Roland TD-30 Module
Roland TD-30 Module
dave-grohl 09/18/2014

Roland TD-30 Module : dave-grohl's user review

« It's killer »

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I've been using it since August 2013.
I also tested the TD-20 module.

I use it with a Hart Dynamics Studio Master 6.4 kit.

What I prefer: The setting possibilities (element material, mic position, drumhead type, drum depth, size, dampers, effects, EQ, compression, room reverb, and I can't recall what else), the variety of recorded sounds, the connections, the highly sought-after USB port (to import and export settings, playback MP3s or use it as soundcard connected to a computer), the examples of pre-recorded settings. You can spend a whole day playing with it watching time fly by.
What I don't like about it, as everybody else, is the price. Other than that, the settings aren't intuitive and some people may need a sound engineering crash course to understand how it works. You can spend hours with it.

Value for money: Since there is simply no competitor, you could say it's all right, but I don't think it costs that much to manufacture it, though.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. When you are used to an acoustic kit, you've played for quite some time and have reached a good level, it's the only acceptable model. And it does more than just replace an acoustic kit, the variety of sounds, type of percussion instruments and samples, etc., allows you to discover a whole different instrument and opens up huge possibilities.