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  • Art USB Dual Tube Pre

    Art USB Dual Tube Pre - "On the fence with this one"


    The Dual Tube Pre is a USB audio interface that only cost 150 USD now. It was a little more expensive when it first came out then they recently dropped the price. It is a simple 2 channel preamp interface that connects to your computer through USB. …

  • Art USB Dual Pre

    Art USB Dual Pre - "portable and inexpensive"


    The ART USB Dual Pre is a simple USB interface that has 2 XLR/TRS inputs and 2 TRS outputs. The interface does have Phantom Power and comes with software to record with in case you don’t have a DAW already. The price of this interface is 80 dollars w…

Translated user reviews
  • Art X-15 UltraFoot

    Art X-15 UltraFoot - " quality / exceptional price!"


    I use it for less than 1 year and a half. What I especially pushed to buy this are the different opinions than positive on the web and the fact that a lot of bass player that I like have used it. What is surprising is the value for money .... down…

  • Art Tubefire 8

    Art Tubefire 8 - " Perfect and good price!"


    8 Tube pre! used to record the drums with 8 mics .... perfect! good control and sound! One flaw: XLR input with "push" .... taking may be blocked! UTILIZATION Perfect, also the drivers (win 7) Latency 5ms max GETTING STARTED Simple to a…

  • Art X-12

    Art X-12 - Zlhanh's review


    It's a great MIDI board. Extremely simple but it can more effectively. It is robust, ca repair itself very well. Except a lot of different power supplies and an expression pedal. I have not used this last posibility for the moment but it's always a n…

  • Art USB Dual Pre

    Art USB Dual Pre - " Effective and cheap"


    My first sound card, used to record keyboard, guitars (DI and micro) and voices. The two inputs are XLR and Jack, have good headroom without too much wind. The phantom power allows the use of microphones with no problem. The interface is self power…

  • Art Tubefire 8

    Art Tubefire 8 - " Extra!"


    What technical characteristics have motivated your choice? The look of course but especially among the 8 pramplifies is very rare in these rates, led by vumtre on each and between the lamps on. Which instruments or systm (console, prampli, DTD ...…

  • Art Tubefire 8

    Art Tubefire 8 - obladie's review


    I wanted to achieve a seamless interface for live multitrack recording. I use my table in preamp for vocals and instruments. For the battery, I use a group out of my table for two stereo drum track from my six microphones, which I refer to two inputs…

  • Art X-11

    Art X-11 - xride's review


    How long have you use it? 2 days ... As a guitarist, I use it to control my JMP-1 and my JFX-1 for Program Change (the only type of MIDI is capable of sending X-11 and he has 127) What is so special that you like most and least? Assets: * …

  • Art Tubefire 8

    Art Tubefire 8 - Dr Jazz's review


    The tubes are the choice for t Determines I use two to dpart to config mobile and in fact I put them in the studio Very quiet even with high gain, its crystal and dynamic hot big, beautiful bass ... To record audio. I ssay in a bunch of light…