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Mackie Digital Mixers user reviews

  • Mackie DL1608

    Mackie DL1608 - "Great Pre Amps"


    The (DL Series) DL1608 is a digital mixer made by Mackie; it has 16 Onyx preamps and 24 bit converters. You can even sync it up with 1 to 10 different iPad through a wireless connection. We have used plenty of different mixers from Studio Live mixers…

  • Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus

    Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by bassprodukt/translated from Audiofanzine FR) No comments about the well-known features. UTILIZATION Extremely easy to use: my user's manual is rotting somewhere. Pros: Scene editing Display Effects Cons: Pe…

  • Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus

    Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus - FP User's review


    This mixer is incredible. Price paid: $8,999.00 (now much less) Sound is improved with additional Plug -ins and Apogee Word Clock card purchased seperately. Its very easy to use and the manual is clear yet in depth. You must be gentle with this b…

Translated user reviews
  • Mackie DL1608

    Mackie DL1608 - " Amazing"


    Compact console built around a ipad, 17 channels (16 + ipad), 8 to, general power supply 48v (damage), XLR and jack inputs but no RCA for ancillary systems, it has everything a large and well more !!!! Attention iPad 3 required under penalty to pay…

  • Mackie DL1608

    Mackie DL1608 - " Long live the 21st century"


    Rackable with optional kit, 16 Onyx mic preamps with XLR 4 combos with common 48v, AD / DA converters 24-bit Cirrus Logic, 6 Aux very djack, 2 hand XLR output, headphone output, 1 rj45 lan to the router. Parametric 4-band EQ, gate, compressor, …

  • Mackie DL806



    Small table, light, not taking place in his suitcase. Perfect in a small car! :) For a duo or trio who wants to be independent! UTILIZATION 8 entries + 1 stereo track of what it plays in the iPad (any app) (And frankly it is great!) It is …

  • Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus

    Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus - fuzz1989's review


    Well I give my opinion only because frankly the lack of objectivity of people annoys me. I will not notice anything is too long sorry! UTILIZATION It's super simple and intuitive who had on February 1 st and with a current 96i 01v. I can tell …

  • Mackie Digital X Bus X.200

    Mackie Digital X Bus X.200 - "Simply amazing and formidable"


    You can read a little bit of everything on this console. I still wanted to supplement and / or clarify certain issues. A few months before my purchase, this console was still about 30.000euros (in my version see below). I would come in more detail…

  • Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus

    Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus - " Good ergonomics. Good value for money in hand"


    see manual UTILIZATION Simple. Boot time a bit long. SOUNDS Ok for live or for the home studio. For the professional studio, use preamp / converters externally. OVERALL OPINION This is the digital console that has the most ergonomic analo…

  • Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus

    Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus - " Reverse, Right"


    - Not - Char 'already cited - Parametric or not, it distorts my sense bcp when it occurs in the upper spectrum - Yes, big-effects section plugins that do not work very well on any item which is not BAR: metal stamp - UTILIZATION Yes - it seem…