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  • Roland TD-9 Module

    Roland TD-9 Module - " Excellent value for money"


    Hello, I bought this drumkit in September 2008, is a childhood dream realized for 44 years. Being younger (14 years) I had the opportunity to play several times on the farm my brother who was a drummer in a band, it goes without saying that it was …

  • Roland TD-20X Module

    Roland TD-20X Module - " Excellent material!"


    I use it since August 27, 2010. I tried and owned the TD-9 and TD-12. What I like most is the expression and transcription realistic touch (velocity, Positional Sensing etc.). If I had to blame something (it must be: p), it would be: - The heat…

  • Roland TD-9 Module

    Roland TD-9 Module - babas3d's review


    Hello, I have this drumkit for 2 years. I use it as an interface to control BFD2 MIDI. Indeed, the original sounds are good but really nothing to do with software quality expander. I changed the bass drum pad with a bass drum sound triggée (do …

  • Roland TD-9 Module

    Roland TD-9 Module - " Not great for the price!"


    I have this drumkit for the past 2 years and very well and I quite agree with the view of messiah, its still a real pleasure to play with the music already recorded and options quil ya, but does try not to compound and play on your bug as muqie gogo …

  • Roland TD-9 Module

    Roland TD-9 Module - eddeanthem's review


    I use it for 8 months. I tried to actually explore the yamaha dt 3 (I think), the TD12 and TD20 (just for fun because very expensive). What I like: the sound quality (unlike the previous review) and 50 presets allow users to create multiple sets…

  • Roland TD-20 Module

    Roland TD-20 Module - Arnold'rum's review


    I use the module for a month. I had a TD3K for 3 years. I wanted to spend a TD9KX for meshed skin. Then a professional who uses the TD20 told me frankly invested in module is the most important. So I told myself I'll take a TD12. In short I came here…

  • Simmons SDS 8

    Simmons SDS 8 - Michael-David's review


    I bought the module and SDS8 Simmons kit that comes with it for 150 Euros in excellent state (the machine was in 1984). Premire thing: the sound hardware, you can take his ease, and unlike what is said Simmons pads are not destructive wrist when you …

  • Tama Techstar TS-305

    Tama Techstar TS-305 - TekE7's review


    For how long have you been using it? 6yrs What thing do you like most/least about it? More: - The sound typed - Controls - 6 slices independent analog transistor - Separate outputs - 9 controls per - Robust least: - The breath …

  • Alesis DM5

    Alesis DM5 - jeofrey73's review


    Hi I use my DM5 for 3 months to trigger a snare, a bass drum (double pedal) and frankly and honestly FX perfect with two trig roland rt 10 perfect! surdéclanchemment no problem even with a double pedal the price is correct, I used both in concert aga…

  • Ddrum AT

    Ddrum AT - tibstr's review


    I quelqun research that could help me find the electronic shmas this ddrum ... mine took a lightning, so it takes me shma the priority of the power board ... thank you in advance to all! thib …