MXR M80 Bass D.I. +
MXR M80 Bass D.I. +

M80 Bass D.I. +, DI from MXR.

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moosers's review

MXR M80 Bass D.I. +
The MXR M80 Bass D.I. + is both a standard direct input box and also offers up a variety of extra features that makes it seem more like a pedal than a DI box.  The unit has 1/4 inch connections that includes a standard input and output and a direct output as well as a parallel output.  This isn't a rack mountable piece of gear as it is a stomp box.


Using the MXR M80 Bass D.I. + isn't hard at all as it is pretty straight ahead in terms of the parameters that it has to offer.  The unit has a clean volume knob as well as a section for distortion that includes parameters for volume, blend, trigger, and gain.  The box also has EQ knobs for bass, mid, and treble as well as a variety of situations including phantom power, color, and gate.  This is pretty much all that there is to the box and unless you are a beginner, I don't think that a manual is necessary.


The sound quality of the MXR M80 Bass D.I. + is about average.  While it will give you a pretty clean sound if you aren't using the distortion, the distortion doesn't have a realistic sound in my opinion.  The EQ is helpful but isn't the cleanest sounding one in the world.  While this is probably designed for use in the studio, I think that it works better for live shows as you can get away with a little bit more and the extra parameters are more useful in a live show setting.  I don't think that this is best sounding DI box/effect pedal, but it is usable and does offer a good amount of versatility.


While I don't own the MXR M80 Bass D.I. +, a friend of mine in my band owned this and used it for live shows and it was pretty helpful to have as a DI box on the stage.  Having the built in effects and provides a variety of options and features that are handy for bass players on the stage.  I wouldn't use this in a studio however as I don't think that the signal is clean enough to put on tape.  The price of the MXR M80 Bass D.I. + is reasonable, but again I would only recommend looking into it if you are a bass player looking for a DI box to use on stage.

matt8602's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A killer!"

MXR M80 Bass D.I. +
- This pedal has an analog circuit, top quality.
- A switch to activate another for distortion, so you can if you need to use that distortion pedal. Note that when the effect is set to completely flat, even enabled it is quite clear, as if it was not lit.
- A gate button, which activates an adjustable noise gate but only for the distortion knob with the "trigger" (not necessarily innate in the beginning, we need to know). Note that it is very well designed, I'm not a fan of the gates but it worked great and is very discreet.
- A button "phantom ground" that provides power to the pedal when it is connected to the console XLR with 48V phantom power supply, of course.
- 1 XLR output, 1 output jack, and a third parallel output without effect, ie bypass. Useful.
- And finally, my favorite, the magical "color" button, which made me opt for this pedal. It is a kind of "mid scoop", which inflates his digging mediums and boosting bass and treble.


The configuration is simple, I did not dwell on the manual as it has become clear principle. It is easy to find your clean sound, maybe a little less with the distortion that deserved a more tone setting because it eats a little too low. I would have preferred a more versatile therefore less aggressive overdrive, distortion and not strictly speaking. Only flaw that he has found, for this reason I put 8/10.


Let's get right to the point, it is huge, from my point of view anyway. Same set flat, I press the switch "color", and magical, I direct the sound I'm looking for! Its a super heated, well rounded, well dug and accurate. The analog circuit has much in sound quality! The équalo responds perfectly, it is clean, even with a lot of treble that does not scream, the associated frequencies are well chosen (60Hz / 850Hz / 4khz). End of the chain on my pedalboard, it enhances the signal loss, sculpts and corrects the final, especially with the color switch it provided the final as through my favorite amp, but WITHOUT amp! I finally MON his ideal, which just fits on my pedalboard. I performed all tests on a HK sound good quality, as well as my studio monitors completely transparent, so effective testing and no surprises later! I do not talk much about the distortion, because I have a little trouble taming. I find it too cold and difficult to resolve because there is only the gain and signal balance clean / distortion, the volume changing nothing in grain. But beware, this is a distortion not an overdrive, fuzz, etc.. It is probably for this reason that I do not catch, I never really liked the distortion effect in itself, whatever the brand. Suddenly, the saturated and settled with clean and gain balance to zero, and I play only on the volume for me to use it as clean boost, which eventually turns super efficient channel. Note that the color switch is still committed to the channel distortion; So there are many possibilities of sound between the 2 channels even cut distortion.


