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Fame 4-string bass guitars user reviews

  • Fame Baphomet 4

    Fame Baphomet 4 - "Revelation!" has images


    Low handcrafted in Poland by the makers of Mayon premium brand. 24 fret bolt-on neck is relatively thin and not very wide for a 6 string. setting a simple trussroad (Mayones the road has a double truss) In terms of electronics, they are 2 active M…

  • Fame Baphomet 4

    Fame Baphomet 4 - the_pins's review


    Made in Poland by the team of MusicStore Mayones Features: * 2 parts ash body ergonomically shaped * Channel 5 parts maple / mahogany * Rosewood fingerboard with 24 frets Ferd. Wagner * Neck set at 6 points * Schaller Strap Security * Micros…

  • Fame MM400

    Fame MM400 - amaurythewarrior's review


    So, bass made in Poland, although some argue that only Baphomet are made in Poland. 21 frets, one humbucker I remember ever make, easel I know not how it's called exactly, but it's a fixed bridge on the Stingray as it was modeled very closely "(this …

  • Fame Baphomet 4

    Fame Baphomet 4 - zaber's review


    Low made in Poland, finishing more correct, that is perfect for the neck and frets, a little less careful sr adjusting caches on the back UTILIZATION Channel super nice weight very well content, the curved shape of the body is seen, the set gives…

  • Fame Baphomet 4

    Fame Baphomet 4 - papagallo's review


    Built by the same production unit as low Mayones EB4, the Fame Baphomet like him so to be mistaken. And for good reason, information taken from the source, these are the same plans, designers and even the same luthiers who work on this mark. The shap…