Ibanez GSR200
Ibanez GSR200

GSR200, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the GIO Soundgear series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 59 reviews )
 32 reviews54 %
 22 reviews37 %
 3 reviews5 %
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Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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mooseherman's review"Decent cheap bass!"

Ibanez GSR200
This is a Japanese made bass by Ibanez. This bass is interesting because it is made cheaply, and is a beginner bass, and it has pickups that replicate both a J-bass and a P-Bass style of pickup. It has controls for volume on both pickups as well as a tone knob. It has an agathis body, a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard with 20 medium frets and a cutaway. It has a standard Ibanez bridge which is honestly nothing special.


This bass plays better than I would have expected it to. It isn't the most amazing playing bass in the world, but it gets the job done. It is difficult to get lots of complicated parts down on it, because it is slightly awkward and the fretboard isn't the smoothest-playing fretboard I've ever come across. But I do have to consider the price when thinking about this, so I will say that for the price, it does well. Other than playing, it's not too heavy, and it isn't too hard to get a decent sound, so it gets points for that.


The pickups in this bass are not my favorite. However, you'd be surprised how well they do. They'll allow you to sort of replicate the tones you are hearing on record, allowing you to practice along nicely. Even with a small ensemble, you can maybe be heard with a decent amp. However, with a rock band, they aren't going to give you a great sound for gigs. Even with a nice amp, this bass sounds muddy and doesn't really cut through a live mix. I wouldn't want to record with this bass at all if I had other options. I firmly believe that if you were to switch the pickups out, you could dramatically improve the sound of this bass.


The price of this bass cannot be beaten. For what you pay for it even new, it's totally awesome. However, most professionals nowadays are willing to shell out more money for stuff, so I would say that they should look farther up on the price range for a newer, better bass, or perhaps a good old vintage bass. There's really not much here that should interest anybody except beginners, or perhaps people willing to try out new pickups on beginner gear.
MGR/Handi-Capable Bassist02/10/2011

MGR/Handi-Capable Bassist's review"Ibanez GSR 200"

Ibanez GSR200
I am just getting back to playing Bass. After a service time loss I have only 3 fingers and thumb on my left hand and only nubs and a thumb on my right hand but love music and wanted to play again. I bought the Red quilted finish.

I bought this bass from guitar center 179.99 after looking around a few places to have a good solid unit to try to play again with in my hands.

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The bass has a wonderful feel to it and sounds great through the ampeg 50w I am using. the P/J pick ups all work and the knobs are first class and have no dead spaces or fade issues. The look is beautiful and it feels good standing or sitting while I play.

The strings that came on this bass were garbage. Only a small adjustment to the neck made this bass ready to play.

Well made it is a little tank of a bass. I feel very sure that this bass could withstand a strong thrashing and still play well and be ready for the next gig.

This bass is a great starter, on stage performer or practice unit. It really fills the room with quality sound when asked to play.

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MGR/ctargia's review"Ibanez GSR200"

Ibanez GSR200
Jewel Blue Finish

I bought this at Guitar Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey, in April of 2002 for $200, it was my first bass.


This is a great beginner bass, it as great sound and playability. It will definitely last a long time and has good resale value. It is surely a better choice them some other beginner basses that are not made of sufficient quality. This bass will not let you down, it has a good tone for rock genres and will last you a long time.

Is not the high quality, but you get what you pay for, I prefer neck-through compared to bolt on design, and a stronger wood on the neck than rosewood. And I prefer a bass with 24 frets, this only has 22.

Good construction and quality, I did have an issue years ago were the screw that held in the strap at fallen out, some toothpicks and glue later, I re-screwed it in and it held up for years after that. Other then that I can't really complain about the construction, it lasted me 8 years and then I sold it for half the retail price, this thing can handle it.

Great first bass that wont break your budget! If your a pro, look elsewhere.

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MGR/Hoagie's review"Ibanez GSR200(BK)"

Ibanez GSR200
I've been playing guitar since I was a little kid but have been playing the bass since January of 2007. I play blues and classic rock basically. I've been in a band for a little over a year now.

I bought this from BISCo for about $220(if memory serves). I bought it because my friends and I were starting a band and we needed a bass guitarist(already had a lead guitar) so I figured I'd take on that role since I already knew how to play guitar.

I picked up this bass guitar in January of 2007. I was VERY pleased with the great sound that came out of this. I didn't have a bass amp at the time so I used my friends electric guitar amp and it STILL sounded perfect. Even with an electric guitar distortion pedal this thing adapted very very well. You can't get a better bass guitar for the price.

Very sturdy. I accidentally dropped it from waist-height and it barely got a scratch on it, you can't tell it's there unless you look for it. I was more than happy with the quality of this bass guitar.

Overall, considering the price, I believe you get your money's-worth, if not more. You won't be disappointed.

