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All user reviews for the Roland XV-5050

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 11 reviews )
 5 reviews45 %
 4 reviews36 %
 2 reviews18 %
Value For Money : Excellent
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Roland XV-5050
Exp. cards are top of the line, usb port plus with the 2 exp. slots you have over a 1000 sounds



I had to use the manual for midi, but in 15 min. I was all set

Gives you the bang for the bucks


Better sounding module compared to the 5080


Love it!

Originally posted on
Posted by: Unknown (January 2-, 2003)

Alkyos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XV-5050
1200 sounds about editable on the machine (not practical) or via a computer (Mac or PC) via USB.
Output Coax, Optical, 4 X 6.35 Jack and stereo headphones.
2 Slots for optional cards Roland sounds (SRX).
The XV is packed with history from the Roland D50, through the series of Rack JV to Phantom.


A synth of this generation with the ease of use is a treat.
The software available with this machine is very comprehensive, it runs fine on my PC.
The doc is thick but easy to understand.


All styles of sounds are in this machine.
For fans Roland you will find all the series 1080, 2080, 3080 inside.
It includes all the sounds of his big brother 5080 that's still much more expensive.
I write for results of an artist, I remix of electro, I compose, I play R & B to pop, I do not short the XV never dropped on any style.
64 voice polyphony allow fans of the old system of having Midi on stage or in the toughest in the home studio 16 CHANNELS out without flinching.
I am super fan of piano sounds, Rodhe, Organ, Bass, Violin, and ground or analog synths 70's & 80's, a very wide range of each is proposed.
Quality sampling is bleuffante, latency does not exist.
The built-in effects are really great realistic for use on stage this small rack is a wonder, when the home studio is the logic of its existence.


I use the XV for a year now.
I can not fault it, we must say that I am not a handy summary that I made only with sounds from the factory to avoid losing time. These sounds are realistic and nikel, I am more than served.
I had a JV 1080 and a Korg Triton LE before the JV was light as the number of sounds, the Triton was too trendy, each one cuts out his recall on the radio.
In the fifteenth value for money is outstanding, I bought occcaz to € 450 to someone on AudioFanzine and for that price it's downright unbeatable.
If it again I would do it 100 times!
It was on that for those who enjoy fiddling sounds, spending hours mixing a sample with the synthesis, the XV will not be for you, The Phantom XR will be more suitable but ho how much more expensive.
For those looking for a simple machine, light and complete, the XV offers much more than that, the whole history Roland is summarized in this little device.
Being an addict since the Roland D50, and after listening to the range extent of the XV, I wonder what they will get out then, because for me it is close to perfection with the XV.

LeBohémien's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XV-5050
Rack presets featuring some of the Fantom S / AF, Adi regained some presets XV, which regained some presets them same JV ... Welcome to Roland ...
The rack comes with an editor I've ever ssay, my config is Hardware ...
There are SRX ports, 2 I believe j'me remember too much ... more
Standard connectivity, record, an optical output ...


I have not found simple at all, but I knew not before Roland ...
So much so that I used that in Patch mode, because the non conviviality menus and the smallness of the screen me drunk ...
Ah Ah Ah Ah! (Bold laughter!), Manual, chui far from quick to understand in general but still ... c'tait worse than usual ...


There's good sounds, but there's nothing special, it's always the same waveforms between various Roland I ssay, which changes between machines is converters and effects, and those are the grand, better a 5080 XV.
The effects it's funny because I think it's a big problem on the rack, I do not know why but most patches are noys in invraissemblables reverbs, and it's really annoying to disable the go just for listen ... If this is the basic effects Roland, nothing to add ...
I had a preference for the guitars and I dtstais pianos and violins ...


I used 6 months, what I liked least is the screen, menus, effects.
What I liked most is some very good quality sound for the price I'd pay ...
I ssay the Triton LE / Studio / V2, Roland Fantom / S / FA / XA, E-MU Planett Phatt, a lot of apps ...
It's worth 400 euros, no more!
I do not have that choice, I would take a XV 5080, or 2080 bourr JV cards ...

Nk-san's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XV-5050
Yamaha, Korg, Roland ... How To Choose face products as diverse and powerful? I do not think there is one that is "better" than the other. All dpend musical tastes of each, and "grain" research. And yes, all these races are bxs complmentaires trs. I'll dcrire the Roland, by explaining why I made this choice.

The XV-5050 dj out a few years ago, is increasingly replaced by its successor, the Fantom-XR. However, be aware that for a more affordable price, this machine offers good opportunities trs.

It is the small ERRF clbre the XV-5080 (no sampler Intgr. I will soon do a little comparison. In the latter report, we have a right to design a more polished volume trs "compact", a USB port, and 128 new sounds.

However, it loses some features INTERESTED, as the polyphony from 64 128 votes, or incompatibility with the expansion cards of the JV SERIES.

That's why I would put a 8 / 10, because cot "technique" could be a little more
pushed. But hey, what price ...


What a pleasure to tease all those little illuminated buttons, which change color depending on the mode or the selected sound. The interface is really enjoyable trs.

