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TC Electronic Effects Processors user reviews

  • TC Electronic TC 2290

    TC Electronic TC 2290 - moosers's review


    The TC Electronic TC 2290 is a rackable digital delay effects unit. It has the capability to make just about any type of delay sound you might be looking for, as it is quite a versatile unit. I'm not sure what kind of connections it has, but I believ…

Translated user reviews
  • TC Electronic Reverb 4000

    TC Electronic Reverb 4000 - " Excellent reverb for upscale work"


    The quarter of 6000 with a TC only algo reverb (no compressors, multi-effects and others) and rather use music (no surround, no algo-VSS3 Film). Hardware level is ultra complete: - Resolution: 16/24bits Fs: 44.1 / 48/88, 2/96 kHz - Complete Ult…

  • TC Electronic M3000

    TC Electronic M3000 - " Great!"


    it is a multi-effects mainly focused reverb. But even with more efficient algorithms great! For the rest all was said in other reviews. However I ragouterais that manufacturing has really nothing to do with what I have used before! The quality of the…

  • TC Electronic Reverb 4000

    TC Electronic Reverb 4000 - "A fresh and invigorating wind blowing in the remote wilds of Scandinavia .."


    On the rear panel there are logically everything you need to connect this to R 4000, analog inputs and outputs on XLR symmetrical active. and what is digital, this machine offers a very complete device: Input / output to ADAT Toskink switchable S / P…

  • TC Electronic M3000

    TC Electronic M3000 - "A M 3000 and me and me and me .."


    Reverb unit offers also a lot of additional effects such as: A Pitch Shifter 6 votes a chorus / flanger a Flanger / Tremolo flanger / expander dynamics can also play Gates a parametric equalizer also playing shelving A compressor (very si…

  • TC Electronic M3000

    TC Electronic M3000 - l'electron libre's review


    Characteristic 1, types of effects available ... Above all, the M3000 is a reverb and we feel that the engineers have focused on this part as the presets and settings available are numerous! At the "big" part is added some effects of very good…

  • TC Electronic System 6000

    TC Electronic System 6000 - " Name zeus!"


    Reverb, delay, chorus, pan WIDER, eq, comp ... everything is editable in all directions with either the remote or with the computer SUBD25 aes connection and if there are more cards ada it's xlr UTILIZATION configure the machine could not be …

  • TC Electronic System 6000 MKII

    TC Electronic System 6000 MKII - " Huge"


    I am mastering version. This is a big month I use it, so I'll stay aseez evasive on this view. I will publish another notice in a few months. But already, I can say that when the sound goes in, it is no longer the same. UTILIZATION Well, we are i…

  • TC Electronic Reverb 4000

    TC Electronic Reverb 4000 - " It's good stuff"


    The effects are mainly reverbs. But there are many types in presets. This is of course digital. Connectivity I / O analog audio and SPDIF. MIDI driver. USB port for control and editing via PC / MAC. I will not dwell longer because the manual is a…

  • TC Electronic Reverb 4000

    TC Electronic Reverb 4000 - " Great product"


    reverb UTILIZATION Very easy to use SOUND QUALITY The programs are great: VSS3, DVR2 OVERALL OPINION Super reverb, including the EMT program. Very different from a Lexicon or quantec ..... If you like this type of TC reverb, you can r…