Art USB Dual Tube Pre
Art USB Dual Tube Pre

USB Dual Tube Pre, USB audio interface from Art.

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stompboxjon 10/23/2012

Art USB Dual Tube Pre : stompboxjon's user review

« On the fence with this one »

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The Dual Tube Pre is a USB audio interface that only cost 150 USD now. It was a little more expensive when it first came out then they recently dropped the price. It is a simple 2 channel preamp interface that connects to your computer through USB. It has a built in compressor on it that is pretty decent for the price. It has a balanced XLR and ¼ hi-Z inputs. When you are first installing and getting ready to use this device you will need to make sure everything is hooked up correctly, also make sure the cords are all the way pushed in on it because it can leave you will a slight humming sound if they are not fully pushed it. It may feel like they are pushed in but sometimes they can go in a little farther.


Installing it is quick and easy and the drivers and unit are stable. You will not have a single issue when installing this device. The compressor will work for now, but if you are use to using a stand alone compressor then this compressor might not be good to you at all. Even most of the compressors in DAW programs are a lot better than this one so it is up to you whether you want it to compress your recordings right away or if you want to use a different compressor later once you do your final mixes.


The latency is pretty low, but it still is noticeable which can be disappointing because I have used other ART units around the same price range and the latency was better. The ART Dual Tube Pre does come with a manual but you probably will not need it because it is basic and simple to use.


There are a lot of interface to choose from on the market today. The only reason I would suggest for you to use this one would be if you cannot come up with a little more money to invest. But even with that being said there are other interfaces in this same price range that are better and have better compression.