D16 Group Nepheton
D16 Group Nepheton

Nepheton, Virtual Percussion Synth from D16 Group.

vetjc 10/17/2011

D16 Group Nepheton : vetjc's user review

«  A bit expensive ... but faithful (too). »

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Install no problem (the purchase and registration on the site a bit tedious). It's a VST host to integrate into your favorite (OK with Live and Live with Professor ...), works well with FX teleport. No standalone ... not a drama. I have not read the manual.


My config: PC / AMD 64 x2 4200 + / ASUS M2N MX SE / 4 x 80 MB UDMA133 7200 rev / min
2 GB RAM / Win XP 32 / RME HDSP sound card. In short it's not a great warrior but it works very well. I have very low latency that enables me to use the VST in Live and tweak live. No crash, no bugs ...


I use it for 2 months. We went around fast enough when you know the beast emulated ... In ergonomics and play exactly like the real 808, pain in the ass mouse and more. I have not tried to put a control surface. About the sound, I'm a little disappointed because although there are additional controls "Sweepy" and "snappy" I failed to reproduce the sound I wanted. In fact, the TR is a good source of sound, but we like to fiddle with distortion pedals, filters, chorus and compression. The version of D16 group is too faithful to that level and you have stacked the VST to reproduce what we seek ... It gets a little heavy.
With experience, I will not repeat that choice. Nepheton is ideal for those who want the hard-TR not necessarily to hackers.