Tascam DM-24
Tascam DM-24

DM-24, Digital Mixer from Tascam in the DM series.

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All user reviews for the Tascam DM-24

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Average Score:3.6( 3.6/5 based on 15 reviews )
 7 reviews47 %
 5 reviews33 %
 3 reviews20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Tascam DM-24
It is quite amazing that today you can get so many things for such a small price... Basically you get 16 analog AD/DA, ADAT and S/PDIF connectivity, 8 BUS, 6 AUX, etc,etc... For the price of many simple 16 channels AD/DA racks (analog <> ADAT). It can host 2 upgrade boards, so you can add more analog or digital I/O. I can stream 16 channels in both directions between my DAW (Cubase SX + SCOPE Project card) using 4 fiber optics (lighpipe) cables... Very nice.

$1,200 used with extra ADAT I/O


Quite easy to use BUT you need to spend a good amount of hours on the board. The manual is OK, but heck on forums online for other users.


Everything is very clean - if you want a mixer which adds &quot;character&quot;, this is not what you want. The EQ and compressors are precise and do what you ask them to do. In fact, it is so clean that one would benefit to have an additional analog mixer (like a Mackie 1604 VLZ PRO) for quick EQ and Summing character: they would complement each other very well.


It seems well built. People report problems with the LCD screen getting &quot;lines&quot; after a while but mine has no problems so far. I have seen some &quot;linked&quot; sliders not following as expected, or &quot;jumping&quot; a bit late. The sound did not seem affected; this only happened a couple of times in the last year. Note that some early models (including my unit) have poor preamplifiers on the channels... The gain &quot;jumps&quot; to super loud when you cross 9, and are not very powerful below that setting. Tascam offers a replacement set and will install it for you but I don't know the price.

Great mixer. Very convenient.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: mano 1 ( 6-, 2005)

berl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent small number table."

Tascam DM-24
16 mic inputs, it is convenient! and 4 line inputs and more!
In short, the connection is quite complete without options, too bad the TDIF (there are 3) have not been to another standard, because the TDIF still has the lead in the wing ...


Overall configuration for a single digital, no more abstruse than Yam in my opinion ... However, the manual does not shine by its clarity when addressing the DAW functions.
For my part, I do not use that live, or configuration will not vary much in general, and I have the manual as needed to get used to the finer points of digital (I must not be only).
Functions are often accessible by several paths, menus, on appeal from another function ... and the blow may be suitable for users from different bikes, who will find what they seek with their habits.
Anyway, not too many menus extension!


The highlight of the Tascam is their input stages and converters, which take very honorably road even compared to much more expensive bikes, and make MIDI for Yam ;-)
The gain ... I know, compared to the habits, the gain is almost always between 1 am and 5 ... and this is not the most practical. Tascam guys have made a choice, they explain in: https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/tascam-dm-24-microphone-preamplifier-design-philosophy/
Good EQ effective, practical, besides the several forms are available Q (cut up / down, top, notch, standard) and it is very useful.
The TC reverbs are beautiful. I do not mean the rest of the effects, I use a basic or a delay on the occasion in Octaver effects Tascam.


I use DM-24 since 2006, I had limited experience with digital before.
The reliability of the Tascam was not their strong point, yet the design is remarkable and construction quality. The display problems are partly due to heat, mismanaged in my opinion in this bike, and often aggravated by the users themselves: I saw DM-24 stuck in their foam fly by almost without ventilation, or in a beautiful studio furniture ... but no air passage in the cabinet for cooling the console. A little common sense on the part of users or active ventilation (but not noisy) and LCD problems were most likely much lower. 2seemy kit allows a VGA output and not worry about the internal screen, for the same price as the repair patch.
Similarly, the diet has been designed and built in 2000. She has aged, and some capacitors are dry and to change: this is the interview! Been a car that runs for years without an oil change? On my analog, I had to change the condos that were drying, spitting of knobs ... Well I did it also on my 6 DM, and they are functioning properly. With that said, the first numerical tables have wiped the plasters, and we have to date of consoles that have gained reliability, ergonomics and quality ... and also in price :-(
I love the sound of DM-24, they are transparent to perfection and mixing is easy and fast. I also like having 16 real XLR inputs plus 4 line, an extensive connection and a price secondhand in tidal daisies for what they offer. When I put in the balance is to maintain them seriously, which seems normal to me, I think these are real bargains.
I made this choice, I do not regret. I would do it again? Sure, why do you think I have 6??? ;-)

basso_seb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Do not buy for the Live"

Tascam DM-24
24 channels
6 auxiliary


Setting a bit complex, but over time it goes.


