Mackie DL1608
Mackie DL1608

DL1608, Digital Mixer from Mackie in the DL series.

stompboxjon 11/04/2012

Mackie DL1608 : stompboxjon's user review

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The (DL Series) DL1608 is a digital mixer made by Mackie; it has 16 Onyx preamps and 24 bit converters. You can even sync it up with 1 to 10 different iPad through a wireless connection. We have used plenty of different mixers from Studio Live mixers to other Mackie and Allen and Heath mixers. But they preamps on the DL1608 are some of the best that I have ever owned.


The built in DSP on the DL1608 will give you compression and some really good reverb to work with. Using your iPad with the DL1608 (wirelessly) is a great option because it will allow you to control your mixes effortlessly. The DL1608 has 6 different auxiliary sends and you can also use audio from any Apple App that you may use.


The DL1608 is easy to use and even easier to set up. One the reason why we chose to use this mixer recently is because how portable and easy it is to work with. It was a huge plus that the preamps where going to be that quiet and good. The sound quality is clean and clear and I have not heard any other mixers sound as good as this one does that has similar specs.


You can rack the DL1608 because they make a rack kit for it, but we do are not worried about racking it (at least for now anyways). The DL1608 has 2 main outputs and there is switchable phantom power for each channel. The DL1608 is well made, the knobs have a very nice feel to them and they seem to be of the quality on some really good expensive mixing boards.
If you are not looking to use your iPad with this mixer than I would not buy it. You almost have to have an iPad and do a lot of work from your iPad with this mixer so if you don’t have one it is pointless to get the DL1608.