesive pad or too much adhesive or too slippery.
The pedal will not move soil (laterally or longitudinally) and appropriate to the effects, or the keyboard for his "Expresion" function.
For volume, the pedal has a minimum volume adjustment via a potentiometer located on the flank of the pedal.


The general configuration is it simple?
Yes, child.

Editing sounds and effects is it easy?

The manual is clear and sufficient?

In short, it's plug and play whatever use.
However, I'm not a fan of feeling offered by the board that I find a little big for my little girl 42. Not very practical either to play seated, the tilt axis is not ideal but it really depends on the user.


The effects are they effective, responsive and realistic enough?
Volume: it is his taf. The action on the sound is progressive and bypass the pedal is clean. No kinks, no buzz, it is clear, clean and crisp. Hard to beat
In expresion pedal: ditto on the influence on the sound.

Which instruments do you use?
I use it as an expression pedal on a guitar multi-effect (Zoom G3)

Which ones do you prefer, you hate?


How long have you use it?
I owned five months.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
- The solid and safe appearance of the pedal
- Transparency
- The progressive side by volume
- The feeling with the expression pedal

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
No, only Crybaby (no idea on the model), the Whammy (which I loved the feeling to use the foot) and expression pedals style of the multi-effects Boss or Zoom.

How would you rate the quality / price?
On the great occasion.
New, it is a bit expensive for the technology offered. The pedal may well be massive, aluminum should not cost the price.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
No but it still remains an excellent pedal less.
Mr Raph04/15/2013

Mr Raph's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The perfect pedal?"

Boss FV-500L Foot Volume
See website builder


see below


see below


Pedal super sturdy, versatile: you can use either loop or effect in expression pedal. It does not slip, the variation is pleasant to walk ... I say more!
In addition, this is a great value for money compared to the competition.
I use a Nord Electro 3.

Wozzeck's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" THE expression pedal keyboard"

Boss FV-500L Foot Volume
volume pedal AND Expression pedal (for digital machines).
I use it exclusively as an expression pedal.


ultra-simple, you just need to calibrate the first time with the little button on the side (this is explained in the instructions)


The race is smooth and flawless audio response


I was previously a Boss FV300-L, and the two have nothing to do:
, The FV300-L was not very accurate, I perceived the "palliers" sound and was very solid.
-I have the FV-500L for 3 years, I use it a lot like wha pedal (so it works a lot) and there are good things to say. It remains firm, does not relax over the years, and the answer is perfect (at least I have not seen better).

What I like:
It is heavy and therefore stable
She is very robust
She is big and comfortable to play sitting (I'm keyboardist).
It is neither too soft nor too hard, and retains its firmness from day one (which is rare for this type of pedal when a lot of wha)
What I like least:
-Absolutely nothing

Elphaba's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good but not ultimate"

Boss FV-500L Foot Volume
Full connectivity is nickel.


Euhh is a volume pedal what ...


The pros:

-2 Input: output + EXP


- There is a game, beat 5mm before the pedal starts to operate the knob, as well as up than going down, which in effect a "suddenly". It is difficult to manage a volume with a delay behind such ... if you stop halfway and that one starts the other way there are those annoying 5 mm which are the souk!

If we only fully assembled and down thoroughly all right.

I can not remember if she did at the beginning or if it happened with wear ... at the time I was just not as demanding .... it'll be 6 years I think.


see at least 5 years 6 ...
Not try another but it will come.
Value for the right price.

Fry37's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" What more ..."

Boss FV-500L Foot Volume
A volume pedal with full connectivity and volume of attack and a screw for adjusting the sensitivity of the stroke volume pot.

- An entry
- Output
- Insert expression
- Output tuner.


Super easy to use: you push with the heel = silence, you push with your toes = rockin!

A volume knob type knob is there to adjust the volume of sound attack. We can use this pedal as a boost. Very handy.

The output tuner is also very convenient as it is positioned préfader, we can agree then that the volume of the pedal is at zero.


