Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio
Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio

BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

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All user reviews for the Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 13 reviews )
 8 reviews62 %
 5 reviews38 %
Value For Money : Excellent

JimboSpins's review"Loaded with effects for vocals and guitars"

Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio
The Boss BR-1600CD is a well made digital multitrack recorder with an efficient interface and well places sliders and buttons. This recorded has plenty of effects on it that you can use with anything mainly vocals and guitars though. Using this recorder you will love how the interface is, it is very easy to understand just by looking at it and not even opening up the manual. You can figure everything out within the first hour of using it just because of how everything is places.


You can record up to 8 tracks simultaneously and playback up to 16 tracks simultaneously. You get EQ on all 16 tracks with compression on 8 tracks. There are a total of 8 microphone preamps and they are very warm and rich.


Connecting this recorder to your computer could not be easier because it is just a USB connection. There are 2 analog outputs and 8 XLR analog inputs. There are plenty of faders on this recorder to, it has a total of 13 but one of them is for the master.


The Boss BR -1600CD is a decently sized console but it is very light, it weighs around 10 pounds. If I could make a change to it I would make the screen a little better. It feels rather cheap, I would add a full color LCD display because for the price of 1500 dollars I at least want a LCD screen that I can enjoy looking at.
Of course the main feature of this console is the record right to a CD feature which is the main reason why people would purchase it because they would not need to have a computer to record anything with. If you do not like dealing with computers for your demo tracks then this is the way to go. You can completely cut out the computer to do your demos and mixes. I would not purchase this recorded if you need something portable, because it is light but the size of it is a little bigger than I would want to carry around with me.

racerevlon's review"A great all-in-one recording console for those who can't have a DAW"

Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio
The BR1600-CD is the BOSS flagship multi-track digital console recorder. The "CD" designation on the end of the part number indicates that there is a CD burner on-board the console so that when you're done mixing and mastering the songs, you can burn them to the CD drive and have a professional-sounding CD for way less than all of the equivalent studio time would have cost. The BR1600-CD has eight dual-purpose inputs that can accept 1/4" or XLR, and the XLR can provide phantom power to all eight ports. All eight channels can be recorded simultaneously which makes it incredibly flexible for recording stereo guitars, one or two at a time, or as you'll read below, a complete drum set. One of the great features of the BR is the ability to record tracks then export them to WAV format so they can be imported into another program such as SONAR or Pro Tools. The internal 40 GB hard drive is capable of storing a full album's worth of songs with multiple takes per track.


I bought this recorder before computer-based recording really took off and became consumer-affordable. I liked the fact that there were multiple tracks, a built-in CD recorder, and built-in processing and mastering effects. This is an all-in-one solution that is supposed to allow you to record, mix, master, and burn all your music onto a CD. The real sticking point with this unit is the interface and controls--tasks that should be relatively simple require scrolling through several menus and REALLY knowing this system inside and out. The included tutorial DVD is good, but not great. Don't get me wrong, this is a great unit and WILL allow you to produce professional-quality CDs. The problem is that the industry model changed and the fact that you can purchase hardware and software for your computer for equal or less than the price of the BR-1600CD makes it hard to justify unless you don't have a computer. The upgrade to version 2.0 software was easy to perform but didn't really make a noticeable difference. I've since moved to computer DAW recording but still use my BR units for scratch tracks and ideas. One point to emphasize is that when my band needed to record drum tracks, no one had an interface that would accommodate mic'ing up a full drum set. The BR-1600CD was the perfect solution. With eight XLR inputs we were able to mic up the entire drum kit, record the drum tracks, and export the files in .WAV format so that we could then import them into Pro Tools and save a ton of money and studio time, and got great-sounding drum tracks.


The BOSS BR-1600-CD has the BOSS GT-6 guitar processor engine on-board plus a vocal toolkit. Considering when the BR-16000-CD was launched this was something relatively unheard of. Having the basic functionality of the GT-6 floor processor at your fingertips to record both guitar and bass, plus an additional on-board vocal toolkit and mastering tools make the BR-1600-CD a force to be reckoned with. Understand, these are not "light" versions or stripped-down versions of the GT-6 and vocal toolkit, these are the full suites of effects and mastering tools. All of the sounds in the BR are top-notch and intended to allow you to produce professional-grade recordings, all of which can be mixed down locally and burned directly to CD.


