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Fender Bassman user reviews

  • Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD

    Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD - "Excellent reissue with modern construction techniques"


    Although the Bassman series dates back to 1952, The 5F6 Bassman circuit, introduced by Leo Fender in 1959 in 4x10 combo format, is widely considered to be the beginning of guitar amplification as we know it. As its name suggests, it was originally de…

  • Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD

    Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD - "One man's trash is another's treasure"


    The Fender Bassman '59 LTD is the company's reissue of the amp the was originally designed in 1952 to suit their very new Precision Bass guitar. Eventually bass players found that the amp was not really suited to their application as it would distort…

  • Fender Bassman (1963)

    Fender Bassman (1963) - "The best blues tone around" has images


    - Totally handwired (turret) - Two independent channels - Two inputs per channel - Channel controls for volume, bass, treble - Master presence control - 50 watt head - Solid state rectified - Speaker, external speaker outs - All tube: 12ax7…

  • Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD

    Fender Vintage Reissue '59 Bassman LTD - "Where it all started"


    I am going to give this amp 10's all the way across the board. This is the amp that started it all. Without this amp you would not have modern music at all. This is basically a Marshall circuit or Marshall is basically a Bassman circuit...there it is…

  • Fender Bassman Ten

    Fender Bassman Ten - "Fender Bassman 10"


    The Bassman 10, made in the 1970s, is a 50-watt tube combo amp with 4 10' speakers (probably Jensens or Celestions) in a sealed cabinet. Standard black Tolex covering, silver control plate with standard Fender-style knobs. Two channels, one 'Normal,'…

  • Fender Bassman (1963)

    Fender Bassman (1963) - moosers's review


    The Fender Bassman Amp Blonde 1963 is a tube based bass guitar amplifier head.  It has two channels - one that is labeled 'bass instrument' and one is 'normal', even though both are designed for bass guitar.  Each channel has two 1/4 inch inputs and …

  • Fender Bassman 150

    Fender Bassman 150 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by SlapKid/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Very comprehensive feature set: good-sounding compressor, rear tuner output, RCA aux input, mute with flashing LED, very low noise operation. Serial loop, pre/post EQ XLR outp…

  • Fender Bassman 100 (Silverface)

    Fender Bassman 100 (Silverface) - moosers's review


    The Fender Bassman 100 bass guitar head is a tube based amplifier that has 100 watts of power. It has two 1/4 inch inputs for each channel and has two channels in total - one for normal and one for bass instrument. It has EQ settings for each channel…

  • Fender Bassman 1200 Pro

    Fender Bassman 1200 Pro - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Böb/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Hybrid amp using both available technologies: tube preamp and solid-state power amp. 1200 watts / 2 ohms via 4 x 1/4" jack outputs. Numerous settings: 2 input channels (clean and …

  • Fender Bassman 115H Cabinet

    Fender Bassman 115H Cabinet - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by seb_c_bien/translated from Audiofanzine FR) 15" woofer + tweeter Easily detachable casters. Tweeter control on the rear side. Quite light and easy to transport SOUNDS You get the Fender sound: - round, colored a…