Sherman FilterBank V2
Sherman FilterBank V2

FilterBank V2, Filter from Sherman.

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 7 reviews )
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Deux 1404/16/2014

Deux 14's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Complex and obvious at the same time ..."

Sherman FilterBank V2
2 100% analog filters "mono" or "pseudo stereo" of adjustable low pass to high pass; With multiple modulation sources which trigger envelloppe and lfo, FM, saturation, harmonic tuning of the filter résonnace 2, etc etc ... Note a large number of input jacks modulation source to the rear .. .

1 mono input jack, 1 output jack mono per filter.


The general configuration is it simple?

Not a bit. Say that knowledge in analog synthesis are more extensive to understand this filter, advanced features and make the most.

Editing sounds and effects is it easy?

it depends on what you want to do, can be very simple as very complex. In all cases it is almost a real instrument in its own right and in my opinion it is completely oriented towards experimentation and sound exploration.
In other words it's not plug and play but it's not what it was designed either (though see below)

The manual is clear and sufficient?
Yes, absolutely complete and so well written (in French please) that it becomes a source of inspiration.
Those who understand laminated ...


The effects are they effective, responsive and realistic enough?

What are we talking about exactly?
This is a resonant filter in the circuit with an input which allows to obtain in addition to the saturation (or even thousands).
So very typical, even violent with their own personality, that's why I love it. I is not violent as many have written ... sometimes racy and impetuous sometimes soft and smooth it is you who tweak ...
I saw an interview with the designer (which tests each filterbank in person) who said he had created to replace preamp Marshall ... once you know it is easier to understand why and how sound this thing ...

Suitable for electronic music ... there's no doubt it's in my studio and stay there long ...

Which instruments do you use? Which ones do you prefer, you hate?

As was said in another review, it is not the filter that comes modulated synth but almost synth that will modulate the filter, in all it's a bit like ...
if I tried to drum loops, this is the bomb, one or two synths routed in, this is the bomb, I have so many things to go inside ;)


I have 2 months and I have tested a lot of filters on samplers, synths and softwares ... for now it became my reference ... It has its own identity and it is beautiful!

For the curious take a look on the web and see sherman artists who have used the site: carl craig or the chemical brothers (! On all their albums), when we know some textures are recognized elsewhere .. .

What I like most: his character, all its possibilities, infinite ... And of course ANALOG SOUND!

Money: very good if it takes time (I think yes). More by buying new you have a MUG sherman in the box then there is the offer unbeatable ...

I would do this choice 200% one day or another I'll buy a second ...

GregKozo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Complicated but exciting"

Sherman FilterBank V2
You must be a electronicien confirmed (which I'm not) to use this Sherman.

But the possibilities are endless.


The use is complex.


The quality is top, but it tears, it sizzles, it's wrong.


I use it for more than 10 years.
Suburb Animal09/01/2010

Suburb Animal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sherman FilterBank V2
2 multimode filters, LPF, BPF and HPF

What is unique is the strong possibility of increased gradually in BPF LPF or HPF and BPF in the coup to get a filter halfway, something I've never seen anywhere.
The filter can apparently down to 0Hz! it gives strange results when one comes close.

You can put both filters in parallel or in series or a few things in between with a rotary designated for that purpose.

It can synchronize the filter 2 to 1 with the Harmonics button that allows a constant distance from the filter 1. It goes from the (same frequency) 1 1 / 5 (fifth), 2 (octave), 3 (third harmonic: octave + fifth ),..., until the 10th harmonic.

Modulation level is complete super LFO, ADSR, ADSR envelope follower with.
The LFO to a cycle that can go 15 minutes, until it produces a note sharp enough that produces a ring modulator type. The LFO can be triggered by the envelope.

The resonance is sharp (it can be done from self-oscillation quite easily:)) so that side should be careful.

The use of a compressor is recommended because its dynamics is very important.


Considering the possibilities of this machine it takes quite a drive I think.
It brings analog synthesis far enough, given the amount of parameter and their impact is hard enough on each button (eg LFO)


The sound of this filter is unique, it can be used sparingly and do what other filters already but this is not the main interest.
This is more of an instrument because it changes drastically the sound that is sent.
One comes to believe that the sound is sent in only serves to modulate the filter.

My first objective was to find a unique sound for my bass. I was not sure of my shot because no bass player on the net does not share this combination. Well it works great! I have a copy of Shin-ei FY-2 (chainsaw fuzz type) used by King Crimson and Radiohead among others.

It converts the analog synth bass with a square filtré.Le Sherman captures this kind of distorted sound mushy and more when we do go on ring modulation.

I tried also sampled rhythms, analog drum machine, rhodes, synth monophonic synth on a sheet of room, it works everywhere provided to make appropriate use of these derniers.Un setup time is quite important necessary.


It's been two days that I have and I use non-stop.
It is a beautiful object that has a lot of personality.
I tried the Filter Factory (nothing) is polished, it classical, Moog nice but still far from providing that the Sherman offers, DOD envelope filter is simple and succinct and then due to others that are integrated into the various analog synths (moog prodigy, korg 900p, Oscar ,...) or digital I use.

What I like least is the MIDI implementation which is a shame too low when you consider that this filter is controlled digitally (for harmonics in particular). It is a pity as it does there is no system for storing presets.

But all that we forgive him easily as the rest is flawless.
However the implementation of the CV Gate could not be more complete and I am anxious to see interact with other analog components.

sachaa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sherman FilterBank V2






This machine is a beast.
This is very special and we should not buy it at random, will listen to excerpts on the site of Sherman.
Anyway Get ready to have your sound ruthless and disposal procedures for some (including me) enjoyable!

