Art X-15 UltraFoot
Art X-15 UltraFoot

X-15 UltraFoot, MIDI Pedal from Art.

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Greig 05/28/2003

Art X-15 UltraFoot : Greig's user review


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- I use this model for 5 years now, bought new and used, I use it to control a GX700.
- Pdalier Midi pedals with 2 switches of expression and 12 (2 bank up / down, mode 1, a bypass / switch, and patches of 1 to 10)
- An output footswitch to control a non noon pdalier the bypass button, programmable toggle or stealth. Bypas programmable
- Switching mode patch / effect control.
- Switching to effect control switch with a DDI mode control effect, there are 10 MIDI controller to change paramtres effect (or enable / disable effects) and 2 steals exp pedals. and we can increment / decrement patches while staying in control mode effect.
- Built like a tank, only problem: the rubber switches wear out and apparently stuck in time ...
- Accepts any power supply and very oimportant: do not care about the polarity!!
- Bought new 2500 F 98 ... I do not know what it is worth now.
- I searched the market for a pdalier permattant eFashion change and allow increm Decrem of patch ... no ca .... So I keep it and I buy it if I steal it, what is there ... ej'ai as my GX-700.

I put a 8 because of the rubber was even pnible kan ...