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Fame MM400
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amaurythewarrior 05/08/2009

Fame MM400 : amaurythewarrior's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
So, bass made in Poland, although some argue that only Baphomet are made in Poland. 21 frets, one humbucker I remember ever make, easel I know not how it's called exactly, but it's a fixed bridge on the Stingray as it was modeled very closely "(this is a copy what). Active electronics, volume, and a three band EQ, acastillage Schaller chrome vintage mechanical type, a beautiful sunburst, maple neck is of really nice for my taste.

I turn 10, I see what I could not criticize. Features meet my expectations, a nice bass, good acastillage, electronics, I guess it could be better, but I do not know much on electronics on the bass.


The handle no problem, no problem either for access to acute, after 21 frets AC may be limited for some, but hey I'm playing guitar at the base, so I'm not going to hit a bass solo then. ..
Ergonomics ... Well yeah my faith, like what a bass.
The sound, well I put all the knobs thoroughly so I ask myself the question too - but if you want to sculpt his sound there 's the advantage of the active EQ.

I'll put a dime yet, because I admit, I play well relgée no problem frieze or little, it is not resolved to the hair either ...


Yes it suits me, I play mostly punk rock, so with a clear sound with much more acute, it has a lot of gloss anyway, I played on a Line6 TonePort (with headphones because my PC speakers. ..). So like I said especially clear in his pick, the "grain" sound very much, either finger or pick, nothing to do with the box I had on my Harley Benton ...

8 because I can not be much purpose, but probably with a great tube amp behind it would be better?


I've since August I believe, we are not far in May than a year, never left my house, I play Pénard behind my PC, but I would not be afraid to do a concert with I grant it rarely. Tried many other models, no one can say, and I think it's even more expensive than I played, I'm still quite demanding to be able to judge. For me the price / quality ratio is excellent, 500 € a beautiful low, new, excellent finishes, quality electronics, etc. ... MusicMan I guess one would probably be better of course but I am not feel ripped off paying the 300 or 400 € Fame more ...
I do it again this election, without any hesitation! I have no desire to drop this low, I had a Harley Benton HBP-120 before, I measure all the difference!
What would be great it would be MusicStore offers more models for low-Fame ... I hear a copy, styles Gibsons, Rickenbacker, AC would be great!

Good going, going for nine because nothing is perfect, and that there 's always better.