Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

Vintage Modified Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Jazz Bass series.

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All user reviews for the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 52 reviews )
 32 reviews62 %
 14 reviews27 %
 4 reviews8 %
 1 user review2 %

fredolee16's review"Nice tone and well made but a little heavy bass."

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
I bought my first one back in 2006 with the Duncan Design pickups. After a heavy use in my band and in Church, I sold it for whatever reason. I made setups for some friends in my country and I already worked with couple of this one again and of course after my setups, I play them to check them. This bass is well made and very versatile for every kind of music but are strong in the slap and pop. In the couple of this basses that I had fix, I find a common problem. First, the factory setup was horrible and very high action. It's a little hard to set up a low action without have fret buzz especially down the 12 fret or above. This could be a problem for those who has a very hard touch when they play. Not a problem if you light your touch or use a proper technique but they buzz a little bit. Third, they are heavy. First and second issues can be fixed with some setups. Third reason could be an issue especially if you play several hours or have back problems like me. Overall is a nice funky bass.
Audiofanzine FR12/30/2010

Audiofanzine FR's review

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
I'm disappointed by the finish.
1 - There is a big knot on the body. It looks like a big knob on top of the instrument. It looks awful.
2 - There was too much varnish under the 2nd fret and I had to polish it. I find such faults are not acceptable.
3 - The back of the neck has ditches and it looks like corrugated iron. The difference is almost 1mm deep!! I had never seen this before, even with very cheap bass guitars.

There are a lot of small other faults: the pickups seem to be too wide compared to the space between the strings, the binding is not varnished everywhere, the 1/4" connector is not tight, etc.


Once I set the instrument, the ergonomics are perfect and the sound is really good. But the faults on the neck are a pity!


Good sound for funk. I don't use my effect pedals anymore: they are not required. I plug it directly into the amp with flat EQ settings and the sound is nice. I didn't change the strings.


Compared with another Jazz bass copy (an old Session), the Squier VM sounds better and I don't regret having bought it. Maybe I was unlucky and got a faulty one. It's a pity and I cannot forgive this. My next instrument won't be a Squier but a Fender.

MGR/Billy's review"Squier Vintage Jazz"

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
This is the black body, black pickguard, maple neck with pearl block inlay Jazz Bass by Squier. One of the latest models in their Vintage Modified series. Agathis body with a Poly finish and Alnico magnet pickups. The knobs are volume, volume, tone.

I was excited about Squier%27s new line. I pulled the trigger on it online for $299 and waited until the FedEx truck lit up my driveway.

It looks cool. I like the satin finish neck. The body sustains well when the instrument is played acoustically.

The frets were sharp and the body is very lightweight. I would have much rather paid $349 which is the price tag for the Classic Vibe series and dealt with less shortcomings.

The pickups weren't as aggressive and growly as I had hoped.

Just OK. You can tell right away by playing it that it is a cheap instrument. Setup right out of the box was lackluster. The neck buzzed and fretted out in more than one spot. A new set of strings, a humidity controlled room and a set of allen wrenches fixed it eventually.

This bass has cool factor written all over it. Tonally I wasn%27t in love though, I would highly advise you to check out the Classic Vibe Series Jazz Bass against this.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

mooseherman's review

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
This is a Mexican made Squier guitar. Squier is made by Fender, and generally is their discount models. This is based off of a Vintage Jazz Bass. However, it's not the same quality as the actual vintage ones (Fender doesn't really make many guitars of the same quality, and if they do, they're painfully expensive). There are 3 knobs (one for each pickup, neck and bridge, and then a master tone knob). As the bass has two knobs for each pickup, there is no selection. The bass has a maple body with a maple neck and fingerboard as well. There are 20 frets and a Standard Fender Jazz bridge. Overall it's a standard bass.


It's pretty easy to play this bass, as it doesn't have any major flaws. It's not the smoothest playing bass in the world, but it could be much worse. It's a reasonably heavy bass but it's not going to hurt your back as much as a thick vintage P-bass potentially would. Getting a good sound out of it is pretty tricky unless you change the pickups.


