Shure SM7
Shure SM7

SM7, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the SM series.

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All user reviews for the Shure SM7

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 12 reviews )
 7 reviews58 %
 3 reviews25 %
 1 user review8 %

mooseherman's review"Really cool dynamic mic"

Shure SM7
This is a dynamic mic that works great for live settings as well as in the studio. With a particular kind of pickup pattern, it's got a cool kind of sound. It's not the most expensive mic in the world but it probably costs more than most dynamic mics except maybe the 421 and similar mics. It has a really cool sound and is useful in a lot of ways.
I can use this mic more often in live situations. I've used it on lead vocals in live shows countless times. It's great if you're in a venue with feedback issues as it only picks up what is directly in front of it. I also like it on horns and kick drums as well for the same reason, as its still a dynamic mic it'll pick up a lot but won't be too loud or noisy.


The cool thing about this microphone is that it only picks up the frequencies that are directly in front of it, so it's great at minimizing bleed in a vocal signal. It's not something that a singer can hold in a live situation, obviously, but it's great for singer/guitarists really. Since it blocks out sound from certain directions, it doesn't really sound like most microphones, and as such it'll have qualities that I don't think you are used to hearing in mics, but I'd say overall it's pretty accurate. Only a trained ear would really notice such detail, and it pays off by isolating the signal. In the studio as a scratch vocal it's capable of blocking out excess noise but it'll get a good sound of the whole vocal. I know engineers who swear by its use for professional vocals but I don't think that I like it as much as a good tube mic or condenser. Anyway it's useful and not too expensive and can be a dealbreaker sometimes, so I highly recommend it.

moosers's review

Shure SM7
The Shure SM7 is a dynamic recording microphone designed for broadcast speech I believe, but is also great for singers, among other things. It is built like a tank, as most Shure microphones are and can take a bit of a beating, although I wouldn't recommend beating it at all!


I've been using the Shure SM7 for about four or five years, and it has become one of my favorite microphones for male vocals. It is like a supped up SM57, with more girth and body in it's sound. This mic is extremely underrated, and to me it can sound as good or better on certain people's vocals than any mic I have used. I would compare the SM7 to the Electro Voice RE20, since they are both made for radio broadcast and for speech application and are both in the same price range. In terms of tracking male vocals, I think this is way better mic than the RE20 and is probably a better all around mic. However, I would choose the RE20 for strict broadcast and speech use. I also like using the SM7 as a kick drum mic and on a bass amp or electric guitar amp. The best part about the SM7 is that it will cost you only a fraction of some more expensive mics, but is as good as any I have used in certain situations. If you are a male vocalist and have a project studio, I would definitley at least give this mic a try to see if your voice is a fit because when it is you can really get some good results - specifically good on rock singers with a bit of a growl, or for a screamer. All in all this is a great mic that I love having in my mic cabinet.

zitouni's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent micro ... if you use!"

Shure SM7
dynamic microphone for voice pick


I use it for 3 years
is perfectly suited to a micro voice "nag" genre rap, hardcore, metal.
it is also excellent in isolation, it was designed for radio at the time newsrooms noisy, internal air cushion suspension has done its office.
I use it for "live" recorded when the singer also plays an instrument, to avoid repeating the instrument.
Coupled to a preamplifier 610 LA, it's wonderful!
I've never tried on a female voice
I successfully tested on low toms, brass, guitar amps
however it is quite unsuitable for remote sockets, atmospheres, and instruments to soundboard.
not very expensive for a micro in its class, it's still a specialized micro, if you have only one microphone, choose a more versatile model.
I would do this choice without hesitation, this microphone is very special, but what he does, he is the only one doing it as well!
el grinos07/06/2013

el grinos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good dynamic mic"

Shure SM7

Very good dynamic mic I like to pair together a comp / analog preamp to give a rather warm color, natural and vintage.
Some similarities with a 421.

I used to snare & toms (attention to very high levels)
Studio with 5 microphones SM7 I like to take all the skins of the same battery ...
Like its directivity & turn "old school"
It also has a very useful sharp filter to voice out some grains.
Micro heavy & sturdy (it takes a hefty foot)
High congestion so delicate placement.



rollandh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Fabulous"

Shure SM7
Dynamic microphone used for the vocals, guitar, accordion, bass drum.


