TC Electronic M5000

M5000, Reverb from TC Electronic.

hervet1 05/21/2006

TC Electronic M5000 : hervet1's user review


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All types of effects are available in the analog and machine.entree numerique.connectique complete.


Simple configuration like all models tc.edition facile.manuel Clais but only in very anglais.dommage


The effects are very uses of voice and guitare.pour me the most beautiful hall reverb is the m5000.


I have been using one of its transparency mois.un fabuleuse.javais and I tried other models as well as soft as Altiverb. Voir.le's nothing to really this reverb over the place easily in compared with the 480 but with a lexicon of m5000 sound is much clearer but less chaude.c is a machine that I would do the selection and I recommend because it gives us a result rapidemment