If you're not ready to take the leap into computer-based recording, this is the top of the consumer-grade products. You could obviously purchase more expensive Roland or other units, but for the money, this is the recording console to have. Once you go through the instructional DVD a couple of times and master the navigation of the controls the BR-1600-CD can be used to record, mix, master, and produce a professional-quality CD recording, worthy of any home or car stereo. If you don't have your own studio, or can't afford studio time but want to get your music out to the world, this is the unit for you.

MGR/gatorblue's review"Boss BR-1600 Recording Workstation"

Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio
I've been playing in soul, blues and R&B bands since 1968 (old guy). I still play soul and blues professionally in our state. I also play acoustic blues for recording purposes only, backing other singers. I have played with and backed many well-known names in all three genres.

I paid $995 (after the $100 rebate from Roland). I bought it a week ago. I did a lot of research before replacing my 6 year old Tascam 8 channel unit.

Very sophisiticated pre-amps built in. Excellent drum samples with more than 150 loops that aid in laying down a "click" track for multi-track recording that can then be replaced with live drums. Also good for recording the whole band for up to 8 channels at a time.
While I am a tube amp guy all the way (owning 4 of the best tube amps ever made), the COSM amp effects are great for laying down rhythm and bass tracks without having to mic the amps--that and the digital drum sample loops are excellent. The effects are way beyond good and the ability to actually record 16 tracks without going to virtual tracks is something I like. It also has Voice Box pitch correction and harmonizer which I will not use much, but can be handy. Korg makes a good product that is 32 tracks for the same price, but the extras on this unit make it much more efficient for someone like me and the sound quality is absolutely studio quality. XLR inputs with phantom power is also a plus.

Only one thing.. the "go to zero" button and the Rewind button should be switched, but that is a very small issue.

so far, so good. But I will only use in my studio and do not plan on travelling with it very often

Great overall recording "workstation" that allows a musician (who is not a techie) to master the thing within 2-3 days and concentrate on making music in a very efficient manner. Outstanding sound and high quality additional tools all in one box for $1000.

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MGR/Kevin Alan Mattson10/25/2005

MGR/Kevin Alan Mattson's review"Boss BR-1600 Digital Multitrack Recorder"

Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio
I've spent 30 some years on the road in music and entertainment. Mainly an acoustic guitarist, and a 12-string specialist. Now in my old age (just turned 50) I still play regularly, but have settled down to running my project studio and publishing company.

I have a well equipped PC-based project studio, but wanted to do some live remote recording of local music groups. The BR-1600 seemed like the best bang for the buck. $1400 at

This highly portable box, about the size of a small briefcase, has robust features; way more than I can list here. Including:
8 XLR mic/line inputs, each with trim control.
8 tracks of simultaneous recording.
A large bank of vocal, guitar, bass, and other effects based on the same circuits as Boss's excellent stand-along products. E.g., the unit includes the Boss GT-6 guitar effects.
CD burner--you can actually record, mix and master a complete CD all inside the unit, complete with good FX.

My first project was a live recording of a youth music group at a big church. The BR-1600 worked perfectly recording 8 tracks. The backlit LCD display is a bit primitive, but adequate with good-enough VU indicators.

I moved all the tracks to my PC for editing in Sonar. The resulting project has won me raves among my musician friends here in Duluth.

The "plastic" feel of the box makes me wonder how will it will travel over time. I keep it in a foam padded suitcase, and a few bumps have done no harm so far.

The controls are fairly arcane. You really need time with the manual even to do the basic recording. I haven't attempted to do much with it's editing and mastering functions.

The LCD display is very primitive. And there's no option for an external display.

Slow response time for loading and saving projects.

Apart from it's over-all plasticness, it's seems to be made well. It's been reliable for me for almost a year.

One thing about Boss, they maintian a long product cycle. That is, their units change slowly and are supported for a long time. So once you have one, you won't feel it's obsolete over night.

Despite limitations, at the prosumer level the BR-1600 is the best bang for the buck in it's class.

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Binuts's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Convenient and reliable"

Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio
View reviews of version 1 and the Roland website.


