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D16 Group Audio & music gear user reviews

  • D16 Group Decimort 2

    D16 Group Decimort 2 - "Decimate at will"


    See the "Info" tab for complete specs. Installs easily through an executable, authorization is processed with the keyfile which is available for download at your user account on the developer's website. The keyfile must be used within 72 hours aft…

  • D16 Group LuSH-101

    D16 Group LuSH-101 - "LuSH-101 is LUSCIOUS!" has images


    Works Great. Easy to Use. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Everything works fine. Wish the CPU load was less, however. OVERALL OPINION LuSH-101 is a thick, juicy, versatile synth that derives its lushness from multilayers and state of the art synthesis f…

  • D16 Group Toraverb

    D16 Group Toraverb - "Gritty in a good way"


    I have had no issues running this on both a Mac Pro and a Macbook Pro, snow leopard and Logic 9. Although this plugin has a lot of features, if you've used reverbs enough, this should not be too difficult without a manual. I have to say that the s…

  • D16 Group Syntorus

    D16 Group Syntorus - "Decent for a chorus plugin"


    I have had no compatibility issues running this on both a Macbook Pro and and Mac Pro both running Snow Leopard and using Logic 9. I haven't referenced the manual as I am familiar with all the parameters on the plugin. It does have a fair amount of…

  • D16 Group Fazortan

    D16 Group Fazortan - songboy's review


    There were no compatibility issues whatsoever.  I have not referenced the manual as this is a very simple device.  If you are familiar with a high end phaser pedal, rack or plugin, then there is nothing really new here.  Yes, the general configuratio…

  • D16 Group Decimort

    D16 Group Decimort - songboy's review


    I use an Intel Macbook and there has been no compatibility issues.  As for a manual, I have never needed one because the Decimort is a very simple device.  There are quite a few knobs to twist on this guy, but it all makes sense.  And even if it does…

  • D16 Group Devastor

    D16 Group Devastor - songboy's review


    Were there any compatibility issues?   So far, there have been no compatibility issues.  I use a Macbook (2.2ghz, 4gb Ram, 320gb HD) with Logic Pro 8 and a Presonus firepod.  Everytime I load it up it works great. Is the general configuration/setup s…

Translated user reviews
  • D16 Group Devastor

    D16 Group Devastor - sonicsnap's review


    Installation and Authorization without worry. According to its title, Devastor is a multiband distortion unit. First, there is a knob titled "Dynamics" that compresses the sound. When placed on "hard" a very strong attack can be seen, the duratio…

  • D16 Group SilverLine Collection

    D16 Group SilverLine Collection - " well"


    no prob plug ins everything easier SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE imac3, 4GHZ 8GB RAM rm fireface400 logicpro9 it works well and a priori it never crashes my computer OVERALL OPINION 2 years I collect plug-ins so yes I have tried many th…

  • D16 Group Decimort

    D16 Group Decimort - sonicsnap's review


    Trouble-free installation and authorization very "user friendly". Decimort's goal is to degrade the sound so as artistic as possible. We first level preamp, which does not increase the volume, but the rate of distortion. The following settings ca…