It's a great mic. Really, really. He actually likes good preamp that grow well. Its very soft and warm (which I thought to hear a kind of large sm57, I am firmly planted).

The trick génialissime is its ability to make a very nice tone of voice, intelligible (after comp + EQ), even when it is mixed thoroughly in the instrumentals. He clearly has a color, you may not like some votes. The slight lack of clear highs against other dinosaurs, frankly seen digital technology, is it really a handicap?

Me no say it is great. And not just for voice. Actually be bad for acoustic or studio taking live (Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam mouth in to a live session on you tube).

Pucelle_Dabidjan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Shure SM7
Large diaphragm dynamic mic multipurpose!

A switch allows you to add the rear of the presence, another gradually lowers the bass below 300Hz. It comes with a specially fixed for a conventional microphone stand, does not need to clamp amortized.

[9] If it is not Prou, ay looks good. The wide dynamic membranes are not lgions the European market.


This in spcificit CHARACTERISTICS continues in the sound. We are facing an alien my faith very enjoyable. First, as discussed below, we see immediately what ct "on air" he emphasizes. It feels to talk radio ds first takes. It has a warm nature with nature smoother but also his Ractive confrre the sm58 and the 8 microphone akg who were around him. it has a grain less apocalyptic, but wide and, when pushed in to a corner, he Ragit trs dnaturer naturally without grain, but by grafting texture.
But mfiance the catgoriser in micro radio without worrying about what he may have in the belly can be a big mistake. With proper installation derrire, it is possible to get out about the results really bluffing. He loves the dynamic voices, whether live or in studio and n'corche not "s" and "Ch" as the other mikes. They spend more smooth, but without losing lgrement FLTs body. Instead, he likes to add more. Knowing right to keep, I would say that Violet Design "The Wedge" and the Brauner "Panthera" microphones are relatively similar principles, although still more expensive because pousss further. But the SM7 can find his marks on scne. Indeed, it seems to sound ractif parasites sent by your collgues request for it be used trs prs Mission of the source of sound. Something else ... it is also good for the resumption of guitar amps, for which he is more rich, warm and soft as a sm57; to take over bass amp (which does adj explained below ) and to come to the reinforcement of a floor tom mic or a kick that would stain Different.

[8] will not take you be a millionaire to have a sound that kills. The SM7 is a good investment for those who want a micro reliable, robust, versatile and affordable, yet without compromising on the sound. Quick Tip our Swiss friends, buy it for 399 in Germany, Switzerland, the market price Exceeds 535 euros.

Heesh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Shure SM7
Micro type radio studio.
Cardioid dynamic technology.


I just have it, it's great on some issues and less on others.

Very resistant ... Pretty good but the preamp will play the max.

benradio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Shure SM7
What should I choose as Amp?
I have for some time a Shure SM7. I am only a novice about everything.
This microphone is used to record me a future podcast. The problem is that I lack an amp to plug it on my iMac G5 ...
What to choose as amp and above all ... what rating the cheapest? : P
Thank you.



- I have used for the radio during my Mission
- This micro flattering for voice, I'm not pro enough to tell you what I like least about this microphone.
- I have not used other models.
- I do not pay this microphone, it is a loan.
- It's not a choice since it is a micro loan.

Cicatriz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Shure SM7
This is a dynamic microphone has large capsule (type radio)


I just rent this little gem to catch what I do at home and I must say that I am not the bte! Dj for me that is taken from my monitor (without headphone) no problem of repisse (it receives only under his nose) a heat of her hallucinations that flatters the voice (talking, sings, bellows).
Compared with a static at 4040 as my audiotechnica beta 87a or it may be a little less road and a little less neutral, but the color that gives your music the most is taken (or Kiedis hetfield Serj Tankian n 'as he uses it is no coincidence!) and allied to my pramp Tfpro made sparks ... My choice is made for me this j'conomise IMMEDIATE wonder!

Dj-civic's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Shure SM7
According to my sources, the Shure SM7 would be the perfect incarnation of professional studio microphone. He did not pick up background noise and feedback.


I decided to buy the very bientt me because it just seems to me the best.

My +: He did not pick up background noise and feedback which is a default home.
My -: Its price. This is probably the best price that we can give him, but I say it is too expensive.

This is my # 1 choice for the moment!