The sound is never impaired even at low volume.
The point of attack is smooth, the volume management is progressive, a "notch" when we turn up the sound. Nothing to say, it's perfect.


I use it for a year and she never fails.
This volume pedal is perfect.

Only criticism: its size. I could not include it in my pedalboard ... But it's anecdotal.

Mambosun's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss FV-500L Foot Volume
Volume pedal very comprehensive and I chose the model "L" because it placed last on my effects chain (8 pedals).

I see three main uses:

1) Effect "violoning", delete the attacks pick, sort of "fade in"

2) Control and adjustment on the fly volume without altering the guitar sound (eg with a disto), contrary to the pots built into the guitar.
Moreover thanks to the setting "mini volume" we can define a volume mini - pedal fully open - for a game pace, and a maximum volume for a game lead - foot-closed without too much hassle to look up an intermediate position while playing.

3) also acts as a pedal for example to drive a Boss effects pedal kind DD7.Fonctionalité not yet tested as the tuner connection.


Config and use ultra simple.
We can also adjust the tension of the sweep.


This pedal is placed at the end of the chain of effects:

Guitar (s) / Geoffrey Teese RMC6 / Boss CS2 (for sale) / PH1R Boss / Boss SD2 / MT2 Boss / Boss HR2 / Boss DD7 FV500L / Amplifier


I use it for several weeks.

Before I had a Schaller Knob which was beginning to give up the ghost.


- Efficient, Simple, versatile and completely transparent in my chain effect.
- Perceived quality, robustness, Design.


A bit bulky and heavy.
Prices, but competing équivallentes are even more expensive ...

I would do without hesitation that choice ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss FV-500L Foot Volume
PDAL volume or expression. But if your observations you will notice that there are 2 MODELS: L and H.
L is a stro impdance low and high H a mono impdance.
Stereo or mono, everyone understands, but impdance high or low, how would we INTERESTED he?

Let our courses Electricity: impdance the extent of opposition to the passage of electric circuit an alternating current sinusodal. Simply put, the impdance is a kind of Resistors, varying with the electric current. The guitar is an instrument whose output is raised impdance finally instrument for, say more leve a keyboard or a microphone. You tell me: who cares. Well, no. Possde impdance an instrument output which must be adapted to impdance of the amp, console, which indeed it is connected. Overall, an instrument must be connected to a device possdant impdance between 5 to 10 times suprieure impdance its output (the so-called adaptive voltage ). To go further, an amp must be connected to the HP impdance same: it is the adaptation potential. Why is it so important? For the amp (lights), connect the HP impdance littralement too low will fry your output transformer! For the instrument, he can breath rsulter important, distortion or a high quality of sound dgradation.
For example: impdances guitar output (200 Ohms), synth (2 Ohms), micro (600 Ohms)
impdances of amp (1 MOhm), line (10 KOhms), micro (5 KOhms)
In this connection, why can not we connect an amp head lamps of HP with Cables instrument? Instrument for the cables are shielded, it is - ie covered with insulation for electric to avoid being "parasites" by the surrounding electrical devices, which in rsulterait called the "hum". However, these shielded cable is also formidable capabilities (insulation surrounding conductors) that will change the overall circuit impdance Cables-HP. Rsultat: the output transformer may burn if the total is impdance infrieure impdance its own output (for more precision on the phnomne books I refer you sp cialiss).

If you followed all the dj you have to ask you this: in these conditions, the FV-500H must be prvue for guitar and FV-500L Keyboard. But you can connect the FV-500L on a guitar?

