Zoom G2
Zoom G2

G2, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the G2 series.

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All user reviews for the Zoom G2

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 31 reviews )
 15 reviews48 %
 11 reviews35 %
 4 reviews13 %
 1 user review3 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

iamqman's review"Nice unit"

Zoom G2
To much of my surprise I have found that this little unit does all that I need and so much more. This is a pint size all in one effects pedal that can give you a plethora of available modulation and effects sounds. You get an assortment of amps sounds as well as a great sounding bank of effects to go along with those amps tones. This pedal does so much that it is hard to believe that it has only a price tag of $9. That is a lot of features and sounds for a pedal that is basically the price of a single effect Boss pedal of some sort.


Zoom G2 Features:

96kHz sampling

24-bit A/D/A conversion

32-bit processing

20Hz - 40kHz flat responce

120dB SNR

16 amp/stomp modeling

9 effect modules

54 effect types

40 user patch + 40 factory patch

6-band EQ


This pedal is a very inexpessive pedal that can do a load of operation with a price point that is very hard to beat. I think of this little pedal as a budget friendly Line 6 POD pedal. This little unit does so much but that price is so low that it is hard to pass up. Especially during these tough economic times there needs to be something out there that deleivers the tone and sounds for a low price. This pedal has so many options and suprisingly sound pretty decent for what it is doing.


You can pick this pedal up for right at around $99 which is a heck of a price if you ask me. You can't get a lot lot these days for $99 and t get something like this with all the options it has for this price is astonishing. I would recommend this to anyone who needs an all in one pedal for effects and sounds for under $100. This is a fun pedal for someone who is on a very tight budget and needs an all in one pedal. This is not a pedal for the forum gear geeks who plays in their basements and have more expensive gear than most professionals.
Audiofanzine FR12/30/2010

Audiofanzine FR's review

Zoom G2
Originally written by cil20 on Audiofanzine FR.

Great value for money!
Good quality connections.
Sound editing is made directly on the device.


Very easy to use: experienced people can avoid reading the manual.


I used it with a Mexico Standard Strat and a Peavey MX all-tube amp.
The sound is fully ok.
You'll find many patches on the web.
They are often a good start for sound editing. You can tune them depending on your taste and your gear.


I bought it for my daughter who wanted to learn guitar.
Being a good daddy, I tried it out before giving it to her.
I'm impressed by the quality of this product. I only tried the factory presets without editing anything. The design is nice, the housing seems to be sturdy, the small tuner and the drum machine are convenient to play at home. The sound is very surprising considering the price. Of course, it sounds digital but usable in various applications. I'm even thinking about buying the version with expression pedal to have more fun.
Jim Ladine03/28/2013

Jim Ladine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good multi-purpose pocket"

Zoom G2
Multi-effects pedal for electric guitar
54 programmable effects
9 effect modules
80 patches in total
9 simultaneous effects
Sampling frequency 96 kHz
Zoom noise reduction
16 amp simulation and pedals
Chromatic tuner
Beatbox patterns incorporated 40
Metal case
Delivered with the software "Cubase Le"


Multi effects very easy to use, is nevertheless footswitches to manage greatest effects on stage Emphasized by the lack of an expression pedal.
A convenient USB port for connecting to a computer, pedals supplied with Cubase LE software for recording.


Very good multi-effects, rich and interesting effects.
Distortions are easily adjustable, flangers have a swipe strip wide enough for the time, it really gives the impression of playing in concert, great for solos.


This multi effects are well worth price. I would do not purchase this because I have a Vetta II pedalboard. However I advise this multi-effects for every budget who want a large amount of high-quality effects.

mrfrizz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad"

Zoom G2
Pedal digital much effect ... It has all been said before.


Configuration simple enough, but still above long enough to equalize the volumes between the different presets.
The manual is very clear, detailing the various settings.


