EMG 85 : Anonymous 's user review


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Active micro Alnico 2 conductors (the splittable version of this microphone is the EMG 89).

B'en the EMG 85 is really gnial, clear as a saturated Funny, he of personality which I doubt, I must admit!

The sound is really warm, soft (no aggressive treble), typ fairly short, an excellent micro neck, whatever the envisaged style. While remaining prcis clean ultra saturated!

In bridge, it must be nice too sacrment, more versatile, hotter, even, that the EMG 81 for very varis styles. Viiii, EMG, this is not as big mtalleux nags!

These microphones are active, so no bottom to noise, unless you with rotten jacks in your effects chain, if you have a naturally Pramp blowing, etc.

In short, this microphone is so pleasant that return a config passive really hurts but does it finally dbarasser good old prejudices on active pickups (on this side -l bassists have davance shekels on guitar).

Small Dtail, batteries are given for close to 2,000 hours. Provided good dbrancher think his guitar when not playing.

Added 30/03/2004: EMG meet the basic sound, the acoustic sound of the guitar ... I had forgotten to point out, thinking that cel was obvious.
Adj there a huge difference between my two teams in Jackson EMG my DR2, poplar has a darker sound and dug in my mdiums SLSMG mahogany! At the same rglage on my amp, I have a sound diffrent between.
Those damn microphones really respect the sound of each guitar!