The program is rather simple, but it takes time for them to learn. IDAL would work with the software that is provided, both for the edition of the sounds for Fast Fashion instrumental ensembles calls "performance".
Read the manual!


Finally, we come to more interesting, because that's what my adtermin
final choice. Roland sounds .... I'm really in love! Compared a Yamaha
Reason, it is not the same thing. I tried all these products before I DCID.

His rival, the pattern of sounds offers a near-perfect precision. Just cost a cello sound to be convinced. However, Roland offers a range of sound more "mellow", less aggressive than Yamaha, although less "authentic". And yes,
it is indeed two styles trs Different.

For the Roland, here are some examples:

- The guitars, especially electric, you'll be in heaven, what ism!
- The Rhodes extraordinary! they offer an inimitable musicality.
- Pads: ambient sounds complex, mind-blowing!
- Sounds ethnic musicians of vritables box, comers from around the world.
- ...

These are the least:

- Pianos: quite limited, but by reprogramming the self-same effect, you can quickly get
best rsultats
- Percussion kits, they are correct, but we hlas right that 16 kits.
Luckily there is the extension card SRX Drums.
Otherwise, it must be compensated by a sampler, synth or software.

All this to say that the sounds while remaining gnralistes, surprised many by their quality and delight players of all backgrounds.


Plus I play on this instrument, the more I am filled. There is no doubt have.
Any fawn, for whatever brand you choose you will find your happiness, because all these products are of excellent quality they just do not cover the same ground.

For me, the Roland made me flash, despite its technical limitations.
Later, I intend to invest in a deuxime expander as a Motif or Triton, so
to find a complementarity. The XV-5050 is still an excellent expander
gnraliste for work in the studio.

david@osmose's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XV-5050


The app is gnial, I did not have to even open the manual ... gniale and USB, no need to connect the noon program.
on the other hand I not even trying to change anything in the panel CONTRL ...


For me, the XV-5050 is versatile trs. I was looking for big sound for the solo parts, the I peak. Ralistes instruments and large synthetic sounds.


I prcise for home-studio owners that I used to LIVE!
So I do not give advice on the use squenceur with hard or soft.

minimech's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XV-5050
I bought this expander there is now a year since the composer friends had advised me. and frankly I regret it, I use it often, and it is very complementary of my TRITON RACK.
software is provided to drive your XV5050 from your pc, and is convenient because you just settle your sounds and record your projects on your PC. unnecessary disks


Use level is something else, because c javoue more complicated than a newt, the manual is in English, I understand why they have still not translated.


Possde It sounds very good, if you love electro, you'll like the XV5050


I highly recommend it because it has all the sounds of the Roland JV1010 small but increasingly inflated.

Psychotik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XV-5050
Trs a wide range of sounds, some really good trs. In addition, we have the possibility to add the SRX cards extansions ...
At the moment I do not use the connector numrique, the analogue, which, contrary to some rumors, is correct (ms I admit to not require this level be trs l


A joke do you? This is the expander quatrime possde I (and I have not used the ones I possde), and even if the use that I was doing silent rather simple, the I'm really at a Chinese puzzle head.
User manual, even in English, is very simple. But it think it is another machine in question ...
In addition, many buggs (not too much MIDI information at the same time if that pile of mtal quickly lost) do not help.
With a computer, it becomes easier ... thankfully A condition (if using cubase for example) to have the text file ptit adquate (thank you Leibniz pr ca!). I am ms qd same trssvre because it is filled with some ystre running this thing ... However, it must be ready for 8 years I use expanders Roland ...


The sounds are quite ralistes, thanks a surtt raction palette rponses the VLOC rich enough.
It says adj bcp t, ms it is true that some layers are also quite striking


What really makes me hallucinate is that my old sound modules, much cheaper work 1000 times better, with MIDI. When information such as "program change" + "score" for example, are too close to each other, and although the note is not played. It only made me Never again on my old machines.
GM bcl it. If you do not need it, it's therefore have a problem, ms, otherwise forget. I have the same out my little PMA5 (yes, it's not even a real expander is a squenceur pocket, which is incidentally GM expander).
Now, of that I regret my purchase, no. There is no choice in bcp expanders of this type of fawn all ...

Rubenlion's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XV-5050
64 voice polyphony, 2 extension slot (64MB) so bcp sound, output and otic coxiale 24bit / 44.1 khz, waveform format 16 bit linear sound very different


Not easy at first, they get tired quickly, but over time we appreciate better the quality of the product


Prof. Price, c top, big sound and classic, everything is there, what is the pr kit batteries and brass, nothing beats the samples aiff and wav, pr me expanders does not get a better result than the personal imagination, by combining multiple stamps snare or bass drum in sample already mastered, except if you're a millionaire.
The brass, if you want, and many are taking real musicians, and yes also pushed technology as it can be no substitute for guts of musicians no longer with his only 1 instrument
very strong orchestral ensembles.
In any case an expander should complement the music already busy in real instruments, except if doing vs the trance and more ...