I had this pedal with an old transistor amp. The sound emerged very cold, lifeless, especially the distorted sounds. But in a tube amp, you can feel the pedal really breathe. The clean sounds are very good (although the default presets are a little overloaded with effects), and saturation rather mixed, some more satisfactory, others useless.
The special effects are many and varied, but some are very bad (ring modulator, ...), while others, including the harmonization and the octave, are excellent.
On the drum machine, offering sounds pretty good, about thirty different beats ... it will be the perfect complement to a looper;)

Sometimes I plug the pedal directly into the sound, making it very well thanks to the integrated speaker simulation. Saturations out less than a tube amp, but it is very useful for troubleshooting or to disseminate only the drum machine. Yet to try it with a microphone for vocals!


I had this pedal 4 years ago, and have neglected for 2 or 3 years for lack of a sound amplifier to enable it to properly. I rediscovered recently, and I was amazed at the sounds obtained in my new amp!
While the bypass is fairly transparent, it still takes a lot of momentum, so a looper "True Bypass" is essential if you have a tube amp and you're a little picky about the sound.
Otherwise, for the price, great pedal, but with experience, I chose the G2.1u, for the expression pedal (which can still be added later, I made mine, it works very well).

jofal62's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G2
is digital, everything is doable, but we get is good, very bad either it depends.


not easy to use, comprehensive manual, but too easy editing of settings, you get lost and lose time instead of playing.


not very realistic effects surtou in full, clean sounds are ok, but some are awful, the presets are zero.


I used my small amp to boost travel and that's it because frankly, both alone and invest in a good pedal.

RedMeister's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G2
Everything is pretty much say above, it is a digital effects pedal for guitar, there's about all the guitar effects on it ...


I've never read the manual, not that I do not read ^ ^, but because-as I usually do like that, discover and launch myself.
It's pretty simple let's say I put a little time before having any all-inclusive settings. But after I understood: what was the setting and as such adjustment (this is the volume of this, that and the settings of the tones of it ...), everything becomes instinctive.
The thing that I put as much time to find and the bypass!
The latter, which simply snaps-made: by pressing both buttons simultaneously ...


Where to start ....

The effects of delay and reverb are very good!
I'm no fan of DeLay, but is excellent on the G2.
Reverb me a lot more. There is the natural setting of the volume reverberation, tone, and what I call the "intensity" of the Rever. SA to find perfect reverb.
Note that according to the effect there are different reverb, some which can be very fun for grand.Intéressant to act as if we were playing in a huge room, so we have a small room. ^ ^
The Chorus is very good too, there is settings like on a real chorus pedal, very good.

Distortions for the interesting and you can get a good range of different sound, for example: a small Overdrive, then, right next to a boosted overdrive and distortion Rock, then a typed Metal and Disto strong distortion boosted to simplify life on a solo speed ...

But the problem with this is that distortion pedal you ever happen to a completely satisfying its reach to say that we would have "his favorite." There is always a perceived lack somewhere, lack of body, a small lack of natural, where a small presence on the acid sound that would make it disappear.
Otherwise than that, we are far from being in the poor quality is well above the average high, "is making sounds that sounds to sound his guitar" is entirely feasible with this small photo G2.

The clean sounds are very good although it can "beautify" its clear sound with some effects (reverb and chorus flat, which I do).
I think with all effects set to off as it sounds Bypass.

The gate is very effective, really nickel, perfect to remove the unwanted noise, where a little hard to adjust quickly to stop its sound, or completely stop on the sustain (like Noise gate to 15/16).

There is a simulator firm that is correct, it is convenient to have it on hand for the distortions in the G2 sounds ringing on the sound system when we could not help but tap into it.

I could use it with different guitars and different amps.
Strangely where he sounded the best in me is a little Vox Pathfinder 15watts (Very good small transistor amps by the way) on a Tube Amp 30watts upscale, or 100 watt high-end 4x12.


This is the only multi-effect guitar that I really used, I've had 3 years.
I would say that it's a great little trick to have a backup, or a great little trick for those who want to make the guitar with a good multi-purpose.

