Image Line FL Studio 8 Producer Edition
Image Line FL Studio 8 Producer Edition

FL Studio 8 Producer Edition, Electronic Music Sequencer from Image Line in the FL Studio 8 series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 3 reviews )
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MGR/slimpickings's review"Fruity Loops FL Studio 8 Producer Edition"

Image Line FL Studio 8 Producer Edition
I still call this Fruity Loops but the company seems to have gone all professional image so now they've shortened it to FL Studios. Whatever name they want to give it, the software is still a terrific program. I've been using Fruity Loops for years but this is the version I'm currently working with.

The range of abilities covered is incredible but my favorite features are the piano roll and the drum sequencer. This is by far the easiest drum sequencer I've ever tried so it's perfect for beginners but it's complex enough that it's great for professionals as well.

Probably the best feature is that FL Studio 8 is compatible with VST fx and instrumental plug-ins. This vastly enhances your customization and the capabilities of the program. I really don't think I would find the program half as useful without the VST compatibility.

The one thing that I don't care to use FL Studio 8 for is recording my vocal tracks. While producing clean sound, the depth is lacking. It's best for the instrumental portion of your tracks.

This is one of the most full-functioned production software programs at this low price point. Just about every other program I've thought about trying costs so much more that I don't bother. Why spend more when this program works so well?

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Nhcool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Image Line FL Studio 8 Producer Edition
Very easy installation

Configuration very easy with a driver asio4all impressing stability and performance.

Hon assistance, without more, I know I did when I dj galR effect return because of the manual.


- Laptop medion centrino 1.7 GHz, 2 GB RAM, dd classic 80 gb with 1tb for samples and loops (250 loops to go pro + 10 GB hard vinyl underground funk and soul numriss) 15.4 and 22 inch screen.

- MAUDIO firewire soundcard.

- System model in terms of stability, yet to date!

- Trs intressant performance, we gotta go to push the end, nevertheless have, I'd be better with a Core Duo 8xxx


- I use Fruity for 11 years (!)

- I tried acid (see anything, and Ableton Live 8 (see nothing)

- What I like most is indeed easy to configure the section (too), unlimited number of tracks, the fact that loops are often stall on the beat automatiquement.Le Plug In SLICEX is exceptional to ease (there is currently nothing better to do the beat). That is, months I'm not even shitting dcouper to steal music, nah man, I put the direct mp3 funk slicex old and I cut my shares and march forward has Subsequently, masi guy's a secret.)
- What I like least is the kind of groove quantize, rgler not practical, and not sound like the boss Roland or Akai (Basically, the taps on Roland groovy beats 4 times Moreover, of the Groove Quantize exceptional engineer for labores by composers from roland .. s To save the voice is not practical either. I also do not like the fact that if we do not attention, lose his power, and metal rings and toys. (From 4 to cons with Izotope ass sounds serious, sometimes sounding like a can of MBM but it is rare, with guru too.)

- Yes I would do this choice because I sold and / or placed a lot of beats made with this software and Cubase.

msieur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Image Line FL Studio 8 Producer Edition
Yes installation a breeze Dhabi.
for configuring the software is more confortble,
manual in English, fortunately I have friends who help me


Amd athlon 3000 + duo 2gig ddr2 it okay with this setup, stable and all


I have been using the 6 I believe
I like the least, the thing that deoit me the most is that the audio is really not comfortable, I gave up working with audio loops above dailleurs just tinkering pr, 2nd thing is the fact that sony acid pro p.exple Project5 and you have everything under the eyes, while many groups The elements, then on to look for a fruityloops right to left has cooled a bit if we have a passion for music as me, ha yes there is the fact that it is dark and then it passes almost 1 quarter of an hour to try to sample gar inftead to simply ask where he is.
Automation is the most ais, easy to play with a MIDI controller, the rapid loading, when you click on the icon FLStudio is ready immediately, not wait 3 or 4 minutes as some software, and then the audio drumloop it sound good on it, too bad the audio is hard, is not the same fluid as music maker p.exple. No, but after testing almost every sequenseur general, I must admit that I am compltement fruityloops cooled, it is far from comfortable against a Project5, Acid Pro and Ableton Live, it's just the interface that is attractive, there is also the Sytrus I like PCBS and simynth a little differently, I find it not an ale bne sound quality I speak mainly for midi drum paterrne, the orca is the test sample drum with the preview it sounds super tough, and I quend places on the paternal or piano roll, it sounds copmme a pet, mdrr, unless you use vsti plusiseurs with the famous layer, in short, I drop orion platinum and fruityloops