Allen & Heath iLive-T112

Allen & Heath iLive-T112

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iLive-T112, Digital Mixer from Allen & Heath in the iLive series.

4 user reviews
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Allen & Heath iLive-T112 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Allen & Heath
  • Model: iLive-T112
  • Series: iLive
  • Category: Digital Mixers
  • Added in our database on: 08/26/2011

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Allen & Heath iLive-T112 user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %

prosonochristophe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very satisfied!"

Allen & Heath iLive-T112
No rack, with the console a lot of Jack in and out (16), and some RCA output and a dedicated monitor + TalkBack. Has eight effect engine with 14 different effect all fully customizable. 32 Bus dispatcher output type 9 and 16 DCA. Sampling 24/48, with parametric EQ, trim, gate (with sidechain), compressor (with sidechain) and Esser limiter (again with sidechain) on each of 128 possible input channels.


Use of the software is better able to get a first view of the architecture, but by and large, a single use can take in hand (if one is not the IQ of a whelk course) and travel in the menu with ease. To answer the question, despite my professional origins (building. ..) and my academic training equal to zero, I have not even sought after manual ... Once used to select the slice taken, ben rolls Neness!


The sound, I have not been able to get a clear idea, because I only made a few lousy gym at the moment, but one thing jumps ears, this is the accuracy of its ... I have a Ecler EPC7000, and I do not just tell you ... I "rediscovered my system" ... Rather known to be "violent, bestial," we are the precise, fine and smooth ... Always with the powerful CPS! I have not too tickled effects, so I defer to his day soon!


It's been several weeks, I tested the LS9, M7CL, PM5D, X32, SD7, Vi1 ... nothing equivalent. Allen and Heath is well above because it included to develop a unique sound, but also handling that for me would be one of the only black, because I did not have enough hard time to understand ...

The feature I love the most, least, is oddly the same ... The IDR is 100% independent, as it contains all the motor and preamp ... making the console unusable only ... Then, after the group when the Dj explodes, you quiet ranks governance ... But you do not take the little one to lounge area for example ... That said, there have a large number of tools available to manage idr no surface, then for a group, means for fairly complex with a simple mouse / Ipad, but interesting for a small installation, as there have any the power of ILive in idr .... So ultimately, it is only a matter of equal ;)

Also note, tip top, the FaderFlip, transforming the surface graphic Eq, and the RTA, very very sensitive.

Nan nan, no mistake, it is a digital console that high quality fishing by its ease of use ...
»'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" of Allen, as the analog, medium."

Allen & Heath iLive-T112
the right questions: conversion output quality? blah! Midrange (type M7CL) => AES output and conversion pross is better! . latency? yes, even quite long, and varies more or less loaded slice: insert, comp, etc., a lot of phase shifts derived therefrom.
input converter: not bad, but when soufflotte gain. dynamic processing (comp, gate, lim, deess) performing well with key filter (ds not common these price ranges) but eq pitiful! Not to mention the "28"! bands on outputs comparable to an analog eq yamaha! (I did not find worse). therefore divided opinion, its a bit "plastic" reminding of the firft 01v with respect to the grain. usable, but I prefer an LS9 in this range there. Home complicated for novice as well navigation different from the other digital consoles best known.
Besides .. the comps, gate, lim, everything is below a yamaha equivalent, which already is not a must, then, after, if we have good sources and not too many corrections to eq, ca can be okay, after a good learning, on the other hand. effects unconvincing, at worst troubleshoots AC, lots of parameters for little result. console link / rack: RJ45, 2 inverters Recommended for max reliability.


surface / console slight, easy to handle, LED display without scale unreliable, very gadjet! Fortunately, there is the touch screen that makes navigation more accurate with numerical values, but rather laborious handling. a single knob adjustment for all the parameters of the screen! (Wear?)


not worse than 01V96 side dynamics, rather it is even better, for no better against a M7CL next breath, the ranges of 6dB less; what sin the more: The PEqs 4bands in In / GEqs and 28 bands Out on, and convert the D / A output. to bypass by AES, and if good system, or amp convertion to pross Processed. entry for a lack adat preamp + conv A / D external slices leads. (option card)


not possible to pro acceillir the above, at most for the plateau Mjc, June 21 or assoc.
tjs bad returns when sondier home, because guys are not able to rapidly exploit the machine, and basic functions such as equalization, are fishing, so "a priori" inevitable! they do not chercchent to go further for the most part, and therefore complain. I do not give them reason, but notes.
when I mix it, after tatonements qq, I come now to do stuff in, but I understand that the first use, it is not easy to get the best.

vdv's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Allen & Heath iLive-T112
Is Rack?
How many lanes, bus attendant, of dparts, returns ...)? 24 OUTPUTS
What is the type of connection (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)? XLR IN + 48 OUT OF 24 IDR 48 (STAGE RACK) JACK INSERT ON CONTROL SURFACE
The qualiseur Is paramtrique 4-band parametric + 28 BAND GRAPHIC ON ALL INPUTS AND OUTPUTS ...
An effects section intgre is it? ... For consoles numriques: 8 EFFECTS
What is the precision of chantillonage (bits / kHz)? EXCELLENT
Automation is it support? NOT APPLICABLE
What type of sync are supported? ...