Well, no. Well, not directly. This allows to address a second issue of great importance and yet largely nglig. The signal coming out of high impdance guitar will quickly lose quality audio across the cables: the del of 5 meters, the focus dgradation Sound, including loss in the treble. How? We must transform the signal into high impdance impdance low signal, it will not put this dgradation even if it must cross pedals 15 and 15 meters of cables. Devices capable of this transformation are called the "buffer" or "line driver". Now go to a site online and looking for a buffer. You can not do? This is normal! Nobody mentions them. Manufacturers prfrent dwell on the "true bypass" which does not color the signal when the effect of pedals is disabled but not being protected against the dgradation due to the cross 10 meters of cable connecting the pedals Necessary for them. As long as consumers do not ask questions and crot that the "true bypass" serves as a buffer, why argue?
Are the buffers in some boost pedals like the MXR MC-401 Boost / Line driver for example. Boss pedals are all also teams of buffers.

So you can use this low volume impdance pedals with a guitar, but only APRS a buffer (like a boss effect pedals, regardless of the models).

J'espre t be clear to all those who did not know these little subtleties.

- 2 inputs / outputs for Stereo intrument
- EXP output to use the FV-500 as expression pedals
- A tuner output
- A volume knob to select the minimum volume
- A tilt adjustable stiffness
- PDAL passive: no power ncessaire

The unit is solid and well Submitted. Trs chic chrome finish. But prvoir space on a pedal board: this is trs long pedals!


A monkey could use the pedals. Then a guitarist ... with a little Entran or putting them two should do it also.

The rocker is trs enjoyable and more rigid adjustable. The amplitude of the lever is loooong: prcise a rocking, sensitive and progressive.
Pad antidrapant trs effective.

The intrt of the pedals is that it can be used in Stereo derrire Stros effects and can also act as pedals d expression of quality for all Boss pedals with output EXP or other compatible pedals (like Source Audio). In expression pedals, the scale of long range effects provides progressive trs perfect for Wahs or time (phaser, delay, ...).

The output tuner is handy to agree in silence without a will integrate useless pedals in the chain of effects.


Talking about quality sound on a volume pedals is weird.
Say it DGRAD nor the color signal.
The volume is CONTRL prcis and progressive.
Determines the minimum volume is handy.


Excellent Stereo Volume pedals which also serve as expression pedals quality.

Good qualitprix from the classic Ernie Ball or Fender, or other ...

Only one problem: we must understand the stories impdance. If you use a derrire buffer, it is perfect. Output guitar with single coils this can cause problem. That said, do you know the impdances and output of your effects, your guitar and your amp?? Probably not and you do prevents any sleep! But it is sometimes the explanation of evil "sound".

LouGuit's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss FV-500L Foot Volume
I tried to control the output level up to a stereo expander without leaving the keyboard of my digital accordion and well I found!


This pedal performs this function perfectly, accurate, adjustable force, heel minimum level, robust, very stable, metal injected, in short the TOP!


A little expensive but the quality is at the rendezvous.


I even think to get one another in case!


ptibido's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss FV-500L Foot Volume
2 IN, 2out, footswitch, tuner output, stéréo.Pour far nothing special, except that the traditional beast is really beautiful aluminum, the covering for the foot is comfortable. In short, she really put classe.Je 9 that its main defect: its huge size! You've got to make room in your pedal board!


Tip Top, the branch made its ca boulot.A that optimum use is really in the effects loop. LOW IMPEDANCE this model is! use effects loop but also the end of chaining traditionnel.A whether you take her twin sister high impedance (BOSS FV-500H), aprenez its placement can be essentially that head chaining less versatility that this model . After that depends on what you are looking for.


It is not much but it's not a normal effect! In the loop, it can sound out the attack without the pick, get a full fill its saturated low-volume, booster por arpeggios, etc. ... It gives really nice effects when it is not fundamentally one! We play much more nuanced, it's really interesting, providing new sensations is too cool!
very precise in the foot, an adjustment screw to adjust the hardness of the party lever with great precision.


It is 100 euros less than a Ernie Ball Mono! (88 euros at Thomann!) It's always shit to buy a pedal that does nothing special so do not put 200 euros in an ernie ball please! frankly in retrospect I can not do without it and allowed me to improve my game! Its aim is to highlight some of your scratch!
Goodies: build quality beyond reproach, too class aluminum, accurate, robust, versatile, many connections

Cons: I'm still looking!