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MGR/Alex The Awesome12/13/2005

MGR/Alex The Awesome's review"Ibanez GSR 200"

Ibanez GSR200
I Have been playing bass for only one year. In my year of playing i have been in a band gor 4 months and all i do is play. Since I have only played bass for a year my knowledge of the insturment is limited. But over the year of playing i feel like i have grown as a musician. I like playing what me and my drummer like to call "Improv. Funk" There is a bit of slapping involved and lots of fast fretting.

I got this guitar at Musiciansfriend.com for around $210. I got mine in black

What i like about this bass is the playability. When i picked it up i wasnt heavy like the basses i use at my school. The Neck is a comfertable size. The pickups are great for the "classic" thumb rest. This Bass is great for someone starting to play. Its something you could pickup, plug in and jam with years after your purchase

One thing i really didnt like about this bass is the strings. Ibanez uses weird strings. When i first plugged in there was an annoying buzz. I raised my action to try and prevent the buzz, i removed the string which was a pain with the string through bridge. I then ended up replacing the strings and poof. problem solved.

This bass is one solid piece of work. Once it gets tuned up and customized this thing will never die. I have dropped it off a table, sat on it, tripped over it, even almost broke a mirror with it but nothihng unfortunate has happened.

Bottom Line is this bass is a great piece of equiptment and would easily be the best choice for someone starting out on bass. Its great for your room,a garage band, or even jamming on stage. The only problem i faced was the bridge was kinda annoying with the "string thru" style and the strings that came with it are crap.

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MGR/hofacker's review"Ibanez GSR 200"

Ibanez GSR200
when i decided to play bass all my friends automatically recommended the gsr200 so i went to my local musica store and bought one and it only cost $214

its so light and,it has a nice clean sound,and its a beautiful bass in general.

it does buzz on some frets but u get used to it.

it a well built nice sounding bass.

if you are just starting bass the gsr200 is the way to go

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MGR/Hovik Mekhjian10/26/2004

MGR/Hovik Mekhjian's review"Ibanez GSR200"

Ibanez GSR200
I purchased this bass at Guitar Center in Pasadena, California. I was playing guitar, but then fell in love with the sound of bass, so therefore i decided to play the instrument. I paid about 200 bucks with a padded gig bag.

This little baby FLIES for 200 dollars. I don't see why anyone wouldn't start off with this bass. I mean...just the pickup configuration itself is great. I can get so many different tones, it's just unimaginable. The Neck is probably the best 200-600 dollar bass neck i have ever played upon. My bass basically shows up any bass i have ever seen played live infront of me except basses over 700 bucks (come on...obviously). After about a year of playing the bass i decided to upgrade the pickups and the preamp in the Ibanez GSR200. I hooked it up with an EMG P/J set and a new active EMG preamp. I now run it through an Ampeg B2R head and a Ampeg SVT410HE cab. i am so please with this set.

Well there isn't anything i don't like considering how much i payed for it. I consider this bass such a steal. i mean, the knobs were kinda loose and all...but i bought new ones..the one's you can tighten. The pickups weren't the greatest although they were good...i threw in 160 for the EMG's. The neck is just amazing...ofcourse there was buzz out of the box, but hey...its 200 bucks. what do u freakin expect, a warwick? i fixed the fret buzz a bit by adjusting the bridge and all that yada yada.

For the 200 dollars that i payed, i could NOT be happier. I've been through so much with this bass...and it's just Rock Hard. The light agathis body makes this bass so fun to play and easy on the back. The neck is fast (remember for 200-700 dollar price range) and easy to play on. I recommend this to any beginner-intermediate level bass player. I will soon buy myself either a IBANEZ SR3000E or a TOBIAS Growler 4...

Great bass. for beginners-intermediates. Easily one of my life long companions. i would never trade or sell this bass. i love it. Jewel blue finish rocks by the way.

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MGR/Martin C05/16/2004

MGR/Martin C's review"Ibanez GSR 200"

Ibanez GSR200
The guitar was bought from G.M. Music, Cardiff in September '03. I went into the shop with my 18 year old son, intending to point out the naffest guitars, doing the old Newman and Baddiel "Thats your favourite guitar in all the world, that is" sort of routine.Puerile, but it passes for fun on a cold day. I came out of the shop with a new bass, not really what I had intended. I payed 180 quid for it. I owned an Ibanez Studio bass (an excellent guitar) in the early 1980's, and couldn't resist getting another one at this price.

It's an Ibanez, not a bad place to start. They have made very good guitars for a long time. The neck is very slim, and so easy to reach the notes. The action is low, and the range of tone from the two pickups is quite suprising.
Apart from the slim neck, which makes it ideal for younger players, or the ladies (O.K., anyone with smaller hands), I think one of it's greatest assests is how comfortable it is to play. This is mainly down to the chamfered top edge of the body, which is also cut away on the back to give an easy playing position for your right hand. This means you can happily play for hours on end. Great for you, bit of a bugger for the family/neighbours.

