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All user reviews for the Yamaha DX200

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 8 reviews )
 5 reviews63 %
 2 reviews25 %
 1 user review13 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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z@y@n's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A treat ..."

Yamaha DX200
Groovebox with 1 FM synth track + 3 tracks beats / samples.
Connectivity: 1 out left, 1 right out, 1 twelve o'clock In, 1 MIDI out, 1 headphone
1 not sequencer 16, at two stages of the synthesizer with possibility of morphing between two.
Ability to record automation parameters up to 8 steps.
The step sequencer can also be used in front of transposable keyboard 7 or 8 octaves.
1 multi-mode filter powerful enough
1 multi-effects fairly well but configurable
Memory: 256 patterns factory, 128 user patterns.


Well, it is not simple, it's Yamaha.
Sequencing and rhythmic synth tracks is a bit obscure, but in the end we came to understand the operation and you can compose quickly enough and with some pleasure.
In fact this boiboite hides a lot of opportunities, a lot of hidden features of type "shift + button ...".
But do not panic, why the manual is very nice because it takes the form of a tutorial / tips that make us know the machine very quickly and fun. We quickly found what you want in the manual if in doubt.


The FM synth is very good, you can create very airy structures, highly crystalline, FM, everything. Well, for me it is random editing, because FM is hot to master, but it's still fun because with all the knobs on the front there is always something to be learned.
Attention, in-depth editing some parameters through the editing software, but I personally have not, but I do not care. I often plant based patterns and I back in every way to make my "own thing".

The rhythms are very well I find a set to complement existing. This sample is therefore quite limited edition (pitch, gate time, velocity, selection instruments). Do not expect a serious beatbox type Elektron, Jomox, TR, etc.. but you can create some interesting rhythmic combinations, since it may take several different beats on the same track. In addition there is that of the drum, there is bass notes, oriental percussions, fx, etc.. Cool.

The filter is composed of a cut-off, 1 resonance, one modifier envelope.
The filter is very powerful enough, can get good infra LP mode can be quite loud in the other modes.

Finally, I find the multi-effects very well, we have an excellent reverb for the dub, delay (very good), flanger, phaser, and overdrive.
One big downside: you can select an effect pattern-set the same way on each track. Only the volume of the effect can be different from one track to another.

I put 8 sounds (synth 9, 7 for rhythm)


This machine is not the center of my config, it is clear, but I love it.
She decorates a set beautifully. There is always something to be learned.
I like eg smacking a snare, a tom with a good reverb above (yes I love dub) or use the synth as Fx, or superb FM leads well.

In addition I paid 200 € and it is largely under-side for fun and the possibilities it offers.

It is so well this little box that when I have the opportunity I will take the AN200, his little sister.

It's a treat this machine, difficult to feed with seriously, but it's good!!
Fend La BiZze08/02/2012

Fend La BiZze's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" c is the FM that I prefer"

Yamaha DX200
Groovebox three tracks of rhythm and an FM synth, sequencer not til 16, a multi-effects, two tuning parameter of the synthesis by patern with the posibility of morphing to go from a 4-track and other al movement button up til 8 measures.


To abort the first day I find the composition a bit dificult paterns with many using the shift button, but the second utlisaion j ca finally have found very ergonomic and rapide.Les synth parameter in almost all its frontage and for the effect , is a sub menu arboressance very simple, and just have the small display. The manual and clear and cool, it's like to follow a tutorial, the coup was the end all we know of the beast.


The FM is great!! At any point and the sound of bass note ryhtmique are pretty good but very little effect editables.Les are quality.
J have been perfect because of a synth :)


J had to explore the not more than four hours, that is enough to understand how it works. But it will take me much longer to master the FM, cons quickly found by fiddling ;) of sound has its taste.
J also have an EA1 and KSrack that are not really comparable to the DX200.

J adore:
the posibility of editing notes with potentiometers
the extent of editing of the FM once we managed (after of heavy tests) has DX200editor install under win XP.

J not like:
be little minimalism of the rhythm section but little not have everything.

Very good value for money second hand.
J as well buy another to replace in case ....

tweak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha DX200
Synth FM format groovebox drum sounds with electro and all typs drive.
Sounds are ditable with a utility that I have not since I bought the 200 used dx. But I do not miss the grind because I prfre live.
There are no extensions but against the card includes PLG150DX can be used for other products from Yamaha. As against this would be a shame dmolir a DX 200 rcuprer just for this card ...
Level connectivity is a bit limited: there is a stro out and that's it. 3 for a drum and synth was short.
Ct twelve o'clock is not better because there is no real thru then to a MIDI chain is not practical. At the limit we can overcome this problem with a patch noon if you have several instruments that have this small but it is a default investment supplmentaire.
Otherwise it has all you need: multimode filter, squenceur (a bit short in terms of number of steps) of memory scne and full of opportunity to play live with the gate, lfo , implementation, roll, reverse, beat, swing, adsr ...