Very good converters.


It's a great console when it works well.

In fact, I started having lines on the console screen.
After almost six months waiting for a screen replacement, everything is nickel.

Only problem, I use it as a mixer for my band back.
After a winter spent in the truck, moisture problems: touch buttons on the console no longer works (only 3 knobs on the 17 work normally).
The table uses touch to see if the volume pot has been stirred by a human (if you move the volume pot with a pen, it's as if nothing happened to her).

After disassembly of the deck of knobs and a cleanup of the tracks with a cotton swab (dry, no product), nothing better.
I wanted to change all the knobs, but after contacting Sennheiser (Tascam dealer), then Mélison, more parts available.

Next step Contact the bomb as it is the last resort, but this is not the best solution since it is only temporary action of the product, but for damn damn ......

So now I have a Tascam DM24 console that can be used but without the knobs, everything on the screen.
So I might have to buy a console: probably a Yamaha 01V96 (actually I need 24 channels, 6 with pre-fader).

PS: In the truck, in addition to the Tascam DM24, I had two Yamaha 01V which still works very well.

visionproject's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam DM-24
I received this morning the screen ...
ref: SBF-LCD MG3224C1
at: his mish, 01 43 04 64 73, 14 bis bd du Mont d'Est
93160 NOISY LE GRAND, melison@wanadoo.fr
cost: 210 euros ttc
I replaced it, 2:30, with a full console CLEANING ...
and it feels really good to see again. it works very well,


In short almost everything was was told! to use in the studio, with sources lines connected to a 2408 and a mac SUPER.
avoid sono: preamp gain and difficult to resolve.


Not bad


ATTENTION owners of the first version (and not even be in other versions)
big problem screen, the pixels disappear over time, and in 4 months, the screen is unreadable
Tascam, refuses to accept (by phone) that there is a reliability problem in time ...?
I actually since its release, first important model in PACA, and that's five months, which can be used in blind! I ordered from mélison screen replacement that is slow to come, 260euros, I would do the repair myself, and I will keep you informed ... more
That's it!
it runs really well, hoping that the fault does not occur every 5 years.
if you like, I do the repair ...! contact me.

Sebounet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam DM-24
16 mic / line insertion, gate 16, 32 compressors, and eq 6 to paramtrique on each slice, 8 bus recording. Adat connectors, T-dif, SPDIF, AES / EBU, MIDI. The table is automated, synchronized, one step enough I got, all mmorisation rglages, and buttons everywhere. Add two internal effects and routing capabilities maddening and you will understand why I am happy with the trs CHARACTERISTICS ...


It is relatively difficult to use. I see much more for use as a studio home-studio/petit work scne because the controls are not always intuitive, despite a year and a half of effort. But it does not matter, because it sounds the fire god, and that's what is asked. The manual is plthorique. I find some of the subtleties of automation difficult matriser: ergonomics is not the highlight of the BTE. There are opportunities for mmorisation by preset eq, comp, gates, reverb, snapshot, etc ... Note that the factory presets for eq and comp trs are useful but limited. Beware, the software may crash. I use dsormais a view to the digital multitrack quickly that end, I add, APRS exprience, the routing capability and input / output are trs , trs good.


Wah, trs trs pro! The sound breathes, you can color it, it's numrique "hot". Systm by:

1. The pre-amps that seem more correct
2. The qualisation (4 strips per full paramtrique) is superbly effective. Almost too must be measured to avoid the razor sharp sound.
3. The compressors compress. Of complex sounds, I feel a little Drout, a l o DBX would better instantly.
4. Gates: I do not use that as a noise gate
5. The rverb is compltement paramtrable and sounds beautifully.
6. Delay / chorus / phaser & Co: I am not convinced at all, seem cold and without personnalitbr /> 7. Gnral the sound is really powerful, warm. What comes out of the DM24 a trunk and a beautiful color. This is the very first time I can color a whole mix of several fawns Different. The sound is alive! I would add, APRS several years of experience, it must be REALLY careful with pre-amps. They osnt dlicats and saturate the slightest error.


