Fender Bassman 200
Fender Bassman 200

Bassman 200, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Fender in the Bassman series.

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MGR/Disallusioned in Phoenix 06/15/2004

Fender Bassman 200 : MGR/Disallusioned in Phoenix's user review

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I bought my amplifier from the BASS PLACE in Tempe, Arizona for $495.00 in May of 2002.

The pseudo-parametric equalizer is completely user friendly with all "good" settings throughout the full range of settings (much better than many "fussy" equalizers with only a narrow selection of "useable" settings?! I also like the balance of the case in relation to the recessed handles. It's well engineered to be able to pick up easily and handle without throwing your back completely out?!

I am a 3 day a week working musician (with a regular "day" job in the Aerospace Industry) and treat my equipment with extreme care since I know it will only remain dependable if I take care not to abuse it. However this amp is a night-mare for both reliability and repair?! I had mine in 4 times in seven months for various problems varying from squeal through both the XLR and the external speaker (bad ground loop and "runaway thermal" problems) to extreme, random "popping and cracking" also coming out of both the XLR and the external speaker. The fifth time my amp just randomly "dropped out" with no sound but all the lights still lit? A short bang on the top of the cabinet would get it running again briefly and then it would drop out again. The one main repair facility in Phoenix was just "shot gunning" parts out in an effort to "guess"```````````````````````````````` the nature of the problem. It was a classic example of "one thing being fixed and another dieing" in just a short while afterwards. Finally, the "straw that broke my back" was when Fender sent an brand new amplifier from their factory warehouse to replace my "lemon" and literally "HOWLED" with feedback and noise at the very first turn on?!!!

The repair facility found "cold solder joints" or POOR circuit board workmeanship. This is for the benefit of new buyers out there.......DON"T buy this lemon!!!!!!!!! Why do you suppose there are so few on the music store floor????? Guess?........quality. Additionally I strongly suspict a poor amplifier design in this amp. A good amplifier design would be a lot more robust than this "TURKEY"

Poor quality, inept service available, Also very thin sounding bass on the bottom end next to similar 200 watt amplifiers available for a slightly higher price range like the Ampeg BA115 HP that I bought new to replace this "thing". I've owned a bassman 100 tube amplifier for over 20 years of club, playing throughout the 70's and only had a cracked magnet on a speaker over all the years I owned it. Now, I told Fender directly in their corporate offices in Scottsdale, Arizoan that I'll NEVER buy a Fender amplifier again.........ever!!!!! They've lost control of their quality process and I have little hope they'll gain it back? I just don't have time when I'm busy playing gig's to worry about the reliability of the equipment I buy so Fender is HISTORY.

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