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Sony Digital recorders user reviews

  • Sony PCM-D50

    Sony PCM-D50 - "Sony PCM D-50 will not turn on."


    I use this attached to the mixer board and record a duo. Can't find any pros for this product as it will not turn on now. Used it for 3 years and it slowly had problems turning on. I have seen other reviews, on other boards, and it seems at least 1…

  • Sony MZ-R55

    Sony MZ-R55 - "17 years of reliable service." has images


    I bought this item on a whim to do digital, two track recording from the main outs on my new Mackie 1604VLZPro, around 1998 or 1999. It was five hundred dollars at the time, and very small. I imagined with the ATRAC compression cutting off a lot …

  • Sony PCM-M10

    Sony PCM-M10 - "Top-notch pocketable field recorder"


    Since I've purchased the M10 a few months ago, it's been my sole recorder for both outdoor field recording ambiances and also studio recording sound effects. It's also easy to keep in my pocket to carry around and record random sounds that I encount…

  • Sony MZ-R900

    Sony MZ-R900 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Maytouk/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I used it for about five years . Very good sound quality, convenient and great for recording!!! Many possibilities. It sounds better than MP3 files. But I had to send it five …

  • Sony MZ-R55

    Sony MZ-R55 - Drummerguy's review


    I've owned this mini disc player/recorder for about 4 years now and it really has been instrumental in my musical development. Unfortunately the mini disc never really caught on, and now that things like the Ipod and Zoom H4 are out they're probably…

Translated user reviews
  • Sony PCM-D50

    Sony PCM-D50 - " Simple and high-performance"


    So Me, I have not had the same experience as the other because I bought mine used already damaged after a fall there are more than 3 years. to be honest, I thought it would take one year (made in China); meantime, he again several falls (one of more …

  • Sony MDS-JB980

    Sony MDS-JB980 - " Top notch"


    I used every day always with great satisfaction. The sound quality is really good, even in LP4. I respect the md with a keyboard via the dedicated socket on the front. The display is very complete and legible. The reliability is there. I suggest if y…

  • Sony 3348HR

    Sony 3348HR - " The best of DASH"


    Multitrack recorder Dash 48 tracks, 24 bit analog connectors on hard to find connectors (must be supplied with the machine), MADI, AES, Tdif. 250 kg .... 1.4 kwh .... UTILIZATION basic usage is super simple. However I advise format tapes before u…

  • Sony PCM-M10

    Sony PCM-M10 - " Excellent recorder in line"


    Very good recorder for your compositions by the quality of its converters and the quality of recording 96 report 24 / allows you to save and iron your records in your software edition lossless, to say that this is a very good sound card for your comp…

  • Sony IDC-BX112

    Sony IDC-BX112 - " Cheap and nice!"


    For the price: 24 € is very well thought out! Integrated mono microphone with two sensitivity settings Ability to record in stereo by connecting a stereo microphone in SHQ and HQ Reducing the speed of reading up to 50% with 5% increments AB …