As I said in the last paragraph, I don't think this bass sounds particularly good. However, the trick with Squiers in general is basically to gut them and get new pickups and wiring. The main reason that Squiers are so much cheaper than their Fender counterparts is that the pickups and wiring are worse. Therefore, a simple rewiring and installing new pickups will solve that problem. They probably still won't be as finely tuned or set up as nice as a real Jazz Bass but you can have that fixed as well. This makes this option far cheaper than buying a vintage bass. Therefore, while this bass doesn't sound that good on its own, it does have the potential to sound good. It can sound thick, warm, and smooth like a traditional Fender Jazz bass if you install the right pickup. Otherwise, it's more dead and flat-sounding.


I like the price of this bass the best. I don't like the fact that you have to do a lot of work on it to get it to sound good, but that's a fair trade. It just depends on whether you have the time or the inclination to get the right kind of sound for it. Having a good idea about what kind of pickups to install in it would help too. I've played many other kinds of Jazz basses, most of them better than this one, but this one is still good.
MGR/Ben C03/08/2004

MGR/Ben C's review"Modulus Vintage Jazz"

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
I had been looking for a good bass for a long time when I found that I loved the sound of a jazz bass. After playing Fenders (even the American Deluxe models) I wondered if I could ever find a jazz bass that didn't feel chunky, had a great slap tone, and didn't have dead spots all over the fretboard. I encountered this Modulus bass used at a local store and paid $1000 for it.

First off, this bass is great looking. It looks a lot like a vintage jazz bass with a cream colored body and red toroise shell pickguard. The bass isn't all old-fashioned, though. Modern features make this bass great, with the Bartolini pickups and carbon fiber neck. The Bartolinis provide a warm, detailed tone perfect for anything from fingerstyle funk to slap. When I turned the bass and amp up all the way, there was still no noise from the electronics! Although this bass is offered with active electronics, I would be afraid of taking away from the natural warmth of the pickups, which have great clarity anyway. Perhaps the most amazing part of this bass is the neck. It is very fast playing. The carbon fiber creates and incredible look, virtually no warping, incredible sustain, no buzz, and absolutely no dead spots! Lastly, the Gotoh tuners keep this bass in tune forever!

The only drawback with this bass is the difficulty of reaching the upper register. While the fingerboard is 21 frets, which is average for any bass, the body sticks out very far at the joint, causing a lot of hand strain once you get to the last few frets.

The construction of this bass is nearly flawless. Each fret is set beautifully. The neck, held on by 4 large bolts, is joined snugly onto the body. The only construction problem I have encountered with this bass is that one of the strap buttons comes loose every once in a while, which I'm sure can easily be fixed.

This bass is great for anyone who likes jazz basses but doesn't want to put up with the buzz, chunky feel, and mediocre sound of a Fender. If you've ever wished you could find a jazz bass with an unbelievable Bartolini tone, great playability, and no fret buzz or dead spots, this is your bass!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

shar24's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good surprise"

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
This bass is made in Indonesia (not often read as China). The handle of Jazzbass type is maple, as well as the key. 20 frets. The model is equipped with microphones received "fender designed" jazz bass. A volume by microphones, and a tone control.


The handle of Jazzbass type is very nice, close, sliding wish to recommend for small hands. The bass is not what one might call Light. The maple body is painted in 3 parts fit perfectly, nothing to say, the finish is just perfect focus.
I have not had to change the setting of the handle, the action is low, no rope frieze, I just recovered slightly microphones, but that is a matter of taste. Mounted strings are not very pleasant, but it is not a problem. I read young bassists who want to change the pickups, I do not think it is necessary, they do their job very well, and with the mix of the two sounds to cover all styles are obtained. This bass is for me a second low for stay at home (I have a Luthman wave for now)


For what I intended, it is perfect. I play on a ebs head and 2X10 speaker eden. but I work with headphones with a mini vox APBS, which allows me to move me wherever I like. I am a musician from variety ... 45 years old and plays no effect (I abandoned my Trace Elliot compressor long.)


I have this bass for 24 hours. I played a lot of bass. First bass, Godin, fender Jazzbass us, Leduc masterpieces, Larrivée, Musicman Sterling, Warwick.
And I had a little all brands second instrument.