I had several tables analog before, and am not specially looking for the Newest developments sham. So I say to you is a whole sincrit trsor, this mixer! And what's ...

zespud's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam DM-24
More details from Tascam tech


Different from yamaha but very easy to access


It was from that concurrently have trouble keeping up, the sound is transparent (lack of preamp gain on weak sources m'enfout I rock). the treatment is done well (comp and gate) for eq it works well too (ca rest of the digital). The dynamic is very large


I use it for more than two years, I have a firewire card with DP4.5 it works really well,
the mac has become a simple magneto, I use the automation of the console that is very intuitive.Au level of the quality / price it will be hard to do better, I would do this choice with their eyes closed definitely a DM3200 or DM4800 .

studio2records's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam DM-24
Versatile connectivity, great to put in upstream of a MOTU 2408Mk2.


Very easy to handle, at least initially, against the many windows settings.
Unfortunately I have no possibility to compare with other digital consoles (for the interface).
The manual is comprehensive and quite well detailed.




Extremely disappointed because my TASCAM DM24 broke down after a year and a half of moderate use (home studio, carried three times, no smoking ...).
After information on the forum Tascam United States it would seem that we are certain to have had the same problem (error message at startup of the console and no sound!).
So this is definitely a fault of the console, the cost of repairs is 1000 to $ 1500 (for my part I expect the estimate of sav) ...
Halucinant to sell so-called professional equipment at an exorbitant price (3400 Euros purchased in December 2003) which breaks down in just two years of use!
I strongly recommend investing in a digital mixer Tascam because you run the risk that you smack between the fingers (no bowl for me the warranty was only one year).
If you want information on my failure I am available to detail all that.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam DM-24
In addition to that table does not contain even no spell checker !!!

;-) ) )dropoff Window


In addition rack that is in larger racks than normal.
and as a is expensive, must Racker!
Racker and the rack is not hard ...


Much better on major scales and very average on tatoniques breads.


Rserver those who buy tables without looking and without reading their dimensions.

those who do all the ear what ...

Vévé's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam DM-24
For technical data or tascam site.
Roughly 16 mic / line, 16 gate, 32 compressors, and eq 6 with full paramtrique on each slice. All connectors are pro, Adat, T-dif, SPDIF and AES / EBU. Possibility to add two additional cards. All with an effective automation.


The configuration is simple but requires gnrale even when an adjustment period, especially if like me it's your table numrique Premire. A efois habitu are really discovering the power of this table. The routing is impressive. Any input can go anywhere o. Sometimes I lose my signal in the routing and then having the signal when I did not want.
The manual is well done although I reu English. Fortunately, it is available in French on the Tascam site.


The converters are good trs, it is the same as in the MX2424. It may be better in this area but it would be much more expensive. The effects are good and the eq bill quite effective.
The problem are the pre-amp but just go through pre-amp and external round is played .....


It's been a year since I use it and I admit that I have not yet made the full turn. It is a good buy trs furthermore cheap for this quality. It's all in what a quick purchase supplmentaire gear type compressors, gate ....
I would do without this choice hsiter. (Although I like the new DM3200 also :-) )

U-FLYstudio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam DM-24
- The big problem is the pre amps are microphones that are desperately short of sauce is the same whether no error in the editing or selection of components in the input circuit e, we must work with perpetuellemnt gain five hours to get some juice (j'exagre barely!) include all of the same circuit that does gnre little breath, this we add the trim numrique 10dB in positive which catches fire, but it lacks good even when well over 10 dB in order to be comfortable. The sound it is much more natural than the 02R, the less color you get to ring the mixes differ from each other ...
- Deuxime dfault large: the quality of the faders motoriss that right even an unfortunate tendency to fall in the bay after a few months of use intenssive!


The config application gnrale few hours to be perfectly master and APRS is a real rgal tips, repatchage internal automation and transport machines.


The quality of the converters is quite correct, the effects are much more used than in the Competition, the ratrapage compressors and efficient it live or work perfectly, except that it is better to avoid the babysitter in a hurry because the ergonomic form gnrale is enjoyable but trs trs diffrent the usual 02R.
(Eg no direct return to top Eq, shame not to fall down on the page selects Eq track, ds that we press a button REFERENCE Eq. Another small d fault possibility of choice of six insert (comp, gate) of 6 outputs but not on the Eq or LR in)


I use it for 1 year (01.01.2003)
The ratio quality price is unbeatable my opinion, between the price of a poor 01V and that of a not so much richer she 02R Exceeds it in many ways. A if only the people of Tascam chiad had a little more between the floor of the console does have a real little gem !!!!!!!!