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All user reviews for the Korg D888

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 10 reviews )
 5 reviews50 %
 3 reviews30 %
 2 reviews20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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cess01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good Gear"

Korg D888
8 track analog + spdif midi out and usb ...
Internal hard drive for recording live.
That's good .... for recording live or in the studio!


Supports simple and intuitive hand manual I can admit a messy!
The function is very accessible and clear (color code).
Simple recording 8 track silmultané (vocals / guitar / sax / bar / synthé...etc)
Ability to export records (in separate track or master) live in the daw (logic / cubase / protools...etc)

Full well the same function + + +


Yes the good stuff! especially for recording a live band such as separate track and worked again later this track on computer very simply! and efficiently!

The effect is not great but hey it's Still a good take.

Good momentum in general.


I use it for 3 years I did not try hard to model before! but with the shape of mixing studio I've never found better and especially simple to handle.

The 8-track recording easy import / export in the computer / machine.
The sound quality when recording live.
The ease of connection and portability of this studio.

The value for money is good especially now occas it is really cheap!

Yes I remake the same choice as I have many recording thanks to him

Yetirock's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Too fragile"

Korg D888
I sent 3 times at the service after sale korg, twice he came back still broken, after 15 days at least one track, two months after he stopped working, without having transported or moved ... if the object was quite nice, easy to use ... But far too fragile!


Although 8 / 10


well 8 / 10


not had time to use the term with the number of failure!

Resty's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D888



MANUEL not very clear;


Transparent sound.



yadesgens's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D888
I use it for 2 years to record an OPRA modern, live a few friends.

I made all kind of sound recording in the atmosphere with, or proximity (ensmble string, piano, bass, guitar (electric, CLASSICAL, folks), brass, woodwinds, drums, percussion Latin and African accordion ...), the pramplis are a few ways, but
with other pramps front seats, gives good rsultats trs.

I am satisfied with trs, trs is a good machine, very practical, portable, no problem with bugs or software problem ... This kind of console is a little plug and play from the outlet sound. Alli is one that I transport through France and Belgium, robust, no problem.

The effects are of average quality, but I do not even ask him to have the time.
As for mixes, I then made software.

tontonseb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D888
Almost everything adj t said:

Intgr multitrack studio (8 simultaneously recording, read-8, 8 virtual tracks per track, reverb and cho), 40 GB HDD, USB, 8 XLR connectors or jacks for inputs, two headphone jacks ... Plus: each track can be returned an output jack for 8.

Please note, the D888 comes with Cubase LE4.

This is my first multitrack numrique, I can not compare that with my 4 track Tascam Portastudio K7 over 15 years and my Sharp MD recorder 10 years.

the price: just over 600, it is reasonable trs.

Another impoortant: the D888 looks like a mixer bte 8 tracks. The grip is comfortable and intuitive for those accustomed to the sound (in my case).


The manual is provided in English, but that is simple to practice, if only a little, the language of Shakespeare. A French version would be nice t. Get moving with Korg!

The basic functions are easy to trs ACCS: rtroclairs few buttons, knobs and faders on the former, a sharp qualiseur / mdiums / bass track, a notch . While it is small and monochrome, it is clear and readable (my old Portastudio K7 has a tachometer roller, so ...).

In a few tens of minutes, I russi (with others) record a song. Simplicity itself.

Then I installed Cubase on my PC, connect the D888 via USB and got scratched his head. I compltement novice to this type of software and I sollicit using a connate close to it. After a few explanations I could model the piece.

Later I used the "mastering" on the D888, APRS have connected it to a string on my headphone and hi-fi is so much simpler and faster than a computer! While there are few effects (reverb and echo) and the screen is itty bitty. But the quality of sound is king. I find the dynamics of an analog recording. Nothing to do with my expriences passes with a Tascam numrique o sound silent clumps.

Well, for a small model, the D888 is sufficient autonomy. In "Bouna" 6 tracks of 2 batteries, there are still six to save afterwards.

For registration and more polished production, IDAL is TRANSFR tracks on a computer and working with Cubase (more tracks and effects).

Prcisons: for me is that Cubase does the hardest to understand, the handling of the D888 does a lot easier. I had never done computer music, so I knew to use a table or a multitrack sound mix K7. Cubase seems to work well with my old PC (AMD Athlon and 1 GB of RAM, XP).


Difficult to judge: I am an amateur and I can not compare with old technologies and Different. But it seems that the D888 pramplis are good and that the records have a good momentum, comparable to analog.

The chosen effect is thin on the D888. I think it lacks a compressor. Compared competition may also regret the absence of bote rhythms or multi-effects bass / guitar. While these are often the gadget but can easily fiddle solo.


I use it for 5 months. The quality-price ratio seems trs good for now.

I would recommend this device to clear an amateur prfre a machine-like interface to a studio Intgr computer. It quickly and lugging the computer models can couraging quick ear.

