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Strymon introduces the Deco pedal

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Strymon Deco

Deco, Strymon’s new effect pedal sends you right back to the 50s and 60s studios with their tape machines.

Deco offers two types of effects: tape saturation and doubletracker. Their respective knobs gives you the ability to vary the sound so you can go from a subtle compressed saturation to a transparent overdrive on one side and start from a flange, then a chorus, slapback and tape echo with the other effect. Both effects can be bypassed individually thanks to two footswitches, note that the Doubletacker footswitch can activate an auto-flange effect when pressed longer.

A Blend control allows for mixing the relative level of each “deck” and another Wobble knob adds speed modulation to the doubletracker. A volume control is also available. Right in the middle is a switch that will change the type of Blend according to different phase and routing settings: in Sum mode both “decks” are on phase, Invert reverses the doubletracker phase and in Bounce mode, the phase of the Doubletracker right channel is reversed and bounces to the left channel in order to create a stereo pong effect or a dual repeat effect when using the mono output.

Last, each of the five knobs has a hidden feature: High and Low Trim, Auto-Flange time, Wide Stereo mode and +/-3dB boost/cut.


The Deco stompbox features a high-impedance mono input that can be switched to TRS stereo input via an internal jumper, a stereo output with two Standard and Wide Stereo routing modes and an input for expression, tap or favorite (presets) pedal.

Deco will be available soon, you can already pre-order it for the US price of $299 / around 300€ in Europe. More details at www.strymon.net.








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