Art X-15 UltraFoot
Art X-15 UltraFoot

X-15 UltraFoot, MIDI Pedal from Art.

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tomy377 12/22/2013

Art X-15 UltraFoot : tomy377's user review

«  quality / exceptional price! »

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I use it for less than 1 year and a half. What I especially pushed to buy this are the different opinions than positive on the web and the fact that a lot of bass player that I like have used it.

What is surprising is the value for money .... downright outstanding! Whether violin (nut and brass easel MASSIVE more!) As a tool for electronics is 30 years old. Today a low round conductor with active electronics that run the streets, but the early 80's it was not!
The only instruments that same period whose qualities are vying my ken smith BT4 88 and my alembic series II 80. It was therefore in the high end.
For my part I will make him a reproach ... and again, it's really to find a weak point: only 1 micro personally I like assayed between 2 microphones. But honestly this microphone is well positioned with the preamp and 6 positions, a palette of its rich is obtained.

I use it in concert (I love her look!) The electronics of the config is super adapted by 1 snap sound is changed. I really confirms my choice and I keep