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All user reviews for the Roland VP-550

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 4 reviews )
 1 user review25 %
 3 reviews75 %
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JimboSpins's review"It would be nice with more effects"

Roland VP-550
The Roland VP 550 is a Vocal and Ensemble Keyboard that can be considered a “vintage” synth. The layout of this board is very user friendly. The interface is simple to use and understand, you can almost understand the whole board just by looking at the interface. You will notice right away once you get the chance to actually start playing it, that the keys feel very good and real. They do not feel cheap or toy like.


The VP 550 will let you make all different types and styles of choir sounds. You can even connect your own microphone and use it to create background vocals directly into this keyboard. This board is also portable, you can take it almost anywhere with you if you need to because it is only 49 keys and it is pretty small and light. It is made well too, the casing is solid and made to last a long time and it does not even scratch easily.


There are 3 different types of effects that are basically reverb style effects. They are Hall 1, Hall 2, and Studio Reverb. It would have been nice if they added some more reverb or gave you better control over the reverb presets that it has. I didn’t like the fact that you could not take full control over the reverb like you can on other boards. All of the keys are velocity and touch sensitive; there are 49 of them with the ability to shift up or down octaves so you can have the full range of the keyboard at your finger tips without having to have a full 88 key workstation.


This keyboards specs and features make it worth the money. Only thing that I would change if I could would be to add more effects and let the user go way deep into the effects processing to get the effects the exact way that we want them. But we can always do that once it is recorded or tracked out.
Sebastien Goyet03/01/2010

Sebastien Goyet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland VP-550
4 octaves, good enough for this type of instrument, complete with enough connectors or XLR input jack for the microphone, adjustable gain, etc. ... MIDI (history of driving like a piano ...).

So it's a keyboard with sounds of string, voice, and with an impressive feature "virtual choir" and vocoder (not configurable).

Reverb is also integrated. It was also right now at usual D-Beam sensor Roland.

Lack however basic function: NO TRANSLATION! It's too bad, just for that I lower the note, because I do not understand this lack


Few adjustments, so easy to use, not even need instructions. Nothing is really so simple parameterized to death.


The two string sounds are very good, the first is supposed to be natural, perhaps lacking a little attaquen but ... The second is synthetic and I love it in the line of ARP I think!

The "voice sounds" are equivalent to other keyboards, so good, it can serve let's say ... There are also "scats" a little jazz that makes me laugh every time, and that is also found in other brand products.

The bass section is of course the VOCAL DESIGNER and there is very simple: no competition! Listen to demos online and you'll understand.

This is best seen as a vocoder enhanced because you can not believe that someone has registered a real choir, there is always a sort of flange and a synthetic small side, but to swell the chorus in a mix that does well, and on stage I think it's nickel because at least we understand that these choruses virtual and non-registered!

In most cases the patch "classic" glue well. The "Gospel" gives an impression of vibrato that goes for this kind of effect, and "pop" is flat, I find it worse than others, but according to what we did was good of have, it is closer to a vocoder, but more natural course. There is another setting that mixes "men and women" (without a second thought) and does not serve me now.

Part vocoder has no parameters nor unfortunately, because there would have been very helpful. That said both are quality patches, see the demos too!

It has the ability to mix the "vocal designer" with a string sound, for example, the combination can accompany a lead singer with tablecloths and, when necessary, the virtual choirs.

Overall I think the sound has much lower per cons, even when my wife is a singer who uses it! On the edge it needs to be transferred low and emphasize the treble.


It is used for about 6 months, found opportunities in the region, and a very reasonable price.

A tour de force of Roland, there was a worthy successor to the VP-330! Obtain such choirs with a keyboard is incredible, it's bluffing the public every time with this.

Tip damage: no implementation, good I do not care but it's a little more damage to someone who does not usually translate to hard. I am repeating myself, but I do not understand, especially since Roland has made adjustments to the VP-770 released some time later.

That said it is an excellent tool for someone who needs to live choirs

green-fuzz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland VP-550
For CHARACTERISTICS, see the website builder, etc ... (I know it sucks, I too was m'nerve when others do).
I would add over Previous notice that the VP-550 is used as a vocoder with any external source. So the sounds are far from being so limited ...


Configuration and shipping very simple: there are so few buttons it is not clear how one could get lost ... The manual is well on his trs.


The sounds, the sounds ... ah Here we are. The sound board is good, it's true. I remember the chorus (including classical, try bohmian rhapsody is stunning and fun trs) and a two synthetic sounds, trs trs basic but well-equilibrated the other dj as wearing a kind of phaser or flanger that makes too typical and identifiable I got ....
Ct vocoder, t really have a great if ... we did not have a weird problem mute on certain consonants or sibilants too Chuit ... the cut is and is not trs brve systmatique trs agaante but it is when it occurs. May be a firmware update is it available to rgler this problem, I will look ... Meanwhile, j'enlve 2 points as I am frustrated at not being able to properly use the vocoder mode.


I have been using prs a year and tried a lot of vocoder DIFFERENT, but not high end, it is true. What I like most: ease of use, quality sound
what I like least: the mini-breaks on certain consonants only mode vocoder (voice + external instrument)

wesscot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland VP-550
49-key keyboard for excellent quality of manufacture (Made in Japan)
Roland D Beam ...... bof replaces the hand and foot pedals
Full MIDI Through connections except
sounds of excellent quality but limited trrreeesss br /> has a regal door ALL levels although some say being in it myself
very modest as pseudo pianist


Not taking the beast head is similar in 1 min
Manual light


Do not delude ourselves to sing you have to play not accesible to all styles of music
at least if you are alone
To do imagine playing LA LA DO MI then your voice comes out in unison according to the notes or jous + or - male or female and just MORE
no aftertouch and feel good but for choirs
ps: the touch is a little confusing, but adapted for voice


I have the last 6 months if not sing no problem cut the mic take a direct choice of six poss and enforce agreements or better = amazing
time you use the better and better and know its out quitescense

pity that it is limited to 6 superb ground also 6 types of scat vocals succeeded in some effects on bass ...... s tired quickly

damage a tad and possibilities of edition and would welcome

But it is the ball and I prefer it to my helicon VoiceWorks
c is a happy conviviality simplicitbr /> oh yes nine blah but if you find it second hand jump