Fender Bassman 200
Fender Bassman 200

Bassman 200, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Fender in the Bassman series.

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cecoya 05/29/2003

Fender Bassman 200 : cecoya's user review


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It's been a year since my bassman 200 and jen am delighted!
In concert, when you can not dub bass, no problem, just push it to half a room for 300 people ...
Another + for concerts, gnralement it through the bass live by a DI then goes to the amp ... But bassman200 an XLR output to avoid losing a piece of the quality of its ...
The only ngatif I got his HP is 4 Ohms, which does not connect speakers suplmentaires ...


I have rarely seen an amp as simple to configure, in 1min you find your sound, I prfre TRS far as the radial potentiomtres bassman that qualiseurs linear much longer configure ...
For those who are seeking to avoid mdiator and sound mtalique, there is a button enhancer that will smooth the sound ... and if that's not enough, use the compressor Intgr ...


I play principalemnt Reggae Ska with still a month ago an Ibanez SR400 and now a ibanez GWB2. amplifier gives its trs round, and for those who love the slap, the tweeter provides superb attack ... I put every note without hsiter the maximum because I love the sound of the fender! But it's all about musical styles and got ...


Before you buy, try jai
the Marshall lamps and transistors, they are known for guitars but for low EST horrible.
Artke: Brands trs known but also most appropriate style punk rock I think ...
Peavy: I got horrrible
BSE: prstige brand but did not sduit ...
Behringer: only make small amps <120 Watts
Ashdown: I have good amps hsiter
Laney: If you have a small budget, it is not hsiter they are well
That's basically what I try, and it's fender has won my heart