TC Electronic TC 2290
TC Electronic TC 2290

TC 2290, Delay / Echo from TC Electronic.

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moosers 02/04/2009

TC Electronic TC 2290 : moosers's user review


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The TC Electronic TC 2290 is a rackable digital delay effects unit. It has the capability to make just about any type of delay sound you might be looking for, as it is quite a versatile unit. I'm not sure what kind of connections it has, but I believe that it has both XLR inputs and outputs and 1/4 inch inputs and outputs. I believe it also has MIDI ins and outs.


Using the TC Electronic 2290 isn't as user friendly as some other units I have used. The main reason for this is how many different parameters there are. There are also a lot of hidden windows that can be hard to get to. This being said, it is easy to get a good sounding delay from this unit. There is just so much to it and it is so in depth that it can be overwhelming at times. I never had access to the manual but it would definitley be useful.


The sound quality of this unit is great all around. The effects are very useful and you can get a number of different delay sounds from this machine. I have used it on everything from vocals and guitars to keyboards and it works great on almost anything I'd ever want to use delay on. You can get quite a different amount of sounds from this unit and I am always finding out new things about it that I did not know before.


I first used the TC Electronic 2290 about four years ago. It has built up a little bit of a legendary status as being an interesting and effective use of delay in the form of outboard gear. I love having this as an option as the delay is clean and the variations are endless. All in all the TC Electronic 2290 is definitley a piece of gear to check out if you are looking for a great sounding hardware delay.