I used a loan in local rehearsal for several months, and I finally buy me one. For me it is just necessary, I can play without my amp by finding the same sound. Suddenly live, more surprises on the front, this is the same sound worked well, unlike the basic sound engineers-its make available and only a signal processing "flat" DI. Big sound guaranteed with MXR, without touching anything else! Same to save, share with you a very good grounding in the mix that makes everything else. If you love the color and sound of the DI, it is a winner on all counts. For me it is a very important asset logistics, able to switch from one amp and just have a briefcase pedalboard and low transport, what happiness. So much so that I fumbled repeatedly sell my amp.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very useful live"

MXR M80 Bass D.I. +
Technology a priori analog transistor, this pedal is a kind of preamp / direct box / distortion.
Input jack, output jack classical parallel (no effect) and XLR to send to a mixing desk.


Very easy to use because it is very clear, this pedal does not require long time to operate correctly. All settings are available on the above, it is very instinctive, which is useful for live use that has motivated me to purchase.


The "preamp" which in the end is a rather equalizer is effective, "color" button to bring out the bass through any mix has a special EQ preset and can not be modified.
The distortion part is, even the relatively low gain, rather beefy, not nice crunch or overdrive here ... that's why we call it a distortion :)
The gate is very effective and cuts noise so truly effective and never cutting sustain involuntarily, almost a shame that this option is only active distortion engaged, I wish I could alleviate fuzz with upstream.


Strong, flexible, efficient, this pedal simply took the place of an amp for me on stage. Bizarre? Perhaps, but as anyway I did not afford me an amp "lamp", and the 9/10emme times the sound engineer takes before the amp with a DI, here at least DI is made for bass. And as I doubt that many preamp amp transistor are inherently better than tables mix sound engineer, I save back with this pedal that allows me to sound like I want (in this case, the engineer its a must my EQ, which is not the case taken before amp). In short, this little box is my Swiss Army knife that I carry everywhere and does it well!

Flo667's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good cheap preamp"

MXR M80 Bass D.I. +
Bass preamp pedal format with a built-channel distortion, with a XLR direct output and one output parallel
9v mains or battery power supply and 48v phantom using a mixer (very handy)

Side settings, it has a 3 band eq unique
For the clean channel volume and switch "color" that is rumbling low mids.
For channel distortion volume, the blend (mix clean / overdrive sound)
if you use a trigger locks the gate to reduce the breath of distortion when not playing and then the gain to assay the level of distortion.


Usage is very simple, I did not need the manual. It takes more or less time to tweak its settings, particularly if used in groups. Examples are provided with adjustment, it's little help to begin with. Otherwise an input an output jack for a conventional pedal.


In his clear and without incurring the button color, the sound of the instrument is respected. The equalizer does its job, then 3-band parametric necessarily a less versatile. Still in its clear, if we use the color you end up with the big rock well and personally apart from all its features I think it's the great thing about this pedal. For the distortion channel blend is very useful because all distortions as it is heavy on bass, so no dedicated eq must gain the right mix / blend to avoid losing too much bass.
The noise gate is effective, but it does not generate too much wind either.
The XLR output is good, it lacks a volume control or attenuator (-15db such as on a lot of DI) but for the price ...
The phantom power is very well regarded, for rehearsals I alimentais like that before having a pedalboard, and we appreciate not lugging the transformer.
Another plus for this pedal, when using color mode and that you put other disto upstream, it can inflate the bass to be very heavy and have a good presence.


Used for about two years, for its price it is frankly excellent. As usual for a larger budget we find the best equipment, but for 160 € frankly are not new photo. Not had any problems with just a switch that unscrewing it a little, we saw nothing unusual at the foot switches, turning the key and talk about it more. Overall I am very satisfied, so if it all over again, I would resume the carefree.
sebby low03/11/2012

sebby low's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A complete preamp and not too expensive!"

MXR M80 Bass D.I. +
Here is an analog preamp proposed by MXR.

It is pedal format, all metal, very sturdy.
It offers a 3-band EQ: Low - Medium - Treble, volume output, a color switch (which allows to choose a rounder sound, a little vintage).