Very hard to find anything worthy of criticising, bearing in mind it's price range. There is a small amount of fret buzz, almost eradicated by raising the A and D strings very slghtly. Also, if you are a bit heavy handed with your left (fretting) hand, you can bend the neck enough to bring back the buzz. I don't regard this as a real problem, as it actually helps you to recognise if you are developing a bad habit, that you can then put right.

For the price, outstanding. It is not the best guitar in the world. That accolade belongs to my other bass (Rickenbacker 4003). It is, however, very well constructed. Mine has shown no faults, with many many hours of playing behind it. Everything does as it is intended, day in, day out, asking only to be treated to the occassional set of new strings.

A remarkable instrument. At an 'entry level' price, it really is far too good to regard only as a beginners guitar. It can produce a soft, laid back walking bassline, or hammer out crisp, defined solo pasages, and all with adjustment to spare on the tone control. In summarry, I quite like it.

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MGR/Jarryd's review"Ibanez GSR200"

Ibanez GSR200
My parents got me this bass for christmas at this place in mira mesa, san diego called whittakers for 200$.

The bass gives off a high-quality tone sound that i enjoy a lot. By it's price you'd think its something for beginners, but it's sound is good enough to satisfy any bassist. It truly is good, i like it a lot.

theirs not much i don't like. Everything is good except the fact that it gives off a buzzing feedback sound.

agathis body, maple neck, 3 weird controls that can make any style of sound that you want, good quality.

Overall this bass is really good. Its so cheap and yet it gives a great toney sound of which i love. I highly recommend getting it.

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MGR/Brown-E Cake01/01/2004

MGR/Brown-E Cake's review"Ibanez GSR200(BK)"

Ibanez GSR200
Purchased this Bass at Guitar Center. Pretty much my first Bass and I still own it. I paid $220 for it including tax, which in my opinion is definantly worth it. Oh yeah, and yes, it was brand new not used.

I love everything about this Bass. Ive always been a fan of Ibanez, because they have a clean nice sound that I look for in a Bass. For the price, you cant go wrong with this Bass at all. Its overall a great Bass for its price. I even convinced my friend's father to buy this Bass, whos been playing all of his life with an old Memphis and Fender Squier!! When he finally got a hold of my Bass, he played it whenever he had the chance, and within a couple of weeks, he bought his own Red Ibanez GSR200. I'd definantly say this is an upgrade from a Fender in my opinion. Its relatively easier to play, and sounds way better. But maybe that Squier being old, it wasnt really well constructed, so I cant really judge it too much. But hey I got him to change his mind easily, he saw this Bass as an upgrade!! The Pickup Setup is great also. Maybe not the best thing for Gigs, but definantly a sweet practice Bass, I could go on and on about it, but I cant. Oh yeah, and in my opinion, this Bass also looks sick, but thats an opinion, im not a fan of things like boring shapes and pickguards (not a Fender hater, but I prefer my Bass, I'll play a Fender anyway)

Well, you cant really bash this Bass that much considering you can easily get it for $200. Which is well worth it. I dont know what else you could possibly want out of a Bass for the price so I cant complain. I was willing to pay more for it. The Bass has a good sound for what I enjoy playing (Old Metallica, Black Sabbath, and some Funky Bass Lines like RHCP), but its not the bass for every type of Rock out there. I guess you can say the sound is somewhat limited, but I never feel a need to change anything about it, with my Amp and Bass setup the way I like it, I love this Bass and sometimes I feel I dont need another one (but now I own another Bass, The Ibanez EDB600GP, yeah, Im a fan of Ibanez). So for any beginners out there or even Semi-Pros, this is a great Bass and absolutely sick for its price!!

Well what can ya say, its an Ibanez, and Ibanez has been around forever, and they've been around forever because they build great instruments. Like I've said before, for $200 you cant go wrong on this Bass. Ive never had any problems with it (and Ive had it for a long long time now and played it every day), Ive noticed that the pickups were kinda loose, but never even touched them and they're fine. Also it seemed like the EQ knob was loose too, well not loose but stripped, I could turn it up all the way or down all the way and with a little bit of force it would turn like half a turn more, but I noticed that over time and it doesnt bother me. Just remember that your only paying $200 for it, cant stress that enough.

Overall an amazing bass for its Price, dont know how many times I've said it, but you really cant go wrong on this Bass. If its gonna be your first Bass and your kinda worried about the cash, its still worth it, go used if ya have to. Of corse ya gotta play it first, but dont do the mistake that everybody does, dont play it at Guitar Center or anything like that on a Amp 10x better than yours, if you have a 15" combo setup, try to find somethin close to that there or your gonna get a different opinion on the bass. Anyway, I love the Bass and it will always be in my collection, hope I've been a help.

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