Guillaume LANGEVIN 08/11/2004

Line 6 MM4 : Guillaume LANGEVIN's user review


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Multi-Line 6 effects of dedicated to modulations.
100% digital technology is the emulation of the best known modulations of the 60s to today's big.
Does not connect to a PC, on the other hand, given the complexity of the beast, it is not much ... :-)
Plugs AC course (very highly recommended by the way) or food for 30? battery in two days, the choice is yours :-))
4 memories
16 modulations
But adequate standard connectors.
We just wish the abscence of a button on / off (forced to live off the area to extinguish the beast) and a diode which indicates that the MM4 is running.


Then the config it looks something simply childish. Even Francis Lalan tame the beast in five minutes ... ten good for him but no more ... no joke nan is ultra clear, intuitive and simple, nothing to complain about that.
To edit a sound is the same, unless you are a fan of "watch your step" it is done quietly, the modulation is selected, you set the buttons tweez tweak speed and depth and mix it supports three seconds on one of the 4 switch the front and basta bouritos is in the pocket.
If you use a pedal expr you can assign to any parameter, be it speed, profodeur effect or even its size in the mix. For more details on configuring the MM4 with expr pedal, take a look at the manual it explains everything clearly.
Bah just the manual: I was told "you'll see, there's good joke." So, is a joke of shit, but the joke is always that. Line 6 has a printed manual for its range: the MM4, the DL4, FM4 and the DM4, everything is grouped in the same book. Practice either. So manual clearly explains how to get the original sound of a modulation, which settings do what the knob mm4 matches that of the original pedal, well short fouttu.


Then what is the point Paske's manual is very nice but not buy a beast with 250? for that. I know the sound of a pedal emulated by MM4 is the home phase90 MXR (legendary by the way) and I must say that by listening carefully, reproduction is very good, very carefully, it seems limited the original. So I do not know if that's not it for all effects but still it is that it ensures the little MM4 serious race of his mother's sister to digital. It's frankly not cold, the settings are effective and everything sounds really good. I remember hearing as good as the digital modulation, even in Boss or Digitech. Brief respect for the job is good
I use it with a Jackson JS30 Dinky custom house (the worry you own children) and a Vigier Excalibur Custom home too (made by a luthier there, I would not risk anything at all by myself with a toy like that :-))
My favorite effects remain in pole position on Phase90, reproduced again perfectly, a tremolo ch'tit not bad at all and a chorus (they are honestly the good chorus by the way)


I use it for a relatively short time but I doubt that even in hindsight I resell one day. It's solid, beautiful (blue fashion trend), it sounds very good, it never shit, q / p excellent short go for the children!