D16 Group LuSH-101
D16 Group LuSH-101

LuSH-101, Virtual subtractive synth from D16 Group.

tommy.zai.1420 12/11/2012

D16 Group LuSH-101 : tommy.zai.1420's user review

« LuSH-101 is LUSCIOUS! »

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Works Great.
Easy to Use.


Everything works fine. Wish the CPU load was less, however.


LuSH-101 is a thick, juicy, versatile synth that derives its lushness from multilayers and state of the art synthesis features (oscillators, filters, envelopes, etc.) and effects. D-16 Group has an uncanny knack for developing unique and inspiring audio plugins, and LuSH is no exception. It is a flexible and fantastic virtual audio instrument. I've always been a D-16 fan, enjoying their sound, features, and product names. When they first changed the name of this synth from Shioitor to LuSH I was worried that they were selling out . . . breaking away from their cutting edge, dare-to-be-different ways, but soon after launching this thing I smiled — LuSH is the perfect name for this VSTi. They also could have called it, abundant, delicious, dense, heavenly, lavish, or voluptuous. :-) . It's certainly the opposite of bare or sparse.

LuSH not only sounds good, but it looks good. I'm a visual guy, and the interface means a lot to me. This GUI is easy on the eyes and a pleasure to work within. Everything is in the right place and is the right size for inspirational tweaking. If you don't have time to create something from scratch, there are more than a thousand well thought out and designed presets in the factory library that you can adjust to taste. The preset browser is intuitive and user-friendly. Like all D-16 Group plugins, LuSH has it's own personality. It's diverse and capable of doing tracks for any kind of electronic music, whether it be alternative, ambient, dubstep, drum and bass, house, industrial, new wave, retro, second wave, soundtrack, or techno. There aren't that many synths that can produce both warm analog sounds and a crisp clear digital sounds. LuSH can!

Is this the only synth you will need? It could be, but of course if you are like me you will want more! I wouldn’t let go of my other favorites. If I could change one thing about it — I would make CPU demand more efficient. It's too heavy a load for one synth, but then again . . . it's 8 synths in 1, so it's not bad at all, is it? The price is good. The customer support is great. The sound is wonderful. I give LuSH five stars. Thank you D-16 for creating another masterpiece!

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