Simple never does the word but the Yamaha was going when even.
I bought it for the synth and trs s'avre drawing program. I rarely open the manual and I'll have to do to further 2 or 3 points that I leave on hold for too long. Especially since the manual is not bad for once.
I wanted the synth and finally the BAR is also INTERESTED.


I love the sound of this machine and the sounds are varied. There is always something to draw: a synth, a rhythm ...
For against the rhythm is too little to change in terms of sound.
The multi effect is not ridiculous and I have the time limit.
Filters are great and powerful trs. There are ways to make bass and sub standard really. It sounds like nothing else. It's not all the same stamps that my or my Sunsyn north rack.
It gives me a really nice little boiboite with its own well cool. 10/10


I've had 2 or 3 years.
I do not like the limited possibilities to change the sounds of BAR or the lack of spares outlets. Should I record track by track and it was heavy but at least you can work the EQ each shot.
What I like most: his unique, powerful filter, and the price lightweight. Pay when act 180 of 200 silent AF: report quality price is extra. I and I keep it. Today I see it is about 250, has always worth.
Advertised and sold 6000 bales when it was released c'tait too expensive. still has a small machine with all of the same 6000 default so balls c'tait abuse by Yamaha.
I do it again of course this choice. I hsit with sh32 and AN200. It diffrent machines, you see sound as you wish.
I had taken an era o j'cout lot of dub and d'n'b, something he is very well capable of doing. Today I made the electro and techno with his pass and trs too. -> The machine is versatile! Go for it
Julien Dlt05/01/2008

Julien Dlt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha DX200
That says it all, shame is that neither party 4
otherwise the rest is easy ergonnomique c, ca accessible makes you want to make music which


Ultra easy, manual is clear ras e


Then the sounds are beautiful puissannt fm and hot little flat for three shares which are rhythmic medium but at the same tps this machine is not made for n a and more for posseceur plug ... you just have used these parties noon and route them to a plug type 53 pro pr get good bass


D utlisation 1 month and I'm good machine fills trs, trs intuitive sequencer .. trs a good machine for live

edclombe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha DX200
As previously stated characteristics are easily on the net, but basically a groovestation c, a mix between a synth and a BAR (drum machine).
256 factory presets, 128 user (why not the other way around? Is frankly bad, finally, especially for those who use it as a groovebox).


Almost easy to take control of (physical), but according to FM synthesis, we must cling. This is mainly why I bought it to have a real FM synth with more options, basically an FM synth halfway between the DX7 and FM7 or DX7 <DX200 <FM7.
The drum machine is a plus that is a little gadget but not be using (for proof, I use a factory preset, which I retrafiqué a little synth sound).
The manual is quite clear regarding the use, after it has you to understand the craft, especially in synthesis.


Aaaaah FM. When I read the previous opinion, it's nice to see the experts who have purchased above the base because it's a synth. As I said above (and as we read in other reviews) is a DX7 a lot further. Deja was a kind of distortion with a choice of tube, stack, combo etc. ..... with a mini 2-band eq I think. Cradifier already, it's nice;
behind it was yet another effect to the choice of flange, delay, reverb, chorus, and distortion rather re-violent lol. 2 knobs to adjust the effects, a little chick, but the effects are mainly used to enrich the sound, and in addition they are not bad, so why deprive yourself?
What I also like this synth (yes I consider it as a synth), it actually has the appearance of both subtractive synthesis with envelopes, filters, etc. ...... and appearance groovebox- turning the knob, and I transformed the sound, because yes, any increment button changes the sound dramatically.
This is also why I bought it (the experimental magnet, we can not find a better deal, or so).
Do not trust the factory presets. Knowing that entering the yahoo group, you can rechoper of the DX7 sysex already formatted for the DX200, am I not know how many sounds (usually 32000 but since there are duplicates .......... ..............).


It's been a year since I use it, I love it too. There is nothing to take, if not loading / sending sound of the beast is a long. 1min30 rely almost!! But hey, sounds catches. I even let a friend play with that recorded during an improv, he has managed to make me one of his musical saw by turning the knobs, and I could not save. All that to say that it is a synthetic full of surprises.
I bought it for sounds cheap/80 's experimental and knowing that FM synthesis since the 80 has remained in its infancy. As soon as I can, I buy a fs1r, I sign a Efferalgan a life, I buy a wig for the hair I tear myself (remember, 8 fm synthesis operators combined with formants, with 3000 parameters of sound and a pokey rack with 4 buttons for any edition) ;-)

Cyberfred's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha DX200
I do not insult you would draw up the CHARACTERISTICS that you can find in any catalog.

What you should know is that it contains the PL map 150DX which is be the same as for the extension XG cards.

It is above all an expander. The part contains a sequencer track and 3 track Wave FM table to make accompaniments.

The finish is impccable. It has a MIDI implmentation complte and can drive by 4 DIFFERENT MIDI channels (one per party).

There is only one version (1.00) proves that this machine is a product of high reliability.


Play with the machine ncessite a snap. But within two days, we can have fun with allgrement.

Be aware that software is provided and can edit and do sound research. on the other hand prvoyez to update this software does not work with XP. Simply install the CD XGworks lite 3.0, lite 3.07 and Tlcharger XGworks to overwrite the old one.

