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  • Roland TD-30 Module

    Roland TD-30 Module - "Great product! I saved tons on this module and I love it! "


    Hello! I purchased this Roland Module several months ago and I absolutely love it! Your site has great resources and helpful reviews. I just wanted to share the info with your readers. The Roland Sounds are great for recording and for setting up drum…

  • Roland TD-30 Module

    Roland TD-30 Module - "It's killer"


    I've been using it since August 2013. I also tested the TD-20 module. I use it with a Hart Dynamics Studio Master 6.4 kit. What I prefer: The setting possibilities (element material, mic position, drumhead type, drum depth, size, dampers, effe…

  • Roland TD-30 Module

    Roland TD-30 Module - "Awesome ...... but expensive."


    I used to have a TD12 module, which was really good. The TD30 replaces the TD12 and the TD20. Classy black-and-blue look when on. Good connections when it comes to audio outputs: 8 output jacks + 1 SPDIF out (44 KhZ) + headphone out. I use it with…

  • Roland TD-30 Module

    Roland TD-30 Module - "Yes, Sir!"


    The Roland TD30 module is simply amazing. It has everything, a good sound, a good response, nuances, it's a treat. You can make your own crazy kits (drums + digital percussion). And, especially, the joy of working with the sounds at will: Size of the…

  • Roland TD-6V Module

    Roland TD-6V Module - "Do not buy it"


    It's the worst drum set I have ever played, it doesn't feel anything like playing a real drum kit, it's like hitting plastic! I hate it, even if its only advantage is to be able to make no noise when you use headphones. It's almost 5 years since I ha…

  • Roland TD-3 Module

    Roland TD-3 Module - "Great e-drum trigger converter"


    I purchased the Roland TD-3 module as part of the TD-3 e-drum kit. I have been really happy with out the module has working for the past several years. In my set up, I have e-drum trigger pads that go into the TD-3. Then I use the module to turn th…

  • Roland TD-6V Module

    Roland TD-6V Module - "Good value for money"


    I've been using it for four years. I tested the td3 (for beginners), the td12 (excellent module), and td20 (the best, the price is too high), ddrum4 is the rolls. It's a good module that allows you to do lots of things. There are 100 ready-to-u…

  • Simmons SDS 8

    Simmons SDS 8 - moosers's review


    The Simmons SDS 8 is an electronic drum machine that I believe was made and was popular in the 1980's. It's definitely a unique style of drum machine, especially when compared to something like an MPC. I haven't fully mastered using the SDS 8 at al…

  • Roland TD-9 Module

    Roland TD-9 Module - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by achka/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I replaced my DTXPLORER with a TD9KX 2 weeks ago. With headphones: super sound and very comfortable pads. With a P.A. system: great punch, kick and toms with a full sound... In short, I'm…

  • Roland TD-6V Module

    Roland TD-6V Module - frankP_en's review


    This is a great drum kit for the standard electric users. I've had my kit for 3 years now and it still works good. I've have not had to replace anything on the set at all. I wish the stand that everything connects to was taller. The pads could be big…