It's quite complex to use at the beginning and then there's also the fact that the grain very particular (distorted wish) so it takes time to identify things that work and those who do not work with.
During the first two weeks I thought I had bought a real stew, then I started a glimpse of the applications that I liked and finally I love it!

It is destructive and it sounds very analog / vintage.

Think juggle bypass and effect, it allows to use it a bit subtle, and wreak havoc

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sherman FilterBank V2
Analog filter 24dB/octave high max, with the possibility of being chain via a connection link

that has two read shermans produce 48 db, 3filtres use the filter ... 1 1 sherman (master) controls all the 1st filters (Slavic) of sherman
the interest to have multiple sherman, the modular cot and changing signals ... such a layer can thicken ca .. nin way, unlike a fuzz pedalle sherman 2 can produce a shuffled between his powerful (very aggressive analog without being in overdrive) and distortion is particularly trs

attention that this filter is a true monster in every sense of the term, has knowingly buy for her a typical grunge, rock ... the sound is trs li to marshall amps
The cot liverpool rock, british ... to electro pop behind a superbly made Machinedrum ca
its main quality is at the level of overdrive, but it is also its greatest weakness is thus an analog filter signal is destructive .. it can be a good complment on Drum parcontre it can be rendered on a well EMDU Monomachine .... well is under the master

filter is a modular 19-inch rack format .. for me it is not a filter, rather a modular and overdrive.; enormment connectivity, before long I align it to see Vostok 1 what he proposes (done since ... it's in use complex via balèze am / analog sequencer)

random image when it turns pif, sometimes Drout, sometimes excellent when we control functions and a knowledge synthesis .... I'm addicted


Manuel trs clear
it takes a little over learning to master the LFOs, learn the concepts of synthesis, so sometimes it's analog some settings halt the coils ... it provides the adrenaline .... live is impressive when we control the beast ... not to saturate the signal forcment .. its a huge

, But could do better through a combination of Sherman only (I have a complex mixture xpass system and re-read sherman subtly

there has to be 200% for dipping the capabilities of the beast in filtering


Effects trs effective
trs trsralistes breakbeat or perfect for electronica, such as a midi track limp, the report gives the illusion of a true drummer

otherwise random image following the temprature etc. ..
sometimes after 2 hours on and not play on I have to the rteindre and on again to the parameters (attack, release)
but it has its charm, the opposite of my Monomachine


It can be day and night I lost my old grain reaktor vst thoroughly and since I have the big grain sherman is really adire trs punk (cot prodigy ..) or powerful trs in matters of deep bass lines for example we like it or not (it is actually anti format is gnial for live
sherman on the south via I use to create my Evolutionary ground, play on the LFOs, my sound has taken a good size with this tool, the rendering is parcontre TRS analog
the intuitive cot can be let go

trs good filter, but can become bad if trs shoddy and that includes not using the synthesis
Overd big sound, sometimes not hlas trs musical ... but sometimes it's frightening power that sends
if you're the sherman intrsss, go try it before making a BTIS .. This is the opposite of a moog filter or xpass ... it goes away +
coupled with analog compressors I think it's ecstasy

I would do this choice in fact I intend to take one or two others to use it as modular
is a monster of a coupled set of highly efficient modular .. am using the entries
quite spectacular via cv / gate....par subass in such an insert in the am ... with interposed another link to a sherman lfo ...
I takes more of July ... to climb to 124dB .. but not to saturate the potato and dynamic routing that do well on the tripper vostok

Bruxo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sherman FilterBank V2
See other opinions


The config is excellent.
Three midi "through" it's really not lsin bravo!
It takes a little over aprentissage because of both the analog you really know where we're going to know how to get there.
But once one starts out that sounds, it is frie. Magic! The Heat
The manual is nice trs.


Ultra efficient.
I use it on everything, depending on the project.
Voices, drums, tablas, flute synth ... Every time I discovering new sounds.
I love everything about this machine.
I dlaisse some time, and now I rdecouvre - with much more information on filtering and synthses at the top, it is essential ;-)
It is a rgale!
If you find time, Do not hesitate, knowing that it takes time for learning, should not be press ...
Now I see it as an instrument by Entire.
The price is expensive, but given that it is hand made ...
Trs great machine!


For a year or two.
I love it!
I tried the FilterPro Line 6 is not the same thing, I do not even know if we can compare it both formulations ... (even if some sounds FilterPro trs are beautiful)
The only complaint with this price, the buttons could be fixs on the box more firmly, it's a shame, since they are running and returns all the time ...
I would do this CHOX is on.
copy controlled06/27/2005

copy controlled's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sherman FilterBank V2
Analog filter trs powerful booster and dirty sound
rack-mount model
.. and many connectivity possibilities to add up to magnify the sound Filterbank


The manual is in french .. it offers exercises ..
trs is doing well
the configuration of the filter is simple ... a sound source is connected in between, you plug an adapter .., there is no switch

ownership not evident at the beginning ... in need aprendre tampering and is documented in the manual ..;


The effects are effective trs
the sound appears very big, do not do too much to not fall into the noise and industrial ...
It sounds Chemical Brothers, Prodigy .. .. breakbeat sound chemical


It's been since this morning
I love his sound .... the acid look, all spring .... a big loop of very cold spring idm trs deep .. I put him behind and audiorealismbassline ca + big slap in TB303

just before the test I have workstations (RS7000, mc909) a bar (Machinedrum), on it's really not comparable
I got it for 500 euros ... pretty decent price compared to quality of parcontre OCCASION .... 800 euro nine is expensive

I'm saving to buy other sherman filterbank