This Squier, for the price is a bargain, this is indisputable, and it competes with models without problem worth double. I do not know about how it ages, but we do not expect a low 300 euros impossible. So if you start at the bottom or if you are confirmed but broke, go, this bass will do just as well as a Mexican (and I know) And remember that it's Squier is written on the handle and not Fender.

-Livingroom-'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A Squier supoer to start."

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
Made in Indonesia, 4 strings, 21 frets, 2 Duncan designed pickups jb kind of very good quality for the price. fender easel base handle with a great radius and a great tune, better than many I've played fender. it is very close to the head, and it's very nice. two volumes a tone and jack. Everything is very well finished.


The handle is great in my opinion, this is a jazz bass shape, so super ergonomic (for me it was always the best thing since the 50's) while the handle is super playable, you can go from jazz to rock smoothly with the settings not worth the price it is perfect.


A bass are the fingers that make the sound much, so except for a possible upgrade pickups, 1000boules or more to buy a real good fender (but good huh), frankly better keep it. I use it on almost all my productions, and I'm never disappointed (or those that make me orders for that matter). I record or in a vt4 Ampeg (normally plugged into a guitar cabinet but the same brand 8 * 10), or in a svt 2 or plusgénéralement in my little art tube preamp tube (and it still works as good), to which likes to take note of saturation in the ass, so enjoy! The only flaw is cracking when you move the knobs, but I'll have to motivate myself to put a bomb blow contact.


it's been five years now that I use it, I never had desoucis except those crunches. The value for money is excellent, and the fact that the color is natural wood that we know that it is not plywood. I tried a bunch of other Squier bass that that were not as good ...

fartamis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" incredible value"

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
no need to mention everyone know the specs.


the handle is a true ice slides his own.

access to acute is a charm.

ergonomics is good whatever sitting position it tends to lean forward but accotant forearm on the body everything is ok.

there's no problem getting a good sound.


it is perfect for my musical styles rock, prog, blues, jazz.

have is not able to get a clear and bold sound without problem, the pickups are a sacred good job.

I play on an amp Ampeg PF500 connected to my computer with a good sound card and headphone denon ah-d600 and sounds, a true killer sound. I play sometimes on my EX112 eden office and it's still a killer sound.


I use it for ten days.

I had a budget of $ 600 ie before tax, I tried some other model Ibanez, Cort, Yamaha, ltd, and even a fender Mexican Jazzbass.

I'll make my own opinion.
so here I simply can not believe it, I read about 300 critics in the last two months prior to my purchase on the bass and it was only praise to no end, but I was skeptical view the price and when I decided to see it more closely I fell on my ass, the finish is perfect everything is straight and centered on the bridge pickup the key pickgard plate control the black rectangles on the handle the frets are filed down and not hanging the varnish is applied smooth and flawless, then I plugged it into an amp to try and here I must say that I was literally blown away by the sound quality of this low the pickups are powerful but also delivers a sound quality breath away really gets his Jazzbass, the control buttons are very responsive have easily gets the sound you want from very light to very fat, short for the price paid $ 300 cad I just can not believe it, only negative point the bridge is a little cheapette but it's the same job I'm still going to change it to a gotoh 201b-4 and the action was a little high but in turn the maker and voila.

in conclusion I really do not regret my choice and it has nothing to envy to the Mexican Jazzbass costing 2x the price, impeccable finish and incredible sound for this price it is theft.
P'tit Ju10/13/2013

P'tit Ju's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good development potential. Excellent as a first purchase."

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
See other reviews for specific characteristics. I have since 2008 and this is what I personally think of the features:

The wood is ... >> real wood, not straw, and it is quite ok. This is not a body in one piece but it does the job. In this price range it's great.
The >> duncan design pickups are not really exceptional (I have ultimately replaced with real seymour duncan and there it sounds!)
>> The look is very nice, however the finish is a bit awkward (the edging a little beyond, the pickguard has a sort of "lump" ...)
>> The bridge is a weak point: the grooving of one of my bridges messed up (I took the opportunity to ask a Babicz, it gave me the excuse I expected :))
>> I have a band in the upper which can be seen in one day on one side of the handle, not great but you can live with.

For the price, it's honest, it was wood, it has style.