Configuration gnrale Is it easy? YES FOR EXPERIENCED TECHNICIAN
The usual functions are they easily accessible? YES
The manual is clear and sufficient? ... NOT APPLICABLE


The A / D and D / A are transparent? YES
Effects and filters are effective? Very effective
The dynamic is it respect? ... NO PROBLEM


How long have you use it? 1 MONTH
What is the particular feature you like best and least? Tone, EFFECTIVENESS OF CORRECTIVE, COMPRESSORS, GATES ...
Have you tried many other models before acqurir? M7CL, LS9 ...
How do you report qualitprix? UNBEATABLE!
Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ... Definitely
Clément Bally06/06/2010

Clément Bally's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Allen & Heath iLive-T112

Control surface non-rack, but the converters-related in-EtherSound are therefore 8u rack.
IRD 48: 48 fem XLR to XLR inputs and 24 outputs + Males for ethernet connections.
T112: 16 input jacks, 2 RCA analagiques, 2 RCA SPDIF digital
outputs 8 jacks, 1 RCA SPDIF
It operates at 48kHz, the converters are very good, it has a transparent sound excellent even compared to 96kHz! Remember that sampling at 44.1 kHz CD is ... I say this for those who callent faces with mp3 ... to the wise ...

The 24 outputs are versatile: main, aux, matrix ... in short it in digital splendor: there is (almost) everything you want! All outputs are equipped with graphic equalizer 26 bands (from 60Hz to 16 kHz - in connection with bandwidths useful in live!) + 4-band full parametric Equalisers HPF + + + esser + limitation periods.

Input ranges are complete: gain, pad, cat. phase gate, hpf, 4 full parameter (knowing that the 2 extremes are editable HPF LPF ...) compressor, limiter and désseur all usable at the same time!

8 effects very clean with a complete library, they are routable in both the insert.

Magic Ethersound: you can do what it wants without driver even surface with a PC for example, with both surfaces ... In short it is complete!

Small spot on to: we do what we want. They can assign just after the gain, after the gate after the eq after the compressor ... so on until the pre or post fader ... This means, for example, that one is not obliged to have a voice in the back by compressed cons of having face it: the singer knows better where he is ... and it is not because there is nothing with a console back Indepanda that can do that in normal times or he must attack two slices of the console face what I did until now for situations "delicate" -

Gone are the tape that leaves sticky residue especially in summer: above each fader ago that the name and color to choose. That's all it is a giant idiot but we put all the coil section of a color, the voice of another, etc.. we do not seek and it is very clear! Soon appointed through the keyboard on the touch screen. In addition there is an indication of the pan and / or fx to, nival, ... following what is on the fader mix ... Frequency converter and even when you're in graphic eq. Brief me it's not a gadget or luxury: it will be a must on the new digital consoles because I do not see how we can zap this thing when it was tested or just seen.


It is a versatile plant but the config is very accessible (I have not used the manual). That said they need to understand the digital world to know what one seeks, the instructions are built into the console!

So just set the property to make a toy available.

The screen is touch sensitive!

After intensive use: it is very fast and very visual! As host, it is easy to explain access to functions.


See preceding few days working with to confirm it!

I no longer: in this vast weekend music festival 2010 I had the pleasure to use in "confrontation" with a PM5D (finally the sound engineer of the owner jumped on my yamaha Ilive) The converters have a much more pleasant musical response. I'm not saying they are better but the yamaha has a less dynamic and much less musical - sort of difference between an easy to eq and a eq yamaha THE ... for those who have tried they will understand immediately what we heard!

I completed: an outdoor festival that I'm 5 years service. The organizers asked me if I had changed, in addition to the console, my sound system. They found the sound even better and especially more power. It's just the dynamics of the console that made the difference! Yet in five years on the festival, everything went: analog, digital low-end and high end (some groups still have a sound engineer with his console that the presets are dear to him ...) that said it was not the case this time.
Good advice for all consoles but I especially noticed on this: you absolutely have to bring the best level with the pad before playing with the gain: the breath appears very easily if you pull too.
The direct out of an entry reported on the console is obviously by the converters: the pad plays but not the gain. So the same attention is to be made. I used it for a preamp tube ... between the direct sound through this amp and the difference was not obvious ... only interest was to have corrections of eq directly at hand with the grain provided by them.


I finished 10 days ago. 3 concerts already and it works!
I will try soon with the reception but I do not worry. I had before Roland VM7200 whose sound is particularly good. I have not lost that side contrast with the Yamaha (not to mention 01, but even with the PM5D and M7CL my system I felt "suffocated" as if I had compressed the mix ...) I think the soundcraft already breathe better than yamaha but it has nothing to do. There are better (eg Digico) but I really can not afford!

The only point is to give particular attention to know what is mix: in the in hand, fx? It is written at the bottom of the screen! if you do not pay attention to this fact we risk making mistakes.

I love the faders call in 4 times 12 8 8: we assign each fader on 4 possible entry or exit and we are not obliged to switch all at the same time, so depending on the needs and responsiveness I really think that we can tailor the console to use! Not to mention the rotary encoders whose function is also adaptable!

The weight! To separate the converters and the surface is very portable!

Fans of idr make a little noise, this is nothing but disturbing live in the studio ... it is not really developed for that either!

In short, a very significant value for money

I will confirm my impressions as soon as possible.

Updated end of June 2010: as many digital sunlight the screen is less visible but with the setting is still correct. I was a bit scared when the tactile side Docon in the middle of the afternoon, but a simple recalibration in 10 seconds was enough!

Updated August 2010: new firmware! The shortcomings of displays (eg correction hpf did not appear in the parametric curve correction: it's done) new format for editing portions, the tabs are clearer and there amateur yamaha end up better. The compressor is assignable in post or pre eq, etc. ... I am increasingly convinced of the resilience of this console.
I heard that some have had problems with heating ... a priori if we leave the gates open there is no problem (50 ° C max-and yes there are internal probes to-40 ° C in the shade!)

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