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Series belonging to the Humbucking series from EMG

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EMG Active user reviews

  • EMG HA

    EMG HA - "EMG H: Possibly my favorite pickups... EVER!" has images


    I love the EMG S and SA pickups in my strats,so when I came across an OLD hardwired set of EMG H pickups I jumped on them and installed them in my DeArmond M65. I also installed a Bigsby B5. Well, these pickups transformed this guitar with the most …

  • EMG 81 - Black

    EMG 81 - Black - "Tight crunchy, but stale tone"


    I tried to avoid active pickups for the longest time, just didn't want to have to deal with batteries and all the negative views on them. Eventually I just bought one and was pleasantly surprised. They do have a different sound from passive pickups b…

  • EMG 81 - Black

    EMG 81 - Black - "Try 18 volt for extra awesome"


    I tried my first 81 model probably a decade ago in an ESP guitar. At the time it blew my mind. It was super aggressive and super hot. It always cut through and seems to slice through every amp I used with it. It had killer bass response too. Sur…

  • EMG 81 - Chrome

    EMG 81 - Chrome - "Classier look from a brutal active pickup"


    The EMG 81 is a classic design in the guitar world. It has stayed consistant throughout its history. For a lot of people the active tone is what they wanted but they didnt like the sterile mechanical look of the black plastic covers they all came in.…

  • EMG 60 - Black

    EMG 60 - Black - "Great pickup"


    The EMG60 is an active humbucker, usually put in the neck position. The thing I like most about it is that it is a warm pickup that still retained the EMG clarity. That said, it is a really compressed pickup, I prefer a more open sounding neck pickup…

  • EMG HA

    EMG HA - "Amazing pickup"


    The EMG HA is a single coil in a humbucker housing. It will fit in any standard humbucker mounting and looks like a typical EMG humbucker. It’s the perfect single coil sound in my opinion. The cleans are pristine and jangly, and the dirty tones are g…

  • EMG 81 - Black

    EMG 81 - Black - "Great pickup but not my thing"


    The thing I like most about EMG pickups in general is the absurd amount of clarity. The note separation is awesome and there is absolutely no mud. Its also dead quite due to the active preamp. What I like least about the EMG81 is the low end resp…

  • EMG 60 - Black

    EMG 60 - Black - "Actively lead"


    The EMG 60 is a pickup that is a variation on the typical EMG humbuckers. It is commonly paired in the neck position of a dual humbucker loaded guitar with an 81 or an 85 at the bridge position. I have one as stock in my ESP Eclipse II and I can cert…

  • EMG 58

    EMG 58 - "Vintage EMG"


    EMG is well known in the worl of active pickups but they were not always that way. They had some models that were not very successful but now they are reissuing them for the nostalgic active pickup lovers. This is an active pickup like most other EMG…

  • EMG 60 - Black

    EMG 60 - Black - "One trick pony EMG"


    For many years EMG was the only name in the active pickups department. The EMG active pickups use a pair of rail magnets with a built in preamp. As you probably know active pickups require a battery to power them. Rail magnets are better than the no…