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  • Roland TD-6V Module

    Roland TD-6V Module - pit07's review


    I bought the full TD-6V. Very good quality for the price! However, there are a couple of snags: - Not many crashes. And the variations are very limited. You hit...or you don't hit. It's hard to get good nuances. - The module is to tear your h…

  • Roland TD-6V Module

    Roland TD-6V Module - bolum's review


    I'm very happy with it, except maybe for the "old school" cymbals. But it's good gear, considering the price and quality. Shotgun module easy to use and nice aesthetically, the buttons light up live, which can be helpful. The number of sounds is no…

  • Yamaha DTXpress Module

    Yamaha DTXpress Module - "Yamaha DTXpress (module only)"


    I bought a brand new DTXpress module on eBay for $335. I haven't seen too many of these without the drums sold with them, so maybe I got lucky. If you're getting into electronic drums, I highly recommend this unit. Other writers in this forum h…

Translated user reviews
  • Alesis DM Pro

    Alesis DM Pro - " From high-end"


    I used to trigger bass drums snare see, playing in a metal context. I used it for 2 months about, and much to say right now, this module is so complete and full of options, it is better to be an expert in module. This is not necessarily my case, so I…

  • Tama Techstar TS-204

    Tama Techstar TS-204 - " a piece of history."


    I've had it for about 2 years, I just sell it, need gold coins and lack of space. I used it in trig with a 2 BAR vintage that I have separate outputs, namely DDD1 Korg and Alesis HR16B, complementing the sound of them or Alesis D9 also driven by noon…

  • Clavia Nord Drum 2

    Clavia Nord Drum 2 - " A must have"


    I use it for 6 weeks. I have no judgment about its function drumkit module (using triggers or North pad) because I do not use that drumkit driven synth via MIDI. I tried many models and they had all their fault. - Alesis SR18, sonic palette rath…

  • Alesis D4

    Alesis D4 - " Good pti Module"


    I use it for 1 year, but I had already had before. I was between a ddrum 4, nothing to do recess. If you just want a cheap module to trigger the bass drum is the one you need, or the most recent version (DM5) Dmpro or if you have a larger budget. Exc…

  • Alesis D4

    Alesis D4 - " Great, but must love the 80ties"


    I used this rack that only beginning to recover noon signals from the sensors as I plugged it. Easy to adjust, rackable. It was impeccable. I began using the sounds for a new show and I'm looking for some kitschitude 80 in electronic drum sounds…

  • Clavia Nord Drum

    Clavia Nord Drum - " A Swiss Army knife"


    I wanted a synth drum not too expensive, which goes straight to the point and that is editable. I have another machine as a drum Electribe MX. The Nord Drum is really great. I found the grip awfully easy, I am still amazed. The manual is clear (Eng…

  • Clavia Nord Drum 2

    Clavia Nord Drum 2 - " Yeahhh"


    Here is the little trick I waited a long time, a synth "drum". With a Cirklon, which is the copy of the step sequencer to the TR 808/909 (real killing this thing), I was looking for a small expander drum, but with a good MIDI and implementation mu…