Trivia: For a concert where I was supposed to be moments guitarist and drummer at times (I had to bring my drum hardware in addition to guitar), I get (cause: in the car) just my guitar and G2 I had this little set in advance (Simulation Office) as to be connected directly to the PA. Metal was a concert and it went well, it sounded (admittedly with a very refined setting) pretty well as it should. :)

I would do this choice, for the price, as stated several top: a nice little Swiss Army knife!

cil20's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" grateux quality of Japan"

Zoom G2
it is digital! but for the price it rocks!
The metal connector looks pretty good bill.
The editing is done directly on his beast.


Very easy to use if you have a little habit of hacking devices we do without the little manual


I used it with a Mexican Standard and strato any original + a Peavey MX everything lamp.
The sounds are quite correct.
There is a multitude of patch on the Net
which often gives a good starting point for editing sound. With you to adapt to suit your tastes and your gear.


I bought this beast for my daughter who started to play guitar.
I therefore in a good dad, quickly tested before offering.
I'm bleufé by the quality of this produit.je have only tested the factory preset without touching anything and already there some way out chose.Le design is super nice, the boiboite looks pretty solid, the small tuner and drum machine are well appreciated for work at home. The tone quite surprising for a pedal in this range prix.Après that remains of the digital sound always sound a bit plastic but quite usable in various configurations for 35 € and hand and all the services it renders it must not even think priver.Je pay me with the expression pedal history fun. The leatherman

Mister_Jé's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G2
Jolie boitounette which has almost everything: drum patern 40 (géniale!) Effects of suckers, modeling amps famous.

All effects are adjustable and so once that's done, you can organize, arranged according to your taste and method of work or for chaining scene. The effects are clean and are what they are saying it was very proper for the price and brand. Some say that it sounds "synthetic" While it's true but I recall that it is the zoom. Additionally you can always add a few adjustments and it runs well like that too.

I find it perfect: small, lightweight, fairly reliable (if not play football with ... I know, sisi ...) and fairly easy to use even if it takes time to read the instructions for sure do not blunder, but once in hand, it goes alone, c nikel.

I blow my own home with drum machines, effects, short, it is the foot, while the AC headphones not wake the neighbors, it's great. I regret a decision to include USB patern or patch. I regret also that the "drum machine" can not engage with the foot.

Finally I found that for 50euro (doccaz) bin is really nothing wrong, it's the little stuff that enables the beginner, novice show confirmed + way to have fun and cheaply.


raffaello's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G2
Many effects, amp simulations, an accurate equalizer, 80 patches, a drum machine, a tuner, a power amplifier / headphones. A real Swiss knife.


In fact I think it does everything, but not very well, I got tired very quickly. In summary, it is not good enough to plug into amp is too big to play with headphones and carry, the tuner is just to troubleshoot. After it is to register or to the drum machine, but there are other products that make it better. But mostly I think it's too complicated to use, I do not fit, you spend more time dealing with that play, and it is mostly why I sold it. In fact I did not need a multi effect pedal version (or zoom stands up very well), but a preamp type "pod".

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G2
See previous opinions.


There is a small "screen" with 2 digits. The configuration is simple once one has memorized the meaning of shortcuts through the manual (eg "Ac" Vox AC30). If the principle is simple you turn the knobs and here it is very instinctive and you can hear the results simultaneously.


I like especially clear effects and crunches, distos are sometimes a little "synthéthiques" Some builders are presets but overall it's not top, if not downright horrible, but if you make your own sound or that we look on the internet there are really bluffing sounds. +1 For very typical amp models and really nice clean sounds! -1 For distos especially some that sound like a synth 80's


Two months that I have and I use it all the time, to give my guitar to play with headphones, I carry, I obviously plays amp, I register on PC, I do not separate myself more! I hesitated with the Korg but this one has more possibilities such as useful rhythm patterns with respect to G1 there are more effects and is more complete. I really like it a lot so I put him 10 everywhere!