Easy to use if you have traveled the manual. Menus and functions are easily accessible.


Its perfect, very good effects and effective mastering.


I use it for more than a year and is a good alternative to the computer as it fits easily in a studio or home studio. It leaves room for spontaneity, once you have learned to use just plug in and start recording.

TrioK's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio
Has any dit.Cet opinion will not be that of a specialist in, nor a technician, but that of a nophyte sound longtime musician, and begins to understand certain things, learn from others and give practical advice.
For a first recorder, APRS one month of use, it seems that this would fulfill Completely little training can wait for his or her RPTS models. Coupled with a good computer and good software edition, I think it's enough to make a splash, even if you never replace a professional studio. As it stands, cell remains a great tool to put in a box, before mix, a piece in minutes and do a treatment of quality very quickly.


Fairly easy to record, and for a Premire approach.
For the party mix, effects and all the edition, in fact, cel is more difficult at first, but cell seems better with practice (after a few uses, so) must be read mode manual, tutorials, spend some time in forum ... I even call the hotline to a question about noon ... but as you progress has ...
Everything is very ergonomic, easily affordable, large buttons, precise, big wheels.
Too bad there is no engine sliders, but ...!


Everything looks super effective. Effects that I find very powerful and GPs.
Compression really works, even if I beginners, thanks to good advice tutorials AF ...
I will come back may be later, because right now, I learn the technique. I notice that it's really just like what dcrivent didqcticiels on various sound processing or the mixes, found on AF and in various polls.
The possibilities seem endless for when we'll see ...


I've had it a month. I love its great ease of use. I like a little less on the small screen edition, especially the visual APRS PC, but I think it's a matter of habit.
Acqurir before, I tried a lot of software systems. I think it is an ideal instrument for a small training and a small budget. It can make great stand-alone models or propose mixes of very good standard for mastering. The purchase price, and despite what some tutorials on AF is amortized in a session of Studion. It is available, we work our own pace without time pressure (ie financire), and I think that cel is felt on the quality of the catch and music.
I have no regrets so far not my choice, even if I think dj acqurir later his big brother, I certainly will couple with the BR, to have a video interface for sound processing.

After a few months of use, I regret that the rhythm function is not easier to use (like putting a beginner to beginner, then a "medium such as another, then an end, with possible changes). Everything can be made very specific on fawn, but manually ... this may seem long. But there are very good pace permettantde small boxes save time.
I do not regret my choice yet ... instead

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio
T say everything on the technique
for more info download the PDF on the site is good.


All m 'and this seemed trs comprhensible quickly accessible and easy to use the same batterie.seuls some points a little annoying use of such hand each time the phantom power supply or do ... to delete a track once.


I t trs impressed with the quality of a lot more converters that between the.
The bank is trs important effects for the guitar but I find it somewhat qualitative. only a few are exploitable got for my (too much saturated sounds).
Good overall dynamics when one is on the device or when costs on the good stuff.
To have a song that goes everywhere, including on computer + is complicated.


This is an excellent multitrack (APRS have started on Korg D8) that perfectly matches my needs:
Raliste drum set and complete a good basis for Rhythmic,
Recording quality is that of a stone instrumentals,
Fast Fashion for ease of shipping (copying, cutting, copying etc.)
Level of storage (40GB to 1GB of D8),
A little regret on set voice recording paratlger me (hard to have a natural song).
Finally, for the price 990euros: performance tool, effective, fast, easy Accs.

deletoile's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio
A superb machine!

I made an album itself, a quality amazing.
The richness of the sound is pure.
The XLR inputs allow you to keep the purity of sound throughout the treatment.
64 tracks, it's great! A decision is questionable, it is again without erasing the old one, and it chose. thank you roland!
the effects are amazing ... all the voice processing, mastering that ..
for the guitar, there's nothing to say. I have even been perfectly mimics a guitar with the synth in my bender with his clean play a guitar distortion effect applied (and there is choice!) And the tour is played it is not the Difference ...

The manual is clear, a bit long, one must read, because there are plenty of tricks, but it is a very powerful machine. you can touch up small dcalages with enough precision.
Interresting: the MIDI. start a secquenceur, or even an arranger, and record the track just DSIR. repeat the opration with another track, etc. You will still cal ... ca permetre can treat everything that comes out of a squenceur, and to add effects, track by track, instrument it to improve and make the song more alive, more real.

