Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus
Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus

D8B Digital 8 Bus, Digital Mixer from Mackie.

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lucasd'airy 01/17/2011

Mackie D8B Digital 8 Bus : lucasd'airy's user review

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- Not
- Char 'already cited
- Parametric or not, it distorts my sense bcp when it occurs in the upper spectrum
- Yes, big-effects section plugins that do not work very well on any item which is not BAR: metal stamp


Yes - it seems to be simple, but our engineers' strove well above, I think he had a knack for handling
- Yes


- convertos very mediocre, which is felt on the length of a disk
- Effective yes, but at what price: overly placid sailing on EQ, reverb metal (I must say that I blame this to bcp reverb ', including some very expensive and supposedly much better)
- The dynamics are well respected


For an album
Many, it would exaggerate say that I very much identifies the difference with a Soundcraft or a control surface for a DAW
The best: it allows a rapid mixing
Fewest: sound very irregular on low, fairly well; cons for electric guitars sound artificial; so amazing classical guitars sound pretty, sunny, as if this was not the preamp, to factory turbine on voice: well generally, but with a cloudy sky in the high, perhaps due to caution before using the EQ, which I thank our engineer because when they intervene, it does seems more nothing (the height you say, the EQ are the main interest of the mix, right?)
The quality / price seems right hand that can Squeezer for converters and has at least two or three preamp 'colored.
For compression, I reserve my opinion, not knowing how far the sound has been compressed; say no audible pumping effect.
Without being mean, no, its too flat and poorly suited to rock.
In contrast, electronic parts emerge very well: I think it can even be an excellent tool for dealing with the voices apart and records / mixes with synth. Very good point that enhances all: not so bad.