We also have the right to a separate distortion channel, it offers the following setting: volume, blend (proportion of his treatise and his own bass), trigger (choice of frequency, it's like the tone knob on a jazz bass), gain, a noise gate switch.

It also has an XLR direct output (with a phantom switch / ground) for use as a direct box.
We also have a parallel output jack to play on 2 amps if you want.


The config is so easy, a jack input and an output.
You switched the channel preamp if you want walking on the metal knob provided for this purpose. This is the same for channel distortion.
It is possible to use the two together, that's what's great!

You turn the knobs to find your sound, it's pretty simple and scalable.
One can find just about any sound you want! We must always look a bit alike.

I have not read the manual ... sorry ...


The preamp has a touch of "color" but he has great respect for the instruments used. It does not distort the sound of the bass and does not alter the sound of microphones. I use it with my 4 basses and each person in his way.

Again, the key "color" allows her to have a slightly more "vintage", with very low round swollen.

Made by the cons is very different depending on the amp by which one passes and then output or speakers. But then there is the preamp for nothing.


I use it for over a year and a half and I take him everywhere, I can not do without.

I tested quite a few models pedal format, because in Rack you can find things very well, but for me it was put on my pedalboard!

I find nothing to complain about, what I love most ... switch its "color" and the distortion channel! Personally I tested almost every bass distortion pedals on the market regardless of price or other ... and then I no longer use as this one! Properly adjusted, the distortion channel allows everything from very light to very heavy Crunch distortion to extreme metal! RRRRRR

I can not remember the exact price of my purchase, just over 100 Euros for sure. But the competition was in the same price so no regrets!
Format for this preamp I will ever this choice (Robert TRUJILLO Himself is also used). But if it was not to fix on a pedalboard, I saw the little Aguilar DB 924 ... I think I have opted for this one.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Will I sell my amp?"

MXR M80 Bass D.I. +
DI pedal / preamp / Disto all analog.
It has:
- A clean channel with 3 band équalo and a distortion channel with the settings "Volume", "Blend", "Trigger" and "Gain"
- A built-in noise gate,
- A color setting that "warmer" sound (Me, I love)
And the ability to be powered by 48v of the sound which is great practice, it avoids carrying around a power supply.
Obviously, a good ID, it has XLR outputs / jack / parallel.


The manual is 4 pages and no use, because we quickly found his sound.
I fumble a bit to find the sound distortion that goes. We must be careful, because the food channel a lot of bass.


I made 2 of 2 to 3 rehearsals with my band with just the MXR line in the console. According to my taste, I think the sound is warm, though rock slamming. It's pretty awesome to have a sound like being in a live console.
I drill out the mix (scratch my cheek on a Vox AC30).
The only small downside is that its fishing MXR overdrive channel that eats the serious once engaged. We must find a balance.


In the past, I had the Sansamp Bassdriver, good pedal but distorts the sound and the bass is the bass and treble fully.
The MXR little color to the sound of your bass but can give a little something extra.
For my part, I am extremely satisfied with this pedal. So, I think about the possibility of selling my bass amp.

lbgo000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MXR M80 Bass D.I. +
Pedal Preamp / Disto / EQ / DI analog - a real swiss knife - my first purchase in the pedals
Only drawback - lack of switch "mute" - shame ...
Very sturdy, except battery cover plastic !!!!! - Already broken on mine ... unfortunate because the pedal actually consumes little - and here I trembale with transformer ...

So 7


Very easy to use
We arrive to find her quickly

8 because when you turn the channel distortion, the switch "color" comes on automatically is impossible to remove, so it is no sound of our instrument - actually damage


Very good sound quality
- Canal "clean" switch with "color" digging mediums (not bad for the slap wild - not the sound of Mr. Miller - far more brutal) - I like and use
- Canal "distortion" nice overdrive (heats well with a small loss of precision in attack), nice moderate distortion, but in the extreme setting the sound becomes fuzzy (and not pretty - a kind of bee bzzz) . But whatever you do, the grain of this pedal is quite small - it does not give the sound of Tool and RATM. But the slap in the overdrive is pretty funny - the pedal adds a kind of "clang" metal fun. Great advantage: the ability to mix the clean sound with the sound distortion. That's how you get that to maintain the momentum of the sound (if you put a lot of distortion channel - greatly compressed the pedal - I do not like, but it depends on the style we play).
The fabulous thing - it is the "gate" - very effective, as it reacts to the volume of the incoming signal you come to have some kind of filter - very nice overdrive - more the rope is pulled high over the distortion appears in his tone (sound duller than treble) - I do not switch the channel "clean" even in soft passages.
- Very effective and musical EQ
- DI: well, it works (for sounds "clean" for the distortion is Bzzzz - I do not like), but I use the multi-band EQ pedal after sculpting the final sound.