Comprsseur the mastering is good, it goes right is essential. You can choose DIFFERENT pr-rglages for diffrent colors, but you can also make your own rglages. (I deprecated, because you have once dja rgl a compressor limiter? Trs is very complicated if you miss, you have a loss of brulale in the middle of the song !
The burning of the song on CD is handy, you can use any type of cd (you do not have to buy cd audio)
In short, the device is gnial if I make another choice dvais eight TODAY, without hesitation, the BR 1600 CD! are all in there!


Very easy, the manual clear.


Verily trs performance. the sampler is of excellent quality.
The sound is pure trs. means all harmonics of acoustic guitars


It has my taste recorder most convenient I know, and the price is trs interresting ...
vicious A08/14/2007

vicious A's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio
See the reviews previous ones
A report rythmiquemes accompaniments portion which is very practical and well fucked and mastering kit that can bring much color to a piece


Pretty easy to use and fairly intuitive especially once we understand how DIFFERENT the recording modes (guitar / bass, voice, stereo tracks, multi tracks).
On patches on offer was a little afraid to dpart especially given their number and the amount of active paramtres. By feeling it a little soon realizes patches relevant or not.
The menu on the edition of tracks (cut, copy, paste, etc ...) is very practical and stunning as a precision as we can see that fire!
The manual is very well done and provides quick rponse the question that arises.
The rhythm section is excellent arrangements for super simple to use and efficient trs, we can combine drum loops with parts of beasts of pace which is very practical to add a rhythm part. The pace bote intgre offers about 600 patterns (any reason confused with 'fill', 'intro' etc. ..) and it also possible to program his own beats in real time or not no . What is INTERESTED it can grate the nuance of every shot.
On the part of drums loops, loops are proposed about 150 in all styles and tempo is flexible -25% or 50%, which offers a lot of flexibility.


It sounds trs own by fiddling a little effect on offer custom settings can be couraging the DMOS of excellent quality.
There are patches for trs good voice, loops included in the sound of thunder br 1600 as these drum parts recorded by pro drummers and dj mixes, the bo you sound quite a bit of pace, the patches are mastering KIT trs INTERESTED and can afford to catch up with a crappy first mixer.
However I am much more mixed patches of guitar, it's clear trs well saturated but it's pretty bad, do not try to have the big sound by going to the patches of mtal say to you because of. For recording fast I sometimes use the multi-effects guitar boss but what I d galr before getting a little distortion prs drinking!
On patches of low, but it means the limit that less dcevant distorted sounds of guitar, bass by connecting a good quality you get over having something adpanne and drinking well.


Excellent multi-type, while a good value for a TRS-quality prices for couraging models of excellent quality (no not galer the quality of a professional studio vritable). I have 2 years, the rapid j'apprcie with which one can quickly shape a particular thanks ide part rhythm section that I RPET is a big asset to this machine.
The only small BMOL is the multi guitar effects in terms of saturation was proposed but not me because I do not drang used almost never.

lonlevade's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio
Connectivity numrique, usb, etc ...
what about the precision of chantillonage ... I'm no expert, but it is good!
40GB hard drive recorder integrbr /> 8 tracks simultaneously, four tracks in Stereo.
16 virtual tracks on each track.
cosmetic effects, MODELS of guitar amps, bass, microphones, ...
bote intgre rate (hundreds of patterns)
loop phrase
reasons for low
rtro notch light


Setup is simple, if extremely instinctive. Trs to know we can use the device without opening the manual ... When matrise perfect, that's another story ...
The manual is to help prcieuse ds one wants complicate the situation somewhat, as the possibilities are endless. While there is that simplicity ..


The sounds are perfect, except those of the microphone, to be chosen according to well ... if her voice is that of happiness.


I've had one month, and I'm sick ... well only BMOL, think unplug the adapter, it's like a mine that has tripped ... long live garantie.sinon I love The models of guitar amps, and even all ... This is the only one I apprci given the number of simultaneous tracks just enough to register in concert . in short, make the apology I ask too much room, so I'll let you try it ...