M.F.B. MFB-503

M.F.B. MFB-503

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MFB-503, Drum Machine from M.F.B..

5 user reviews
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M.F.B. MFB-503 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:M.F.B.
  • Model:MFB-503
  • Category:Drum Machines
  • Added in our database on: 06/01/2007

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M.F.B. MFB-503 user reviews


vivija's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent but ...."

M.F.B. MFB-503
Midi, audio out

no effects but you can set various parameters inherent to each sound.

Although suffisement sounds and kits (the kick are violent)


Very easy to use, the mode a / b allows you for example to create a measure of break in "b" and give the order to your liking to play it or not!

the manual is two pages as in any self-respecting Article MFB

Shuffle 2-2 and in synch ok ok

can mutate all the sounds by pressing the volume knob if I remember correctly.
NOT just for the kick??? but why so much hatred?

And no CLAP ... Allo Allo but not what you got a drummachine but you do not have to clap ... you get me?


for me it is well-typed Techno, House, hardcore etc.
kicks are 100% Ben-Hur well-viou viou (as the rest of the way)

I love CY when the shuffle as it should with the decay is magic!

Realistic it is eg a criterion for the guys that make the non-electronic music for us because this is what gives it its charm! you imagine Robert Hood with a real kit Mapex or Pearl? lol lol


I used it for a long to make Accciiid and ç'est perfect raw dirty and nasty with a pair of nuts like we did more!

I have a friend who lent me 522 good! CLAP with \ o /

I looove kick, although almost tweekables toms to the bass line (sisi)

The thing I like least .... NO CLAAAAAAP

I sold mine there's not too long and sometimes I admit I sobbing a little when I think about his beautiful CY

cheap I bought cheap I sold
Duanra Namrim12/23/2012

Duanra Namrim's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It comes out of this little thing?"

M.F.B. MFB-503
Stereo out, kick and snare output (6.5 mm). You can do anything but leave the stereo by plugging in a jack on one of the two outputs instruments, subtract the latter from its stereo output, offering him her little way. This is quite useful, perhaps even necessary when we see how the kick cut directly on the machine (see below) ... I speak especially for live use. At noon, is the minimum, one afternoon in order to receive a signal point. This is a machine to the chain end. Its level, there are three similar instruments kick (mmmmh), the snare and toms. The rest is digital (Hi-Hats Cymbal &;) . It is possible to select the instrument with an accent. All sounds are more or less editable:
Via a kick-decay, a pitch, a tune, an attack and a drive.
-The snare via a noise, a decay and a tune.
-Toms via a decay, a pitch and a tune (there are three toms on the sequencer that allow for three different settings on his "tom", so there is really one tom).
-Hi-hats via a mix between two samples and decay for each variant closed or open.
-Cymbal via a mix between two samples, a tune and decay.


Usage is fairly boring. I'd like to have everything at hand as is the case on the 522 (at least for the modification of sounds). There is a sub menu for each instrument, and is accessed by a manip with these buttons so small. You can mute the instruments by pressing a knob, except for the kick which use this button knob is used to access the "page 2" modifiable parameters for the sound. I do not use too much party song, I could not really talk about it but there seems to be enough memory to have fun. Overall, the use, we can not say we take his foot. Everything is quite uncomfortable but if you can get is the snare and kick on two different paths, the game live becomes possible (it's still pain).


Well, this is the place where you can start out the lub '. Sounds are magical. I mostly techno and kick me back to the top every time. The snare is aggressive, it explodes your living room. Tom has that cheap that I love, well-rounded, well anything similar. Recently, I had the opportunity to test on his club, the strength of this little machine is impressive. The best thing is, all the same, you make your own mind through sounds posted on the web but if I closed my eyes on this interface cheapos to desire, it is only for those sounds that make me jump alone my room.


I use it for six months or so. I have not had the opportunity to test many model (I have the combo 503/522), but this choice seemed most judicious nab a bar to 260 balls with this new sound ... I do not really know where I could get a better deal. Perhaps the aggressive side of the machine does not delight everyone, but for those who seek to violate the populace, it is a choice makes sense when you have no money to buy the bar of 1000 / 2000 balls.

Jx3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Groove box"

M.F.B. MFB-503
Midi in, basic but effective implementation twelve o'clock
All small buttons, I have small fingers
A lumberjack must see ...
Is minus, but I see it as an advantage in the fact that this is an argument when making the choice to take this BaR.
A midi out would have been a + undeniable
I think it is well designed in that what it seeks.
Plenty of room for memory patterns, kits, songs (1 song = 128 patterns!)
No, we must face the facts, this is damn good


In 25 minutes I almost went around the machine, create a pattern, configure noon, edit sounds, mutes, create a chaining patterns, separate outputs, assign a shuffle ...
I allemenad the manual, but a simple consultation at Mfn allow to have the English manual .. tried in French, I'm English so I do not care.
Moreover, making the music seriously today without mastering English?
Honestly who rattle is complicated because contol never put his hands in machines of high and ultra full range ..
There is no secret, a good machine is hard to access functionality from the power it brings.
And the mfb is very simple and very complete in its effectiveness.


There is definitely the highlight.
I did not encounter excessive breath. Nothing embarrassing, and I also boosts the edge of the console quite dramatically because it really sounds like it excellently well
The stereo output is very strange, the pan is centered on the left .. if I take a single mono jack everything is in order ... inconstancy of mfb I suppose, quite incomprehensible.
Must be found combined with mfb, but I find it funny, it may be a way from Manfred Fricke stay in the philosophy of "do it yourself", the semi-industrial scale?
However, what comes out of the speakers is really great, I want to emphasize. Both sharp, kitsch, nostalgic, imperfect, and very inspiring.
She's doing great on drum & bass beats. If there is behind some processing, compression, reverb little air, delay unstructured and well placed, it sounds really hell.
You have to see it to this machine it is: excellent sound universe in cheap and affordable. A good zicos with specific ideas can do wonders with this machine.


What can I say?

Objectively, for this price, it is a dream. Sequencer ala you know, big potential sound interface very simple but proven.
If I could go Manfred week, and give a few tips:

* Midi out
* Double the size (or even triple, although the compact is an advantage), design and ergonomics as a mixer ... a track, an instrument, a row of parameters, output .. you know what I mean
* Encoders, this is the crap, everyone knows why they are bent all to the intégerer in their bikes?
* A good old 12db filter assignable track.

I think there is now working elsewhere. it's all very exciting ...

The final word is that this beatbox in terms of sound, is the most honest that I was given grind for the price. And it's not just the price in these cases

dussson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M.F.B. MFB-503
MFB website:


Super boring to use. Write a pattern, edit sounds, play a patten in mutant instruments, nothing is practical.
I'm not too stressed this is not true, but it is clear that this is not a success.
Midi to the limit.


So this is where it hurts the most ... I do not like the sound at all! The kick and toms are analog plastics, lack depth, hihats and cymbals sampled are tiresome. The snares to 909 is not bad but I find such lack of potato.


Come on, I know some people like it, it's true that I have tested let's say a week before selling it, so it's a matter of taste we agree (except for the use very boring anyway).
I have a lot of analog drum machines (MFB 522 I love a lot) or PCM (TR 707, Casio RZ1) or analog modeling (ER1), and there for me MFB crashed!
I may not be the audience for this machine, but I would suggest if you can try before you buy, because this box does not necessarily fulfill its promises.

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