10 because in this price range is a great product (TREX Bass Juice ago, but it is expensive)


I have for some time (2-3 years)
Overall, I am satisfied - I also Multidrive EBS (very good pedal but compresses the sound and no possibility to adjust the EQ - it grows serious when it is turned, it's painful).
like least: the grain (earlier inability to change - there is always the same).
I love the most: probably gate
With the experience I would invest in probably a good amp with 2 channels (clean and overdrive).

MetallicRiffer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MXR M80 Bass D.I. +
PDAL preamp / DI
See site Dunlop / MXR for dtails.
Manufacturing quality copy, solid and trs rsiste rain (fte painful exprience of the collection's outdoor music in the rain ...)


Trs simple configuration, you plug one turns 3 buttons and it plays!
I use it live with my Ibanez SR905 console.
The manual is just have the function of 2 / 3 switches we know APRS is the ears that are taking over ...


You can have up to three sounds: Bypass (bass sound only), preamp on (corrected by the clean channel) and distortion (as the name suggests ...)
The PDAL is trs friendly basic sound of the instrument.
The switch "color" hollow mediums and gives a much more modern and very HiFi potato! I love myself, I can not do without ...
I am less a fan of the distortion that I find some synthetic (a must be also because of the low and direct console) in a traditional use. For there is the knob against Blend serving mix the sound and light saturation and gives a super rsultats! Personally, I put little gain (10h) and I mix 40% distortion and we get a little dirty sound quite excellent (zztop style). Against the distortion by the severe food badly (must be compensated with the knob of the bass if it is active).
8 / 10 for the excellent clean channel (with the switch Color) Blend knob and channel distortion. As against the serious damage to food by the distortion, especially since it is a product normally prvu for bass!


I use it for 3 years, RPET and in concert, always live sound.
I get a big sound I like HiFi.
In the CATEGORY is a good product although a bit expensive new (better privilgier the OCCAZ 'especially given the fiablilit MODEL and the MXR in general).
I have not tried other models too, before I had a Bass POD (blah but what) and the EBS was too expensive and Hartke said nothing to me ...
Having a little better determine my needs (I need a single sound) I'll sell it and point me to something else (Comp / DI custom), but the pedals is really a great product that I recommend .
Monsieur Non10/06/2005

Monsieur Non's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MXR M80 Bass D.I. +
- 2 analog pedals pramp DI caneaux

- A channel with a switch "Color" & a "bypass"
- A distortion channel with adjustable CONTRL Gain, Volume, Blend & switch "bypass"
- Noise Gate Adjustable sensitivity (Trigger) for parasites attnuer
- 3-band EQ
- Between a TRS
- 1 1 x XLR & TRS parallle
- Alim phantom (or battery or optional external power supply)


- Config as simple as it may
- Edition intuitive and simple
- There's the manual if not well ... the leaflet in English which is to give 4 MRIT config (position of the pots) of which 2 ... pfff Turjillo & 1 page of drawings of blank M80 to rate its preset prfres ... uh ... it is clear what trs.


- The sound of my little GSR200 Global Warming is not really colorbr /> - Sound & volumes obtained are good: the M80 reois my bass (in-active) & enters from a pr amp FA-101, the squenceur it arrives in the nickel.

- I have no home but I think to a good amp should walk the thunder.


- I was one month since it's my bass is happy. : No amp home, an FA-101, an M80 and a low rolling
- I like the phantom dsordre the power supply (for my FA-101 it works nickel), the three bands of equalo prcis and effective (more than one band on the SansAmp Bass Driver DI) the noise gate and distortion in gnral, the two switch (clean channel and distortion) ...

- I confess to not being able to compare with other models (I mean to try)
- Report quality price, I think the best from the competition (which is even limit qd