Fender Bassman 60
Fender Bassman 60

Bassman 60, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Fender in the Bassman series.

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MGR/Ian 05/17/2002

Fender Bassman 60 : MGR/Ian 's user review

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I purchased this amp at Sam Ash. I had gotten a Squier bass pack before getting this and I needed a louder amp with better quality that would work for small gigs. I paid $385 for it.

I like it because it is loud enough for gigs and has great tone. It sounds great with slap and there is a special enhance button that enhances the sound of the slap to make it even better. It is also great for all style of music though. For $385 it delivers enough goods to easily make sure you got your moneys worth. I also like how you can push it back into a diagnal position because it is in a wedge design.

There is not much I can say that I don't like about it. When you have the volume up very high it buzzes a little, but you can only notice it if its quiet and your playing alone. Although during a gig you definetely cannot notice it. Everything else about the amp is great!

I bought the amp new and it came in mint condition in its box. The quality of the amp is superb as you can bang it around without damaging it. It's metal grille is great because you can't punch a hole in it unlike other amps.

I feel that I definetely got my moneys worth with this amp. It has great sound and quality and is loud enough for the gigs but is also great for practicing. If you ever move up to a louder amp this wedge designed amp can also be used as an excellent stage monitor.

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