The absence of multi-effects guitar rhythms Reserved bote or use the D888 for a group, or for the team that have homestudistes dj home a box rhythms , a POD or a synth ...

Deserteurs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D888
8-track digital recording and playback, while the XLR.
16 bit 44,100.
40GB hard drive.


The config is not complex for the basic operations (registration, virtual tracks ...), biensur to deepen a bit (creating master tracks, punch-in punch-out ...), it will lean on.
I had the manual in English which is inconvenient when you do not know the language.


In sound, I have nothing to report, everything seems fine.
The effects are totally useless for me and unpleasant.

Edit 14/11/08:
The preamps are not bad, but I have some basis for comparison and it seems they just increase the lower medium when it shoots.
The EQ is not useful to me since I work on his PC, but still, every time I used an example, the treble seems to me effective (add a grain, not aggressive and rather hot).
Medium for serious and I do not notice much.


I use it for about 2 years for records of model and repeat.
I greatly appreciate the 8-track simultaneous XLR, the hard disk capacity, the USB and strength (I use it constantly on the move)
I would have preferred that there have no effect and that the recording is done in 24 bit but ...
I made hand on the Korg D8, the coup is also why I chose the D888.
The value for money is very good for me because it is not easy to find the 8 tracks simultaneously, and if it again I would do!

Merickson33's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D888
Saying anything against what t dj said.
It's been several months since I use it. It is easy, Fidler, resourceful but of course do not know everything including the sound effects are limited. But we can not have it all. Fidler DJ's and performance justify its price. I spent a lot of time is the stage which suited me (8 tracks for me is enough) and I'm not. I highly recommend it.


The config is simple gnrale and functions are accessible;
I got a copy of the doc that did not exist in the era franais nothing wrong.


Everything is going to use my ...


- A few months
- Its ease of use
- Its rapid implementation with my computer
- I have not tried other models but I trust the opinions of specialist in the weeks pass and I read everything.
- The report qualitprix: justification (even if I gave it (: o)
- Yes, I do it again this election and I will say the same that I highly recommend it.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D888
All adja t dit.Une output in the twelve o'clock would have been welcome (or 9)


The interface of a good small table analog, recorder and more. (For simplicity)


Personally, nothing redire.Mais the fx section is a bit limited for those who would avoid buying a multi-effects: reverbs and delays only, with very little rglages


I use them for a good year, despite no probs use intensive.Et I've had bcanes !!!
The least:
Too poor fx section, it would not have t has would not drang me.
Personally, it's the ease and rapidity for transfrer my tracks via USB (in comparison with the Tascam 2488 I also used and which reveals much more complex (boring) on ​​this point).

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>- How do you report qualitprix?
- With the exprience, you do again this choice ?.</span>

Very good report qualitprix
Clear is also has a tude.Achet based dpanner for me, following a failure of my recorder, the D888 is now connected to my computer table and my coutes in my studio.C'est really the perfect complment my ordi.Mme if for recording more "chiads" I spend about 2488, but it is a matter of tracks numbers and fx ( not the same range but on a basic bcane type, the D888 absolutely not as a blush, quite the opposite !!!

aston-morton's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D888
No better than the advice above ...


I've had three weeks, and actually getting started is very fast: we will dive into the record for very specific things.
Note: at the time of my purchase, the manual in French was not yet available from Korg.


Not registering levels of background noise, but live music, the results are very faithful to its original color. Is this transparency?
Anyway, beyond the performance displayed, judged on the result, which is very good. However, the recording technique (choice of microphones, positioning, adjustment of earnings, balance, etc ...) is more important than the technology (which is more than enough).


It is a machine very relevant, almost all terrain. Long-awaited arrival on the market of a system of this type.
Record all the rehearsals and performances of his group of 8 simultaneous tracks, it's a very good thing.
It's very complementary to a home studio and ProTools or other much more flexible use.
the quality / price is reasonable.

yann691's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg D888
Numrique hard disk recorder.
.wav/44 8 tracks, 1 / 16 in both reading and recording.
Mixer with Phantom Alim, Eq 3, Effects, Pan ...
40 GB HDD, MTC sync (out only)


Everything is on hand, use is fairly simple, given that both menus are basic. The screen is tiny, but enough to save.
The next edition will be on a PC (USB 2 fast mounts directly on the desktop).
The manual can go further, but the grip is Quad IMMEDIATE.


The converters are of good quality (transparent what is it?) Certainly not from the D3200?
The effects are basic (Rev and Delays) but adequate on the road shuffled things.
The sound is good.


I use it for a week, and I begin to have under control.
It is a very practical machine for making models or taken anywhere in complment a computer audio system.
It seems solid and reliable.
Could overshadow more expensive products and all plastic.
Designed Fawn simple and effective, it is a multitrack audio in which the eight tracks are on hand. It allows you to work fast and have all files ACCS simply and without conversion or software landlord.

This machine rpond my needs perfectly on the road.
In esprant I can put a bigger HDD in the future.