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All user reviews for the Reason Studios Reason 4

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 22 reviews )
 14 reviews64 %
 5 reviews23 %
 2 reviews9 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money : Excellent

JayDMusic's review

Reason Studios Reason 4
Where do I start. Well, the unpacking was harmless and it was easy to install. You have a registration card sent with it that is important to keep at all times for the unexpected hard drive failure. Config was fine and it automatically picked up my MM6, Keystation, MPD24 and Firewire Mixer. It was easy as can be to get started. The typical functions are all present, and the settings are extremely simple to adjust, with all settings being in one settings window instead of many different settings scattered around.


My configuration of a Firewire mixer which could stand in for a card or interface, anything that can be plugged into the computer using a USB or Firewire cord, was seamless into Reason. Any MIDI controller I've used works, and I've yet to have any problems. If it detects a problem with your config, it'll tell you so with a big red X. If it's all good, then it'll display a big green check. Anything that failed during production and plugged back in didn't require a restart of Reason like FL Studio or Cubase. I've been using this configuration with the exception of the Firewire mixer being swapped for an X2u since I got it.


What I like most is the quality of the sounds. They sound fantastic, and you can find packs in the Sound Bank that suit any need. Thor is also a great addition, something that wasn't present in Reason 3. I also like the combinators, which provide for easy mixing and easy packaging of otherwise complex setups and instruments. What I don't like about Reason is the lack of VST or VSTi compatibility. This is really annoying, as you have to use stock Reason mixers, delays, reverbs, compressors, and so on. This is a huge limiting factor, but it's understandable that PropellerHead wants people to buy their add-ons, ones which are the only add-ons compatible with Reason, called ReFills. After using it for two years, I would still buy Reason. It's a great, intuitive program, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

moosers's review

Reason Studios Reason 4
I wasn't involved with the installation process of Propellerhead Reason 4 as it was already installed on the machine that I have run it on.  Although I can't say anything about installing it, I do know that there haven't been any problems running it since I have been using it.  The interface of the software is reminiscent of Reason 3.0, but in general it looks a lot more modern and there are a ton of new features to play with.  I find that it is overall easier to use than 3.0, but it did take me a little while to get used to the switch.  The manual for the software is put together well and is definitely helpful to have around when learning how to use this.


I have used Propellerhead Reason 4 on an Apple G5 desk top that usually runs with a Pro Tools HD system.  This is a very powerful set up and is more than capable of running this program.  If you are running a lesser system, it may vary on how well this runs on your system.  It really just depends on your personal set up, but if you are running Reason 3.0 or another sequencer in the vein of Reason already, I think that you should be able to run this software without a problem.


Overall, Propellerhead Reason 4 is a lot better than 3.0.  If you aren't familiar with either of these, Reason is overall a very powerful piece of software and is an almost perfect all in one stop for making MIDI music.  The sounds are quite realistic and varied and of course you can always make your own sounds and import them into this.  My favorite feature of Reason 4 when compared to 3.0 is the addition of the arpeggiator as you can really get some interesting tones with this.  The price of this version of Reason I believe is the same as it was before, but this time around you are getting a lot more value.  All in all, if you are looking to get into making music with MIDI, Reason 4.0 is one of the best sequencers that money can buy.
Audiofanzine FR03/10/2009

Audiofanzine FR's review

Reason Studios Reason 4
(Originally written by Yvo2000/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
- Did you have any problems during installation?

I just copied and pasted the original folder of the DVD into the Applications folder of my Intel Mac. No problems whatsoever... But Reason 4.0 replaced my previous Reason folder. If you saved your Refills (Reason's sound banks) in this folder, the update will delete them and you'll have to install them again... And it's the same with v4.1.

- Is the user's manual clear and comprehensive?

Comprehensive manual. The software is easy enough so you won't need the user's manual in the beginning. But if you read it you'll learn lots of tips and details you'd never learn on your own.


- Which computer system do you use?

Intel Mac Duo Core 2.5 GHz, 4 GB Ram

- Does the software work correctly with your setup?

