Sony PCM-D50
Sony PCM-D50
voicetrack 11/03/2014

Sony PCM-D50 : voicetrack's user review

«  Simple and high-performance »

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So Me, I have not had the same experience as the other because I bought mine used already damaged after a fall there are more than 3 years. to be honest, I thought it would take one year (made in China); meantime, he again several falls (one of more than 2 meters during a concert recording) with multiple batteries faith ejected by the impact and landed in micro water while hiking with water that is introduced to behind the LCD for several months ... I carry around the bottom of my backpack wherever I go all this time and I used to work the same (thing I never thought with a recorder - 300 euros OCCAZ just bought troubleshooting)! ! ! Well since its swimming, the only bug that is an output of the menus when I press too much on "backtracking" which is not very troublesome. Another colleague has one and it was super surprised at the quality and reliability of this recorder. Two other friends also have the PCM and M10 are also telling great.

Micro side, there can be made a less flattering than a H4N but a much higher precision that gives a lot of flexibility to mix.

Even without balanced inputs, microphone preamps are well above those of H4. This recorder has a rather exceptional signal to noise ratio for the price. (Just to make gaff mobile phones too close during a capture).

His only serious competitor now remains in my opinion the Olympus LS100 which can be made a more "musical".

For cons, I bought this PCM D50 recorder troubleshooting following the spontaneous stop at the end of filming (hopefully) a Fostex FR2 ...! ! ! And there is more in the same class! Repairs amounted to the price of a new PCM D50! ! ! (After I have never had as good a Fostex FR2 recorder that but I think I will take that as Sony even without problem if there actually has bug on some devices, for what cashed mine ; it will anyway;-)).

Interesting point; with good batteries, PCM D50 takes more than 12 hours recording with 4 AA NIMH! ! ! (Against just 3 hours with 8AA for FR2!!)

In short, if you are disgusted with Sony, it might be worse with others more expensive;-)