I use it for 5 months coupled with a pattern-rack, there is no point to say, one tears the other, c not the same thing, they complement each other well, the ground-rack rather complicated has the advantage to have expansion cards with different synthesis engine, analog, dx, vl, which provides sound with timbres and expressions really varied, but the xv-5050 with its original sounds offers a wide sound range and quality, Roland true to its reputation, excellent value / price (990 €), I probably do it again but the same choice by supplementing with a MOTIF or Triton

June's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XV-5050
Rackable 1U format, this 64 voice multitimbral expander dsign catchy offers over 1000 sounds rpart in eight banks and three banks comprising 16 performance patch, each of which may be for CONTRL own a midi channel. Trslger (may be too?), It has a battery complte trs connectors (headphones, USB connector, A (MIX) (L (MONO), R), Output B (L, R) (or individual 1-4), MIDI (IN, OUT, THROUGH) and digital audio outputs. Finally, something very useful when you have a computer, it is fitted to a USB port. Curiously, it is placed on the front panel.
The XV-5050 comes with a CD-ROM containing the drivers USB PC / MAC and an editor allowing to edit easily sound, performance and the system settings, and the Vitantis user having to spend hours editing paramtres intermdiaire by a wheel and a tiny LED screen.


Having worked for years with a JV-880, I t Drout a little when I attack XV-5050. But thanks the editor supplied with the expander, and with a little patience, everything rvle relatively simple. N'tant not specially attracted by the new sounds Fast Fashion, I just usually presets (with over 1000 presets, I have enough work However, the ease of using the editor may make me change my mind and I think slowly I CRER my own library of sounds.
The manual is relatively clear (at least clearer than the JV-880), but he who does Deliv n'tait me in English (that I have no problem, but it can be more difficult for those who do not matrise language).


Composer - Arranger Jazz-Blues, I value the quality of the sounds of piano, organ, guitar, acoustic or electric bass and brass. Overall, I do not t the. The acoustic pianos are crdibles, and electric pianos are superb (possdant a Rhodes, I can easily compare). Congratulations also to the sounds of acoustic guitars as qu'lectriques (there are some crazy guitar distortion that will make all the fans of death metal and for low trs that are good. The brass is my opinion means, but reproduce that kind of sound is difficult trs. The organs are trs complete with a reproduction of the effect of phonic wheel well Designed trs. For those looking for more sounds alambiqus with muti-effects, and all that, the XV-5050 is definitely a good buy. With over 90 fully programmable effects, it becomes boards of CRER sounds incredible.


Without question, the XV-5050 is a purchase for any musician matre dsireux of an expander possder flexible, easy to use, and, dare I say, "all terrain". Whatever the style of music practice our answer to the expectations this device, especially since its price is very reasonable (between 950 and 1200 euros depending on the dealers - n'hsitez ngocier ever!). Once again, Roland was hard!
Projet Xion09/07/2003

Projet Xion's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland XV-5050
Dot with a beautiful gray dress, the Roland XV-5050 Submitted plutt well. Rackable 1U. It is trslger, may be even a bit too because if there is no quick fix was to dplacer the flick of a button.

Fortunately, the XV-Editor software supplied allows the Roland "edition complte sounds without touching the expander as long as we possde a computer.
The sound library (after the great ERRF, the XV-5080) is quite standard since it has 8 banks (AH) of 128 sounds each (1024 sounds) plus 16 drum kits.

If you do not have enough, you can always add 2 SRX expansion cards ddies to pianos, orchestras, drums ... and so on. is up to 192MB of memory waveform. In short, plenty to do!

The expander is multi-timbtral 16 parts and the maximum polyphony is 64 voices.

Connectors: Headphones, USB connector, A (MIX) (L (MONO), R), Output B (L, R) (or individual 1-4), MIDI (IN, OUT, THROUGH)

Digital audio outputs: Connectors S / P DIF (COAXIAL, OPTICAL) (24bit, 44.1kHz)

Finally you can connect it directly to the computer's USB port thanks what can happen cord noon.


The XV-5050 offers two modes principeaux: "Patch" and "Performance".
If the mode "Patch" is a MODEL of ergonomics (ACCS was the sounds or by their numro catgories or by instruments), a "Performance" is a bit more Drout because you need to make some compromises in effect utiliss (3 max + 1 + 1 reverb chorus).
It said so much, this restriction exists on virtually all of the synths and march empcher you should not work in multi-timbral.

XV-Editor is very practical to navigate the menus because the internal screen is really too small.
The computer is almost essential!


The sounds of the XV-5050 are excellent. A vocation gnraliste, they cover all genres and a section bnficient "effects" of the compltes (90 DIFFERENT kinds).
Mention specially for guitars (acoustic and elctriques) simply Hallucinatie, as well as the sounds of the orchestra.
Techno lovers should also find happiness even if this may not be its strong point. The batteries are not great but trs diversified and altogether convincing.


I use the XV-5050 since 2 months but I am fully satisfied. My last one Roland Sound Canvas and silent progress since effectus are impressive.
You have the power of the XV-5080 (the sampling and less) for an unbeatable qualitprix (925).
Perfect complment another synth it will be a fair bit as the only sound source, a "performance" as a bit limited.