D16 Group LuSH-101
D16 Group LuSH-101

LuSH-101, Virtual subtractive synth from D16 Group.

logikone13 10/21/2012

D16 Group LuSH-101 : logikone13's user review

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Install without problem, I turn on a macbook pro 17 inch core i7 8GB ram in logic pro 9.
I did not read the manual but I find the interface clear and synth vraiement successful, we quickly understand the circuit and sound for those starting in the synthesis I think it is really educational as learning synth .


No bugs, no crash after heavy use, on the other hand it really is too cpu intensive!
For those who have small configs that may be just ...........
I have not managed to open more than 2 on 2 different tracks if too many crunches damage.

I do not know about the windows version to mac but, apart from the consolidated cpu it works wonders and no crash.

Effects are deadly! D16group I love the sound, reverbs, delays, chorus, phaser are great.
The decimator also true hearts to try .......
The power of the synth with 8 layers possible is incredible!

The arpeggiator very well done and easy to master.


I use it since its release, I have lots of vst and also hardware, and since I have is that I open the first (before my lead north, motif xf, zebra and diva).

The factory presets are average but some clearly show the ability of the bb, you create your sound!

I love vraiement grain, I think it sounds like no other synth I have and I say bravo to D16 group!

For the price you can go for it!

The only complaint really cpu intensive damage!