- How is the performance? (if measurable)

My system allows me to easily work with very large projects. With a less powerful computer (my old Power G4, for example) you'll feel frustrated because the program is very resource demanding. However, Reason's main advantage is still its low CPU consumption, which allows you to capture your ideas on the fly even if your traveling with a laptop.

- What about the hardware+software configuration stability?

Reason for Mac is just the most reliable music software I know. Propellerhead's ads don't lie: no-bug warranty!


- How long have you been using it?

I've been using Reason since it's launch in 2001. I've experienced its whole development firsthand. In the beginning it was just unbeatable regarding ease of use, coherency and performance, even with small computer systems (at that time). But competitors also exploited their talent and creativity. Reason is still a great solution to pre-produce my projects. Even on the train on my way to work I can quickly capture my ideas.

- Which feature do you like best?

° I like the coherency, the ease of use and the versatility (comprehensive and creative routing possibilities). It's like when I started playing Lego as a child and couldn't stop anymore. I do a lot for pre-production and Reason can manage virtually every task. But Reason is not only a good toy for pre-production, you can keep everything you did during the final production using Rewire in your DAW.

° More precisely I like especially the REGROOVE engine that allows me to create great patches and grooves, the new Midi sequencer that makes almost everything possible, the "Reason Electric Bass" extension (not included) that sounds incredibly authentic, both arpeggiators that make everything possible, the Randomiser and Alterner function, the pattern creation (which can lead to amazing results), and the high-quality Subtractor and Thor virtual synths.

- Which special feature do you like the least?

° No audio recording function, no integration of external plug-ins and Midi modules, which means that Reason must be used as the slave of a DAW. However Rewire is very well implemented in Cubase and Logic (but you'll need a powerful computer). Nonetheless it's somewhat elaborate. It's a waste of time and it'll give you headaches. I don't understand why Proppelerhead still doesn't offer Reason as AU/VST instrument.

° The main turnoff is the quality of the effects (compressor, distortion and reverb), far below the quality of Apple's Logic plug-ins, which is not much more expensive.

- Did you try any other models before buying it?

I tested Fruity Loop. But Reason was much better. Fruity Loop has changed a lot ever since. I also used Cubase in 2000, which I found very unreliable with my Win XP PC. I then bought Logic Pro and I like it very much. However I still use Reason regularly for pre-production. I know it very well after so many years..

- How would you rate its value for money?

Quite good. I've been owning it since 2001 and the updates weren't expensive. But Logic Pro's current version is not expensive compared with Reason and it's much more professional in many aspects. However Reason is still a very good product and it allows you to do things that you can hardly do in Logic or Cubase. On top of that Reason is so intuitive that it increases your creativity.

- Based on your experience, would you buy this product again?

For sure! I don't regret the eight years I've spent with Reason and I still use it every week. It's sort of an audio Lego that allows you to achieve professional results if you know how to insert it in a larger production environment. Nevertheless, I cannot rely solely on Reason for my music.

songboy's review

Reason Studios Reason 4
Not a single problem with the install. I haven't tried any refills yet but I would imagine they would work great too. I have a mac laptop, there were no compatibility issues. I have Logic 8 also, and in comparison, Reason is not as simple in configuration or setup. Infact, when I first used it, I was fairly confused. Logic's interface is just so damned easy that I feel I was expecting more out of this program. What I can tell you though is once you get the hang of it, its a piece of cake. The manual is good enough. Its pretty lame though that the program doesn't have a help tab built in, I guess its just a convenience issue though. I definitely had to reference the manual a lot so that would have been nice. What really helps when learning the ropes is downloading the tutorial videos made by the guys who made reason. Then if all falls into place and thats when the fun begins.


I have a Macbook with 2.2ghz, 4gb ram, and I use a presonus firebox/firepod for my interface. So far the software works flawlessly with my setup. No crashes and great sounds! I am going to give this a 10 for performance. Lots of options built in with the factory sounds. So many that the refill's have yet to interest me. I should mention that this is not an open program in the way of plugins. You have to use reason plugins, thats all you get to the best of my knowledge.


