Fender Bassman 100
Fender Bassman 100

Bassman 100, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Fender in the Bassman series.

MGR/Buzz 05/22/2004

Fender Bassman 100 : MGR/Buzz's user review

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Bought used in new condition for $350 including tax. I had decided this was the model I wanted, and the first place I called was 5 minutes from home and had this unit. (Also found my Hamer Cruise bass. See my other review.) I guess I was having a good day!

Great tone and low end. Hard to get a bad sound out of it. Not super loud, tho. A loud drummer and a cranked fender twin would overpower it.

Sounds a little odd at the woofer/horn crossover. Horn volume control would be nice. Overdrive tone is silly, but I like clean bass, and I have a Tech21 Bass Driver (recommended) if I want some grind. Heavy, I'm always saying I'm gonna put wheels on it. (but not heavy enough that i actually do it, heh heh)

Made in Mexico 100W transistor combo amp. 1X15 with a horn tweeter.
Knobs: Gain/Master Volume, 3 band EQ with semi-parametric midrange, compressor level.
Switches: Input is switchable for high/low gain, Enhance contour for slap tone, Mute switch kills all but the tuner out, Limiter, which I have engaged at all times so I don't fry my speaker. I saw another review which said it had little effect--the one I have works fine.
LED's: Preamp level, Preamp clip ( I set the Gain so this just flickers when i really wail a note), Mute On (flashes, which i like), Power
Back: XLR line out w/ level knob and pre/post EQ switch, Tuner out, Effects Send and Return, ground lift

Solidly constructed, electronics work well, reliable so far.

Great as a practice or rehearsal amp, or small gigs. I use it at church without going thru the PA. (approx 7500 sq ft room)

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