Sound research is quite difficult. But this is not the machine that is at stake is rather the PROCD of synthse FM (matrise modulation and carrier).

Returning the actual use of the machine, the DX200 possde small advantages that some sequencers Concur (like electribe) did not. For example, mute conservsmme are moving from one pattern to another, the machine possde filters (MIDI control in / out) etc.

TRS is a good machine is very well thought ergnomiquement speaking.
The only unfortunate thing is that it does possde a single measure. Fortunately, the sound, as it can evolve thanks to the measures on 8 Free EG.


The sound quality of FM are indisputably. In addition, there is a morphing effect that can drag a sound gradually for other effects indict.

There are a number gnrateur noise type (white pink etc..) Effect of a bank of good quality trs. For example, a VCF, you have the attack, the cutoff and Q. It's pretty rare in this kind of groove machine.

The Sonnora of this machine is irrprochable. In addition all the elments synthse combined the subtractive synthse FM (in ADSR envelope and filter, LFO).
on the other hand, be careful, because the sound power filters are powerful. It is better to have too much than not enough ...


I got my fifth year of use. I am not reached the end of this machine. For me the best quality price you can find.

It is a pity that this machine was not the success it MRIT.

If you find a machine to make Designing sound, go for it!
Do not stay on the basic patterns. It would be under-played.
Remember also that if the sound is no longer appropriate, you can always use it as a MIDI controller saw the many buttons and MIDI implmentation complte

Alcorine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha DX200
The DX200 is halfway between a groovebox and synth sound research
a track for the synth
three for the part percussionist / bass sounds in wavetable XG type, for those who do not see, think RM1X
Almost everything can be edited with the buttons and control knobs, the DX200 is handled like an analog.
In audio, headphone jack and line out left / right stereo, MIDI out / in / thru sync master / slave with any sequencer.


Publishing is a simple inversely proportional to the complexity of FM synthesis. The configuration is never a problem, when compared with the groovebox it has nothing to do, while TSE simple, the manual tends to show redundant.


Contrary to what some say, FM synthesis was intended to create realistic sounds, and finally only when one considers that she was better than analog. Today it may seem horribly dated when using a DX7, but with the DX200, is another world opening jaded to all the FM: 3 types of filters, delay, overdrive, a flanger, chorus, several LFO, noise generator, a brief summary of what to upgrade that finally has something to say. The noise level gives a good variety of sounds, tablecloths, low terrible of portamento lead in very hot, so Propellerheads organs, electric pianos or even sounds a guitarist would not disown (I myself am and I even laid the rhythmic well sealed with the ministry!).
All styles are affordable little we invest in mainpulation sound, house, for the deaf bass Drum n 'bass, hard teak, industrial, rock, pop and probably trance.


I have two years, it's my favorite synth, I sometimes do not play with the rubber keys to intrude restrictions as may be fairly creative. What really bothers me is that Yamaha could go well beyond simple compatibility with the DX7 SysEx, the DX200 would have been a remote editing MIDI rack for most of the FM band, the TX81Z, the TX802, the TX7. The sequencer part is disappointing in terms of external communication. MIDI notes do not pass to the outside, it could have a nice 4-track sequencer TR X0X Yamaha if it was the trouble.
For me, the DX200 FM7 is the best ambassador for the FM, I see no equivalent if not better a TX802 + control interface type Control Freak and a multi-purpose low-end and a DR 202 Boss made the addition, wins again with the DX200!

Reno.a's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha DX200
Control box FM Synthesis
6 FM operators + filters (Noise, AMP .,...)
Polyfony 16 channels and 32 notes.
256 + 128 User preset Partern patern (only)
Scenes 2 (for the sound mix 2)
MIDI in & out
headphones output jack 6.35
Output R / L mono or stereo 6.35
weight 1.6kg
software (not great) for Windows or Mac OS.
outdoor power supply (C better!)


C the first time I had on hand a instrment of this type ... more accustomed to software that I was.
use and apretissage are tedious.
but with the instructions supplied by the manufacturer even a beginner (which is my case) finished (with some hair in less anyway) a way out.
FM synthesis is extremely difficult to handle (?), note however, as long as we take the trouble, the results in terms of sonnorites really interesting.
however, it is my humble opinion was necessary to add the + speed and a MIDI keyboard can be a data archiver.
pity that the lack of maneuverability of the harm apareil autantba use (or is it the lack of dexterity due to my lack of practice?), because the note recharcher turning the pots .... it hurts a little creativity.
otherwise, no one came to regret having a good time!


Difficult to do anything other than music .... LOUD !!!!!!!!!!!!


After hearing prioduits as 100% digital synthesis q'uanalogique s'es my choice is on FM.
This changes the sound of analog products.
+ sounds are clear and dry and, surprisingly, do not lose too much heat.
too bad the price is a bit expensive (547Euros) ...
in terms Of Report Q / P anyway, in this type of machines, there is no concurrency to date.
with lots of practice (the machine is attached), I think the choice are not a regret, because (almost) everything is possible with the DX200.