Ergonomics is that of a jazz bass. The satin finish of the handle is nice. The body vibrates well.

The handle was too high at the beginning, after an adjustment is much better, but I think some frets are not super well placed and it is a shame if this handle is really not bad.

The sound controls are very traditional with Volume volume tone. I would have preferred as qqchose Blend / Volume / Tone but it is personal.

For the price, same is correct!


With my seymour duncan (SJB1 in SJB2 in neck and bridge) it sounds very good. I have this setup since 2008 and it's a sound that I like for my jazz bass, I'm not tired and I have no discomfort to record live.
Of course I also like the different sounds (at warwick, musicman, Rickenbaker ...) but this bass type of sound, I do not feel that it could "be better."

That said with the original pickups was the opposite ... I had to change them.

To roughly a comparison, I had the same seymour duncan on a low Cort (at about the same rate): the sound was different of course, but mostly it did not sound much, it was less alive, less direct ... difficult to describe. The pickups are not everything, I think that Squier violin gives it a great potential for great sound.

Originally: sound a little sad, no concern for most concerts rock / pop / etc but it is only correct, no more!

I note "good" because after 5 years of use I think it has potential to make a great sound (see perfect for a jazz bass but perfection ...). It is not found "stuck" with, it can evolve and it is worth it.


For its price it is a very interesting bass in a standard format and a very nice finish: you can not crash.
Given its direct competitors it has the advantage of being carved out a decent wood, not the agathis, not Nato, etc..
We can do something!

However unlike other enthusiastic reviews I put a big caveat: it is far from perfect. At 300 euros it is normal, the value for money is excellent, but in absolute terms it is correct.

Will I do it again this choice? In the context yes, I do not regret it! I still live with ;)
But today no I do not redeem this low I am no longer a student, I have a real job, so I will order my parts from Warmoth or I will consider perhaps a low sandberg. I have a perfect violin, but it is not at all the same price ...

Blop37's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My second bass!"

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
See other opinions! ;)


- The handle is it nice?

I find it perfect! This is my second bass, before I played on a stagg who begins to date and I have to say that the race has absolutely nothing to do! That slides alone! The maple neck gives a good slamming her that I love.

- Access to acute is easy?

Faith yes, as any jazz bass on anything. After we must admit that this is not the most important when you play bass! ;)

- Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?

No problem, it's a jazz bass so a fairly common form. Sitting, standing, it adapts to all! Level weight is a little heavy but it is not very disturbing when one is accustomed.

- Gets it easy to sound good?

So I do not have much basis for comparison as my old bass was really bad ... But this little Squier blew me his level! Some even say it is well worth the models Fender Made in Mexico! ;) The Duncan Design pickups are doing their job, you can easily get a well-rounded and more aggressive sound to our desire. I still feel that this bass is the foundation designed for slap: it unravels everything! The sound is ultra slamming and beautiful ... I love it!


- Are they suitable for your style of music?

It's simple: it is suitable for all! Except perhaps in very heavy metal ... and it remains to be seen! ;) This is a very versatile bass that fits all styles.

- With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?

I use it mainly in connection to my sound card, so no effect. If I plug in my amp Stagg but rendering is not great ... I'm going to have to invest! : P

- What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold", ....)?

Most of the time it's simple: I put all the way! Actually I have not really tried to sound hacked but I'll try it! ;)

- What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?

I love everything! Which is rare for a bass in this range, as we remember that we are talking about a low less than 400 €!


- How long have you use it?

It will be two weeks now and I fell in love!

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?

Before I had a low Stagg range from a low pack + amp (imagine the quality ...). I hesitated between the Squier and SUB at Sterling. Unable to find the Squier, she immediately liked me.

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?

Pros: She is beautiful I must admit, it really makes you want to take it and play with. The finish is perfect, no surprises. The sound is great I think, feel ultra comfortable ... no complaints!

The -: The knobs have no markers, so that it's a bit hard to know where we are ... but is a detail!

- How would you rate the quality / price?

For low less than 400 €, it is excellent! So of course it can not be worth the Fender USA, but there is another budget! In any case I think I'll keep it a little while.

-With experience, you do again this choice?

Yes without hesitation!