EMG 60
EMG 60

60, Humbucker guitar pickup from EMG in the Active series.

SlapKid 03/29/2014

EMG 60 : SlapKid's user review

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A week ago that I rode in on a dark round neck strat, with 85 acute. First need to book him an amp / pedals with specific settings for the output level is such that it is incompatible with the rest of my mess. Pedals that accept this level without flinching are not legion f is, it works but weird kind underlying fuzz permanent. I stick him VHT drive for crunch and an Ibanez JD9 for distortion, this pedal is that really need a big input level.
The 60 is not splittable course, and this is a good strat snapping is really beneficial for a well-balanced final sound quite airy all the same and a good attitude in the slamming. Well clean and distortion, excellent in overdrive. Big big sustain (I blocked the vibrato) bonus.
Forbidden compared with a passive, single or double split because EMG is too dull and raplapla. Compared to a regular double passive I see no disadvantage against.
I know from experience that this type of guitar a lot level final report, so I will not comment on a Les Paul with this mic for example.