Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio
Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio

BR-8 Digital Recording Studio, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

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Pm. 09/18/2005

Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio : Pm.'s user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Numriques 8 tracks with 64 virtual tracks (8 per track)
It can only record two tracks simultaneously and read 8 sr both well!

100MB ZIP Disk Recording: with the maximum quality you can register in about 6min shielding the 8pistes (12min so on and so 4pistes 48/50 min on a track)
But even with the maximum quality there is an audio compression to take up less space (such as MP3)

Between a guitar / bass, a microphone input, a line between stro (BAR / SynthCD ...)
Midi Out Only (Please Guime74;))
Line output for the speakers.
I do not know sil is an input / output numrique ...

2 multi effects Intgr:
One in between: to color the sound you will record and it will record the sound and the effects it has applied, it is quite comprehensive: virtual guitar amp / bass / Acoustics, presets for synths, BAR c course changed at will with the quality Roland / Boss).
Another in "insert" to color the sound that was recorded and can be changed. The latter effect is much less multi complete the 1st and there is an EQ + 1 only other time (reverb / chorus / delay and 2 or 3 other things).

There are a few presets with mtronome DIFFERENT styles, ideal for rhythm playing and more fun than just mtronome!

In short, a multi-pens for guitarists / bassists home studio, o the fact that you can only record two tracks both, so you have to buy it knowingly!


The manual is complete and trs trs clear with lots of tips and tricks, cool when beginners trs recording
It is very simple to use: in some hours I had comments dj store!
You turn it on, you scratch your branches, you choose your track and you press "record" and went cest! FAN-IN-TIN
Hard to do more simple then, it was soon cern while unlike computer music ...

What I prfr (compared to the Roland VS 840 for example) is the prsence of 9 faders, one for each track + one master fader so IDAL to mix.
As against the screen is small which makes the edition (cut / copy / dplacer tracks) tedious, but it is the default for all machines. When comparing a 17 inch screen

-2 For the size of the screen!


It sounds malpour not a model
Audio compression tends to sound more acute lgrement from my point of view ... or ear plutt
So let's be clear: cest for models only do the price! (And my notes;))


I used about 2 years before selling it when the PC was jai
Trs qualitprix good value, I compared on paper and reading tests in diffrent magazines.
Purchased at Star Music promo 4890frs this award nine standard lpoque cest!
Ideal for models at home when you're a guitarist and / or bass player and we recorded BAR / synths
The battery or group with the possibility of two tracks that nSave both its a fair bit bad because its format allows DTRE easy transport.

Pros: qualitprix Report, 9 faders, ease of use
Ngatifs points: Price of Zip (35th 3), the long edition because of the size of the screen and personally I would have put more effects (amount and simultaneously using ) in the multi purpose "insert" that is lightweight compared to 1r multi purpose. But they can be judged that the first silent enough when it is better to have a dry recording and add effects just did ensuiteils linverse

I would do this election if I dont computer, a first multi-fate models for a guitarist / bassist EST lpoque really not bad. Quaujourdhui I think technology has a lot lon volumes and a better for the same price range.