I have been using this program for about 2 weeks. What I like most about Reason is how fun and easy it is once you break the learning curve. It becomes very accessible and an amazing tool for ideas and writing loop based music. The synths in it our pretty damn sweet too! What I don't like is the limitations on plugins. As I mentioned before, Reason plugin's only. I have some great Absynth patches that sound so great with some of the synths in reason, but I have to bounce the reason stuff down into aiff files and send it into Logic to pair the two programs together. Do not let advertisements and other things of that sort confuse you, this is not a DAW! This is a electronic music sequencer just like Audio Fanzine says. For the same price you can get Logic 8 which in comparison, blows this program out of the water. But, if you can afford both, like writing loop based music, and are not afraid to be a little daunted at first, this might be for you. I would definitely make the same choice, its just so much fun.

Manouchkaa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great product!"

Reason Studios Reason 4
-> The installation is done it without problem?
Worry-free installation.
Before he turned on Windows XP 32-bit and now I have it installed on a Windows Seven 64-bit: it works great! No incompatibilities!

-> The general configuration is easy?
By the end of the installation a dialog box opens and lets you choose the source of sound output (if multiple sound cards) and a midi controller or any other input. In short then no problem to change all that: a single menu settings (audio, midi, general, etc. ..)


-> What is the configuration of your computer?
Asus P5LD2 Motherboard / Intel Core2Duo 2Ghz / External Sound Card Presonus Inspire.

-> The software runs he correctly on this configuration?
No problem, it is very stable with this configuration!


-> How long you use it?
Um, it's been 4 years and almost 5!

-> Did you tried many other models before buying it?
Nothing like ... Either simple or sequencers arrangers but nothing much "gas plant".

-> What is so special that you love the most, least?
The less cool it is unable to directly record voice .. But the solution is the function that allows rewire Reason to run in sync with a sequencer and record directly to it.

-> How do you rate the quality / price?

-> With experience, you do again this choice?
No doubt ...

johannrossignol's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Well to learn Reason"

Reason Studios Reason 4
I had no problem installing it! everything was done quickly!
It is plain


I recently changed my PC setup and I currently running Windows 7 with 6 GB RAM, sound card M-Audio Fast Track Pro and turn nickel ca! Reason I did not think sas turn my worries.
I really have no problems with this setup as Reason 4 despite now being exceeded.


I use Reason 3 years and love it. I will switch to the higher side but the finances do not allow it for now! But it is a high-performance tools to begin to understand how it works.
I was working with FL studio before but when I découvers Reason, I have not touched FL.
Subsequently, I added some VST plugins variety of course but the base is very correct to start with this software!
Then you have to work on it ...
The price / quality ratio is still very good, especially when all functions operates in Reason.
And I think that with experience, I would do without this choice problems

alexOgeorge's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The musical toy that loves you"

Reason Studios Reason 4
compatible with win gold apple
Compatible with full REWIRE software (use more pro, sounds better ...)
Record used with the duplicates of the same manufacturer (best sounds and everything)
No need for manual, better go to the forum including the Franco la muerte (soft Quebecois accent)
I have learned full of stuff with him at first. it made me easier.

Go to the Site Reason France also


Reason plays it, so a powerful enough PC stuff, no racing machine, or something mediocre.
Just a normal configue, nowadays it's not complicated.
For my part, I'm on an iMac 21 "3.06 ghz i3 4 GB RAM, good listening ... blablabla
Chuis well

Have a master keyboard is achement better! a little trick to start a big to post. USB bim

also provide a sound card for MIDI, and for better audio performance calculations


I went through the Reason 3, 4, I'm about 5 ... and then soon the 6

I love this software to the playful side.
Aillant practiced a little on the machine, I found an easy visual.
He got nothing to do with any other DAW software.

When we practice the sound live on the hardware, if you like the drawing, not the patch panel, not always clear. Finally, it is my opinion, but this is what makes the personality of Reason

And then all these little cables that move when the animal returns, it's so funny!

However, this software fishing in the sound ... This is unfortunate since this is what he is asked to leave! The audio engine of the beast does not support excessive mixing, the oversized bass, reverbs too wide ...

There are two ways to fix this shortcoming:


Just click here to use another software master to act as mixer for all and all his synthesizer in Reason.
example: CUBASE, LOGIC PRO, Ableton Live, Pro Tools ...

- RECORD (by PropellerHead)

The brand of the will itself solve the problem, and to create this app that controls midi Reason.
But it also functions as a mixer, an audio engine with its own. The final summation is better quality, as with Rewire.

Finally, Reason is a toy for completeness, on which one can spend hours and hours, as was done before the big fan of analog machine, the sampler, sequencer ...

But of course, do not be afraid to lose it in the multitude of opportunities offered by my stuff, because it offers.

Good luck

loofix971's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Why talk about when the 6 4 is available"

Reason Studios Reason 4
-Clean install (prvoir when the same place)
Software-beat-maker is for all budgets and all uses and no latency and incompatibilitsurtout rvolution from June 1)
Manuel trs-clear! but long trs (g dropped the case after the 200me page)

the video tutorial tip (pay and free) site and the Reason France) trs well for rapid progress.


I have a standardized configuration (6 years my PC and I did not complain at all (apart from that I can not afford some fancy like having 20 web page open and open source software more ...)


I'm on Reason since version 1, cel is 8 years I use this software and NO dception especially since the 6 because I lch Pro-tools to work exclusively on Reason.

With hard work and investment matris Reason is a single value sr BMOL it is unfortunate that we are the attrendre version 6 for a real turie software because I would not use NEVER any other (ProTools can be) taken to make my voice and my compo.


slayd1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Reason Studios Reason 4
Quick and easy installation ...
General configuration of the most basic ... No inconsistency encountered. The manual is clear.


Configuration of my computer: iMac 3.2 Ghz Intel Core i3, 8 GB of RAM (1333 MHz DDR3).
Reason 4 works perfectly on this config. No crash and stability of the soft ...
Soft stuff + config = flawless.


I use it for a long time and I will not change it. Coupled with Record, Reason may well compete with Cubase ...

ilrar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Reason Studios Reason 4
Ultra stable software. More stable it does not exist. The manual is great.


I have a very good PC and it runs very well! That said not need a beast of war to run Reason.


So ... Reason is a killer and I just post my opinion ... because I Quit Reason!

This software may seem obscure to a real beginner ... but through the first effort is a treat! Everything is very intuitive, it does not crash and never used with Cubase rewire I find it much nicer than plugins. And then in terms of everything it offers is not a Reason expensive software.

Reason is an incredible tool for composing, basically we do not take (too) head with the technique. Provided use Reason in its entirety requires years of experience. Personally I am not come to end after two years of intensive practice ... mostly more than 15 hours per week.

Note that the French community around reason is extremely active and that the site reasonfrance a wealth of information and usability.

Reason why I quit then? And well trying the software Arturia (Minimoog, CS-80 ...) I realized the noise limits of Reason. In my opinion if Reason does not plant it because it requires little CPU. Why is there little CPU intensive? Well I think that's partly because it made concessions on sound quality. Something is missing ... bass, depth, dynamics, wealth.

Another reason to stop: the new products announced for Reason Propellerhead 5 show definitively that did nothing to shake my music! I tend to trip hop rock. Excluding the latest target of the fans definitely pure electro and hip-hop producers.

This is one of the big weaknesses of Reason: the batteries are far behind realistic software like Addictive Drums (if what a pleasure to add two clicks a distortion and reverb on the snare drum and a delay to the kick ... thats Reason!).

Briefly, after 10 years without Reason musical practice has changed my life and allowed me to compose songs that I'd always thought incapable of producing.

Provided with experience it becomes difficult ... today I am ready to take over the head with software less stable, less ergonomic and more complicated ... but with incomparable sound quality.